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September 25th, 2016

They Might Be Giants
washington concert
Image by cliff1066™

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The Lap Band System Benefits

September 24th, 2016

When it comes to lose excess body weight, lap band is the best way to go. Lap band is actually an adjustable gastric band designed to use as a new weight loss surgery in order to lose your weight, reduce health conditions and increase quality of your life. It helps in improving the stomach capacity and restraining the food that you can consumed at one time.

The “lap band” is the name derived from the name of the implanted medical device, gastric band and laparoscopic. During the procedure, surgeons generally use laparoscopic techniques in order to wrap the lap band system around your stomach. This band is a silicone ring  filled with saline on its inner surface and placed around the  top portion of the stomach. This produces a small stomach pouch to hold a small amount of food, therefore, the storage area for food in the stomach is minimized. This band also controls the stomach outlet between the bottom portion of the stomach and the new upper pouch. When you have a smaller stomach then you will feel full, whereas the food will move very slowly from the upper part to lower part of the stomach as it is digested. Therefore, you will eat less and lose excess weight.   

Benefits of the Lap Band System

Minimum Trauma
Minimizes your pain as well as recovery period
Small incisions and minimum scarring

Risks and Side Effects of Fewer

Operative and short-term mortality less than ten times of gastric bypass
Lowers the risk of nutritional diseases related with gastric bypass
Minimizes the risk of hair loss
There is no “dumping syndrome” related to dietary intake restrictions


It is adjustable as it adjusts without more surgery requirement
For ideal rate of weight-loss, it allows individualized degree of restriction
Helps in pregnancy by opening the stomach size to accommodate enhanced nutritional requirements


Breakable at any time
Stomach and other anatomy are normally restored to their real forms and functions

Weight Loss For Long-Term

Above 300,000 lap band system devices placed all over the world
A standard for hundreds of surgeons around the globe
Academic publications with up to ten years of follow-up provides information about Lap Band Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles, Lap Band Surgery Guide and Lap Band System for weight loss.

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Spandau ballet April 2015

September 22nd, 2016

A few nice washington concert images I found:

Spandau ballet April 2015
washington concert
Image by randc319

Greg Dulli, The Afghan Whigs
washington concert
Image by sleepingbri
The Afghan Whigs @ 9:30 Club

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How You Can Purchase Michael Buble Concert Tickets

September 21st, 2016

There are lots of approaches to obtain Michael Bubble concert tickets. These may include the old fashioned method of standing in line on the box office and yet another may be the easier and modern day on-line reservation. Of the two techniques, the second option is much more favored because folks tend to be too occupied to wait around in line simply to purchase a ticket.

One more good idea would be to participate in the artist’s subsciber lists or fan membership. People may take advantage of savings to Michael Buble live performance tickets along with other free gifts which might be offered to chosen fans. Apart from the discounts and giveaways, you’ll also gain access to the artist’s schedules and other activities. For enthusiastic followers this really is something that they shouldn’t skip.

For anyone who is familiar with the location or if it’s just within your region, you may call up the venue ticketing office and check when they’ll be pre offering their Michael Buble concert tickets. Inquire if they take phone in ticket purchases. When they can’t allow phone in bookings, you may inquire further whether they can phone you when the tickets are available.

Should you have a credit card, this improves your likelihood of getting pre-selling tickets. This is one of the advantages and gains of owning a global credit card. It is also a good suggestion to call up your card’s customer support to verify whether or not they’ve got promos or discounts on events locally.

Radio stations also are a great means of acquiring complimentary tickets. Frequently, radio channels have competitions and awards the winners with free tickets and other awards. However, you should be fast if you wish to join up such radio contests as there are numerous people who also want free tickets and are just waiting for their chance. To increase your probabilities, you should contact all of the telephone numbers belonging to the station. This will help you contact the station faster versus other aspirants.

Save the radio station’s phone number in the phone memory and make it the first in your list. This ensures that the radio station is just a button away. The quicker you are able to call, the greater are your chances.

There are also theatres and other sites that offer memberships to neighborhood residents. By being an associate of this club or venue, you’ll be notified when there’s pre selling of Michael Buble concert tickets in your area.

He know the best deals on event tickets and concertsBefore you make a decision to buy just about any tickets on the internet, always make sure to consider these 2 good internet sites Concert Tickets, and Michael Buble concert tickets. It doesn’t matter what variety of function you’re searching for, pay a visit to these online websites for easy, dependable, and guaranteed satisfaction!

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Edge Banding Machines

September 20th, 2016
washington bands

Edge Banding or Edgebanding can be made of different materials (PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine, wood or wood veneer). It is used in carpentry and furniture-making. Edge banding is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, giving the appearance of a solid (or more valuable) material. Edge banding can also be used instead of features such as face frames or molding. Edgebandings typically come with a primer, which acts like a bonding agent between the adhesive and the substrate.


Thicker edge banding requires a slight concavity to provide a tight glue line. The thickness can vary from .018″ to 5mm or even more. Edgebanding can be applied to the substrate by using hot melt adhesives. Hot melt adhesives can be water or solvent based and they can consists of different raw materials (EVA, PUR, PA, APOA, PO). The machine that applies the edge banding is called edgebander. An edgebander bonds the edge banding to the substrate, trims leading and trailing edge, trims top and bottom flush, scraps any surplus and buffs the edge.


Edge banding machines typically come with a primer, which acts like a bonding agent between the adhesive and the substrate. Thicker edge banding requires a slight concavity to provide a tight glue line. The thickness can vary from .018″ to 5mm or even more. Edge banding can be applied to the substrate by using hot melt adhesives. An edge bander bonds the edge banding to the substrate, trims leading and trailing edge, trims top and bottom flush, scraps any surplus and buffs the edge


There are three ways to attach edge banding to a project. One is a self-sticking method, similar to applying wallpaper. The other method of applying edge banding is to press it on with a low temperature clothing iron. To avoid getting glue on the iron, aluminum foil should be placed between the project and the iron. The final method for attaching edge banding is to coat it and the project surface with contact cement. The two materials instantly bond when they are pressed together with the help of a roller


This edge banding machine provides better looks of the furniture and interior decoration in residential and commercial premises.


These edge tapes can be replaced as they are readily available in the market. These machines are specially designed for doing the banding operation on table tops, kitchen cabinets, various types of boards, etc. The capacity glue of these edge banding machines come with a 3 kg capacity glue pot which in turn with the help of heating element the do not allow the bonding chemical to dry into solid state. The glue is applied on one side of the edge tape and immediately fixed to the work piece, before the glue dries.


For more information on Edge Banding Machines you can visit

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2016.02.11 Hamish Anderson at DC9 Washington DC USA02925

September 19th, 2016

Check out these washington concert images:

2016.02.11 Hamish Anderson at DC9 Washington DC USA02925
washington concert
Image by tedeytan
"Not many twenty-three year old blues/rock guitarists can claim to have opened for BB King on tour in the US, but that is exactly Hamish Anderson’s destiny when he finished a tour with the legendary Blues guitarist in October 2014.

Since then, he’s turned twenty-four, did seven showcases during SXSW, and opened for Los Lobos, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Wynonna Judd and Blues Traveler— all in just the first half of 2015. And in 2014, when RevoltTV asked guitarist Gary Clark Jr. who to watch under the age of 30, he cited Hamish first. "


Matt and Mike Gervais
washington concert
Image by rwoan

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
washington concert
Image by forklift
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks @ the Black Cat

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Mariachi Chula Vista at the 2009 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington, DC

September 17th, 2016

A few nice washington concert images I found:

Mariachi Chula Vista at the 2009 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington, DC
washington concert
Image by Photo Phiend
The Mariachi Chula Vista group from Chula Vista High School, San Diego, CA

A bunch of videos on YouTube.

washington concert
Image by rwoan

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Make Income Using Your Carrie Underwood Concert Tickets

September 17th, 2016

It’s undeniable that marketing tickets is a sure way of making $ 100 in only a brief period of your time. It is because you never need to fret about huge stocks and stale items. Provided that your tickets are for popular events or artists, you will never need to bother about unsold items.

Carrie Underwood concert tickets are some of the best examples of tickets that may be sold quickly on the net. Nevertheless, it’s essential to follow a few suggestions in order to accomplish the $ 100 bench mark like many people.

? Bear in mind to never buy on impulse or when it is way too late. The key is timing, if you get tickets at pre-sell dates, you can get tickets for a reduced rate as compared to when the event is near. This is certainly just about where the chance lies.

? Recognition of the music group in your area. Odds are that some of the popular bands in your town aren’t recognized in all states. Which means that the options for you to offer seats to the particular band are slim. You need to seek out tickets such as Carrie Underwood concert tickets since Carrie Underwood is popular anywhere in the world. Popularity as well as overall appeal of the artist play important roles in your ticket profits.

? Locate pre-sell passwords. All of the planning can be wasted if you cannot obtain a pre-sell password. Passwords are usually given to people who are closely related to the event staff or their pals. You are able to normally find these across the Internet in case you do your investigation.

? By no means fall prey for deceptive “sold out” signs. Often, ticket vendors will display these types of signs to motivate the crowd to purchase Carrie Underwood concert tickets at an instant. This raises the popularity of the event thus growing sales.

A word of warning though, if you aren’t cautious and if your marketing method fails, you will be stuck with a whole lot of tickets and you practically lost your hard earned money. Therefore purchase only those live concert tickets of well-known entertainers. Moreover, always be alert for fake bidders and deceptive internet sites that claim to offer pre-sell passwords or tickets.

Ultimately, gaining good profits coming from selling Carrie Underwood concert tickets is up to your marketing savvy and judgment. The choice is yours if you will end up profitable or if you will be among those other people who lost their cash simply because they had been either fooled or they purchased tickets of unpopular artists.

Before you determine to select some tickets using the net, always make sure to visit these 2 perfect web-sites Concert Tickets, and Mama Mia Tickets. Regardless of what style of function you’re searching for, go to these web-sites for easy, reliable, and guaranteed satisfaction!

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Nice Washington Concert photos

September 16th, 2016

A few nice washington concert images I found:

washington concert
Image by ChunkyGlasses

Pediatric AIDS Foundation – Washington, D.C. – seen on Wednesday, June 21, 1989
washington concert
Image by M Abancourt
Cher at the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. She did a pocket show with five songs and talked about her split with bagel boy Rob Camilletti: "I just broke up with my boyfriend, so this next song [‘We All Sleep Alone’] is particularly meaningful to me.")

washington concert
Image by kate.gardiner

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Nice Washington Bands photos

September 15th, 2016

A few nice washington bands images I found:

Meet The Marching Bands Backstage – Patrick’s Day Parade (Dublin)
washington bands
Image by infomatique
Marching ensembles from around the globe provided the musical score for the festival parade on March 17th 2012.

Bands from Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and Russia will join U.S. bands from California, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and Washington to march through the streets of the capital.

The following bands took part:
The White Russian Central Band (Russia)
Shorecrest Highlander Marching Band, Washington (USA)
Marvin Ridge High School Band, North Carolina (USA)
Clondalkin Youth Band, Dublin (Ireland)
John F. Kennedy High School (Shamrock Regiment), California (USA)
Berkner Bandolera Drill Team, Texas (USA)
Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps (UK)
Permian High School, Texas (USA)
Notre Dame, Indiana (USA)
Tri-County Marching Cavaliers Band, Indiana (USA)
Wildcats Marching Band, Georgia (USA)
University of Missouri, Missouri (USA)

2013 Cherry Blossom Festival Parade
washington bands
Image by Chase McAlpine
Photos from the 2013 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

2013 National Memorial Day Parade
washington bands
Image by Chase McAlpine
Thousands of DC Area residents and tourists gathered along Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC on Monday, May 27th, 2013 to watch the Annual National Memorial Day Parade.

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