Finding t?? M??t R???nt Gold News

January 25th, 2015

T???? exist ??ff???nt assets ??? ???? t?? world t??t ??n ?? ???? f?? ?n investment t? produce money ?? accumulate funds ?nt?? retirement years come. Apparently, t???? ??? assets w???? generate m??? money t??n others. However, t?? money acquired w??? depend m??n?? ?n t?? return ??? w?nt t? obtain. Latest gold news ?? t?? idea t??t gold ?? deemed f?? ???ng ?n? ?f n?t t?? m??t beneficial retirement asset t? apply ?n ? retirement plan ?????????? ?n ?n IRA account.

Gold ?n IRA, moment, ???? ?????nt?? shown ?n? recorded impressive high gains due t? limited number ?f gold mined ?n? supplied ?n t?? market. T??? ?? great gold news ??n??????ng t?? fact t??t w? ??? ????ng ? struggling economy worldwide. T?? supply ?? n?t increasing w???? m?k?? m?k? ?t? ????? increase ???? time ??????? gold ?? scarce. S?n?? t?? ????ng difficulties economic system t????g???t t?? world ? market t??t ??? ? ??w supply ?f gold ?? t?? ???t place t? invest in. T??? ?? m????? ?n application ?f t?? law ?f demand ?n? supply.

S?n?? ??? ??? investing ?n ?n? ?f t?? m??t lucrative metals ?n t?? world, ?t ?? logical t? search f?? updated gold news quickly ?n? accurately. Y?? ??n find news ????t gold ?n ??????? ?f w?? ?f ??? ??? ???k?ng f?? accessible news ????t gold t??t ??? ????nt?? out. A?t???g? ?n??n? ??n ???? news ????t gold t????g? t?? ??? ?f mouth advertising, ??m? news ??t ?f t??? method ?? n?t trustworthy. Therefore, ?t ?? ??tt?? t? ??? t???? tw? tools ?f accessing t?? latest news ????t gold ?n t?? industry.

· Newspaper. Obviously, ??? ??n ??? t??? excellent tool t? ???? ??? ?n searching f?? t?? latest gold news ??t ?n t?? market. Newspapers submit ???? precise information ??g????ng gold ???n t???g? ?t ???? n?t ???? t?? actual demonstration ?f t?? fluctuations. C?n??????ng fluctuation chart ?? ? basis ?? ???? essential ?????????? w??n ??? ???? invested ???? money ?n gold ?? ?? deciding t? invest. S?n?? t?? price ?f gold ?? modified f??m time t? time, ?t ?? ???? crucial t? possess ?n up-to-date info ??????? ?f ??? don’t t??n ??? ??f?n?t??? ??? skipping ?n? excellent chance ?f improving ???? investment.

· Internet. Undoubtedly, t?? World Wide Web ?? t?? foremost tool ?n searching f?? t?? latest news ????t gold. T???? ??? ? great number ?f websites t??t provide helpful information ??g????ng t?? investment ??? desire t? make. T?? latest news, fluctuation chart, gold price, ?n? ??? important details ??n???n?ng gold ??? ???? provided. S?m? websites sell gold online t??t m?k?? ?t simpler f?? ??? t? buy gold. However, ?t ?? ???? important t? remember t??t n?t ??? websites ??? reputable ??????? ??m? ??? frauds ?n? tend t? m?k? false gold news.

Locating t?? ???t website t??t offers trustworthy gold news ?? undeniably hard. Luckily, t???? ??? ? great number ?f blog sites t??t provide honest reviews ?n ??? websites t? assist ??? ?n ????ng t?? latest information ??g????ng gold. B? t???ng ??m? ?f t?? ???t reviewed websites, ??? ??n ??? ??w t??? fare w?t? ???? other. T??? ?? t?? ???t w?? f?? ??? t? determine w???? ?n? m?k?? ??? comfortable. Utilize ?t t? ?? ? tool ?n ???? investment ???t???????? t?? gold ?n IRA t? g?t ? wealthy retirement years.

Gold News is very significant to investors and collectors. Experts claim that gold gives a lot of benefits especially when you invest. To get more knowledge about Gold News visit us at

Armenia Shooting (Latest News)
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Lynn Hollyfield

January 25th, 2015

Lynn Hollyfield
Event on 2015-03-21 18:00:00

I'm really looking forward to our February show! I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Hollyfield at FOCUS and she generously handed me her latest work IN THE BALANCE. I was amazed as each song took me to a new place–the stories,  the rich musical productions, and the depth of Lynn's voice…

"the warmest voice since Christine McVie," —Ron Goad, (percussionist, Songwriter's Association of Washington Board of Directors)  

"a most gorgeous tone, I could listen to your voice all day…" Lynn Veronneau, Jazz vocalist.

Lynn Hollyfield is a powerful singer, crisp acoustic guitar player and a heartfelt observer of the world. Her "indie-folk-pop style" reflects an infusion of influences from great jazz artists, (such as Ella Fitzgerald) to John Hiatt, Shawn Colvin and CSNY. Lynn mingles wit, silky sweetness and thoughtful reverie in to her songwriting and performances.

With a half dozen CDs and over a dozen awards, Lynn is not to be missed. See you here!

Peace through Music

Mary and Jeff

at The Stage at Stillwaters
4279 Janes Ln
Marshall, United States

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Loot Crate December Review and Coupon Code

January 25th, 2015

Loot Crate December Review and Coupon Code
December's Loot Crate was one of our favorites of 2014 – after all, what better way to end the year then with a bat-tastic Loot Crate. To that effect, inside last month's Loot Crate, we had everything from a Batman Vinyl and comic, to a Simpsons wallet …
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New coupon website hits the Louisville market
An online coupon service has popped up in Louisville to compete with the likes of Groupon, Living Social and other couponing sites. The website, called PinPoint Perks, launched on Jan. 1. More than 100 businesses are offering promotions on the site …
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“Wister and More!” presents American Virtuosi

January 25th, 2015

“Wister and More!” presents American Virtuosi
Event on 2015-02-15 15:00:00
American Virtuosi is made up of the members of the Borowsky Family. In 2008, they presented pre-Olympic concerts in China, and have performed in Washington, Baltimore, New York, as well as Germany, Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine. General Admission – .00

at German Society of Pennsylvania
611 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, United States

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Fearless Relating Panel, Speed Flirting, and Vulnerability Circle

January 24th, 2015

Fearless Relating Panel, Speed Flirting, and Vulnerability Circle
Event on 2015-04-23 19:00:00

Bringing Reid Mihalko in for a whirlwind tour of Philadelphia, and this year we are bringing him in for a very deep dive. Anyone who as ever had the pleasure of getting to connect/learn with him knows he brings humor and such brilliance to any subject, offering witty metaphors and beautiful manageable chunks of information to start where you are and shortcut through to where you want to be.
Day 2 is our Fearless Relating Panel. Join Monique Darling, Reid Mihalko, Rusty Stewart, Kali Morgan as we co-lead a question and answer portion of the evening. YOU bring the questions… We will do our best to answer each and every one. What are you dying to know about dating and relationships? About life? What has you super curious, but there never seems an appropriate place to bring up your inquiry? This Wed night is your chance! Ask away! And allow some authenticity and vulnerability when we four sex geeks use our life's journeys and wisdom and courage (balls) to answer anything you throw our way.

Sometimes all that is left is to scream your heart out… it seems no matter what you say you're not being heard. No matter how clear you feel yourself to be, what comes out of your mouth makes no sense to the other side.

Come and explore with us how to hold difficult conversations, understand the different love languages you and your loved ones might have as your filter of giving and receiving love, learn to communicate what's not being said in a way that will empower and connect you with others better. We will explore different modes of communication, verbal and non verbal… and different relating styles, open relationships, agreements, flirting, transparency — taking off your masks so that you can REALLY relate. Interspersing our favorite tools, and taking questions from the audience.

Next get ready to laugh through all your old 7th grade awkwardness as Reid, sex and relationship educator for an exciting and comical hour of flirtation. Add more aliveness to your existing relationships. Make new friends in the most exciting way possible. Speed-Flirting features a series of structured exercises with lots of easy-to-apply tools for breaking the ice, overcoming awkward moments, and for deep-connection through play. Get inspired about meeting new people as you learn to break habits of shyness and release your "inner flirt." Increase your self-esteem by giving people permission to smile, to wink, to have fun, and to never forget how to flirt again!

• Overcome shyness and embrace your bold, exuberant ability to connect deeply and playfully with anyone you choose. • Drop the "dating and relationship B.S." and get to know people by how they flirt, not what they write their online profiles or how they rattle off their resumes! • Already in a relationship, then learn how to reignite the romance by flirting with the one you love! Speed-Flirting is a rambunctious, 1 hour workshop/social event for men and women of all ages. The usual definition of flirting as just "a sexual thang" limits our ability to engage with people playfully. What if flirting meant "increasing the fun and play in any interaction?" Perfect for singles, couples, and entire communities, Speed-Flirting gives us the tools to go deeper than just a wink and a smile… Speed-Flirting will teach you to: 
- Break the ice with ease and confidence. 
- Make your dating and relationship life pressure-free. 
- Say No without feeling guilty. 
- Keep people from misunderstanding your intentions. 
- Relate with rejection gracefully and leave people feeling better for having met you. 
- Get anyone to make the first move.

Next let Monique lead you through a vulnerability circle where a room of strangers slowly opens up and winds up on the same page, and friends connect ever deeper having the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood in ways maybe you have never even imagined!

It begins with a beautiful circle where you will be led through some heart opening communication exercises to connect within and with each other. Then we will go into silent connection exercise where you will get to meet one another beyond words, and finally we will finish up with some amazing connective exercises, that will leave you feeling expanded beyond believe and you will leave with your own knowing of how great connection can feel when held in such safe and loving container, where ALL of YOU is accepted, exactly as you are.

Panel 7:00-8:30
Speed Flirting 8:30-9:30
Vulnerability Connection Circle 9:30-10:30
Location: TBA 

Love Exchange pre paid or at the door
RSVP as space is limited

About your Panelists/Facilitators:
Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of www.ReidAboutSex.comhelps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence and greater health in their relationships and sex lives using an inspiring mixture of humor and knowledge. Reid’s workshops and college lectures have been attended by close to 40,000 men and women. He has appeared in media such as Oprah’s Our America With Lisa Ling on OWN, the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Dr. Phil’s The Doctors on CBS, Bravo’s Miss Advised, Fox News, in Newsweek, Seventeen, GQ, The Washington Post, and in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.

Monique Darling, San Diego, CA, Authenticity, Vulnerability and Relationship coach is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment which provides workshops and experiential play-shops in the art of Tantra and conscious loving. She has studied and taught with renowned Tantra teachers and extraordinary workshop facilitators since 1990 and is a certified Cuddly Party Facilitator. She has been featured on TLC and The Dr’s and has been interviewed by magazines across the USA. Monique is dedicated to empowering others utilizing her vast repertoire of cutting-edge teachings. She specializes is helping others reclaim their power and natural sensuality by transmuting fear and repression into courage, self-love and freedom. She guides from a place of understanding and her natural exuberance is infectious! She is available for private sessions, experiential workshops and Cuddle Parties.

at Philadelphia
600 Arch St.
Philadelphia, United States

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How Brian Williams reported the news of his daughter’s new job at NBC

January 24th, 2015

How Brian Williams reported the news of his daughter's new job at NBC

From the July 30 edition of “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams”
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Wishing and Hoping

January 24th, 2015

Years after Disneyland was built, after the completion of Walt Disney World, the story goes that someone went up to Mike Vance, Creative Director for Walt Disney Studios and said, “Isn’t it too bad Walt Disney didn’t live to see this?” Without pausing, he replied, “But he did see it, that’s why it’s here.”

If any outside figure influenced my life early on, it was Walt Disney. Maybe because when I was five, my favorite uncle took me to a wondrous new place called Disneyland. Maybe because I grew up in Southern California, visiting it every year or two, watching a man’s vision come to life and grow. Or maybe because I learned that “when you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are.” Growing up on the Wonderful World of Disney, I learned how to dream.

But as I got older I realized it wasn’t just the dreaming and wishing that made the dreams possible. It was the doing. Like a Dusty Springfield song counsels, “Wishin’ and hopin’ — And thinkin’ and prayin’ — Plannin’ and dreamin’ — Each night of his charms — That won’t get you into his arms.”

In my experience wishing and hoping are poor strategies for making dreams come true, yet that’s how many people approach work, often surprised at their results. They wish they could make more money. They hope they’ll get promoted or offered a more interesting job. They wish someone will notice how hard they work. They hope the work environment improves, their boss comes to her senses, the problem goes away or someone else solves it.

Their chance of winning at working is right up there with becoming a millionaire on Vegas slots or holding the winning lottery ticket. And while it’s not true the ostrich hides in the sand, many of us do, wondering why we never land our dreams. Olympic athletics don’t get that way by wishing and hoping. Nor do great musicians, actors, chefs, architects, teachers, lawyers, parents, or business people. And I know I’ll never get my first book published by wishing it so.

Dreams can come true, but there is a secret. They’re realized through the magic of persistence, determination, commitment, passion, practice, focus and hard work. They happen a step at a time, manifested over years, not weeks. While wishing and hoping makes you a dreamer, acting and doing makes you someone who can turn dreams into reality. Want your work dreams to come true? Make them.

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8th Annual Pierce County Career Day

January 24th, 2015

8th Annual Pierce County Career Day
Event on 2015-11-19 09:30:00

Pierce County Career Day is an innovative workforce development tool designed to provide high school students with hands-on exposure to diverse and growing careers and to provide employers with a pipeline of professionals for tomorrow.

Over 2,000 students from all areas of Pierce County attend the event, discovering the technical skills required for occupations in the trades through interactive exhibits and information on internships, registered apprenticeships and training resources.Industries Represented:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation

at Washington State Fairgrounds Showplex

Puyallup, United States

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Wage & Hour Compliance

January 24th, 2015

Wage & Hour Compliance
Event on 2015-10-15 08:30:00

Wage & Hour Compliance

Presented by Dan Grinfas


- Gain an overview of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and key Oregon & Washington wage statutes and regulations
- Receive updated important legislative developments and critical wage and hour issues that managers and human resource professionals confront dailyWho Should Attend?

- Supervisors
– Managers
– Entry-level HR Professionals
- Payroll Specialists

HRCI Credits: 2.75

Dan Grinfas
Attorney at Buchanan, Angeli, Atschul, & Sullivan, LLP

Dan Grinfas counsels employers and conducts management and employee training in a variety of employment-related areas, including workplace harassment, civil rights laws, wage and hour laws, OFLA and FMLA, disability laws and reasonable accommodation, injured worker laws, legal hiring practices, policy writing and employer record-keeping requirements. He also represents employers before administrative agencies including BOLI and the EEOC.

Dan is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Human Resources Certification Institute. He has also been selected for inclusion in the Employment Law category of Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, in Best Lawyers in America and in Oregon Super Lawyers.

Dan previously served as Lead Program Coordinator with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries' Technical Assistance for Employers Program. He is a frequent speaker on employment law issues and has presented seminars to thousands of managers, supervisors and human resources professionals at public agencies and private organizations throughout Oregon. He has given numerous presentations for organizations including the Oregon State Bar, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Northwest Human Resources Management Association, the Oregon Employer Council, BOLI, the EEOC, the Oregon Law Institute, and the Labor Education Research Center.

at Express Employment Professionals
7401 SW Washo Court
Tualatin, United States

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Spleen Symptoms

January 24th, 2015

Consisting of two different types of blood pulp, and the filtering process allows the red pulp to eliminate intrusions while the white pulp helps to fight infections. Any type of a growth within organs such as the spleen is not normal and puts your dog in immediate danger of cancer growths.

Another function of the liver is to take up glucose that is not required immediately by the body’s cells, and store it as glycogen. When the body needs to generate more energy and heat, the liver (under the stimulation of hormones) converts the glycogen back to glucose and releases it into the bloodstream.

Several tests can determine the existence of masses. The initial step involves a physical examination. A firm mass can be felt in the spleen area on palpation. Thereafter, radiographs of the abdomen are performed to determine if the mass is on the spleen and radiographs of the chest is for checking the spread of cancer. Abdominal ultrasound may detect cancer spread to liver and other organs.

High fever can trigger convulsions, particularly in children so it is advisable to monitor temperature carefully. If a fever does exceed 40 degrees C then it can be bought down safely by having a luke warm bath or sponging the body with warm water. Focus on sponging under the arm pits, in the groin and on the back of the neck.

First of all we need to look at the colon. Different parts of the colon reflect different organs in the body. If doctors knew this they would never cut out these vital parts. The problem is that they have no idea there is an alternative. Keeping our colon clean is so important so that our organs can stay healthy. Stage 1 of the healing process is therefore to take Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse.

Lymphocytes, which are found in both the blood stream and the lymphatic system, coordinate the immune response and produce antibodies. If untreated, the surplus leukemic cells overwhelm the bone marrow, enter the bloodstream, and eventually invade other parts of the body, such as the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and central nervous system (brain, spinal cord).

An enlarged spleen and liver occurs in about half of all mononucleosis sufferers. Symptoms of liver involvement can be swelling and discomfort below the right rib, fat intolerance, dark rings below the eyes and headaches. Spleen involvement symptoms can be pain below the left rib, although in many cases they are asymptomatic.

Leishmaniasis is commonly recognized for its cutaneous kind which produces non-fatal, disfiguring injury. Leishmania infection can produce skin disease known as cutaneous leishmaniasis. It can impact on the mucous membranes with a numerous range of occurrence, mostly it cause ulcers . It may produce skin wound that appear like those of other diseases such as hansen’s disease, cutaneous tuberculosis , syphilis , skin cancer and fungal infections.

Thalassemia is an inherited disorder that majorly affects the production of normal hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the tissues in the body. Thalassemia includes a number of different forms of anemia. However, the seriousness of this blood disorder basically depends on the number of genes that are affected. This blood disease can be easily diagnosed by blood test.

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Vicoden: side effects and treatments

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