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Radio Stations Streaming Live on the Internet

July 30th, 2009

Listening to live radio has become very interesting with the introduction of various websites. These websites cater to making ‘radio listening’, a tremendous activity with a number of radio channels adding joy to radio listening. Thus it has become possible to listen to radio programs from any place by simple accessing the websites that offer radio services. The listeners of the radio feel delighted for they find it possible to stay updated with latest news and access entertainment of all sorts.

There are several benefits of making use of live radio stations. It brings to people programs that are happening currently. This can be in the form of cricket commentary or football match. Users feel great to listen to the radio programs and avail entertainment in the form of listening to latest music, songs and other fabulous radio programs. This can be done by simply accessing the internet and opening websites that are known to provide radio services. A user can avail free live radio on his laptops or their mobile phones by simply accessing websites that offer radio services.

So, with a laptop or a mobile in hand, people can listen to live radio, no matter, wherever a person may be located. It also becomes easy for a person to carry these gadgets and access websites that offer radio services from any place with ease. A person carrying the gadget also feels delighted for one can now listen to radio on a constant basis without any fluctuations. The traditional methods of receiving radio signals takes a lot of hardship for people to constantly listen to radio programs without facing any fluctuations. It is found that at certain places the radio signals are very strong, while at other place they seem to become feeble. Thus, traditional radios show a lot of fluctuations in terms of frequency. But, this is not the case in case of the websites. It works with the aid of satellites and has nothing to do with radio signals. So, people can listen live radio programs without any hassles.

The user-friendliness of the radio available with websites also enables people to easily tune into various radio channels. So, a listener can always impose his choice and keep changing channels frequently. It is possible due to the availability of free live radio options and live radio stations. A listener of radio available on websites has to just opt for a particular channel and then keep listening to it without having to pay anything for the service. Moreover, people can keep listening to radio even while they are on a move. The users can keep accessing radio channels, no matter, wherever they may be travelling in the world.

Information about the websites that cater to offering live radio services is available on the internet. People can log onto these sites by simply registering themselves with the websites. People find it possible to make good use of these websites not just to listen to radio, but for communication purposes too.

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Music Teaching Resources: Setting a Good Studio Policy

July 30th, 2009

Good music teaching resources and studio policies are indeed necessary as they intend to create a conducive and healthy learning environment. Music teachers must set good and strict business principles and classroom practices so as to eliminate confusion, inconsistency and misunderstanding among studio clients, students, parents as well as the entire teaching personnel.

Certainly, as you decide to put up your own music studio, your studio policies and resources must also be ready for posting and dissemination. Therefore, you have to devise, update and implement them consistently and reliably.

Studio Policy: Basics, Advantages and Benefits
A studio policy is a set of written rules and regulations that has to be strictly observed and implemented. Private music studio owners as well as music teachers must specify and define all points and items in the studio policy itself so as to have everything clearly explained and discussed. Studio policy also lessens the risks and circumstances where a problem or a conflict may likely arise.

Though some studio policies differ in concept and context, they must include citations on various areas like fees, payment schemes, work and class schedules, class requirements, lesson preparations, service arrangements and other relevant issues necessary in managing your own music studio.

Music Teaching Resources
As studio policy is made as specific as music teaching resources are, tips on how to make and construct such are certainly essential. Setting a good studio policy is as good as generating music teaching resources. Since these two have to be both up-to-date, concise, concrete and complete, music teachers must keep in mind that rigid research really plays a vital role in coming up with effective and efficient resources and policies in music teaching. Such research can be done in just few clicks – using the power of technology and innovation.

Using informational documents and tools, citing insights and experiences, writing studio policy, motivating social and classroom participation as well as giving tips and advices are all great teaching techniques in driving your way to academic success through music education.

These professional and business means: music teaching resources and studio policies are both important in meeting the goal of the institution. Therefore, you have to be sure that they are truly focused and relevant in teaching and learning music.

Stick to Your Music Teaching Resources and Studio Policies
Music teachers have to be consistent and prompt both in their teaching and managerial strategies. This is to establish reliability and credibility not just for their profession but also for their relationship among students and studio clients. As they stick to their rules, policies, resources and techniques, people around them would be used to those concepts and would be able to apply such in daily activities and endeavors.

Remember that your policies and resources in music education are as important and as beneficial as your motivation and willingness to disseminate and employ to the learners and the clients as well as to implement in their future dealings and ventures.

Still searching for more relevant music teaching resources and tips? Visit this music teachers website.

Innovations and Services

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Some Practical Tips While On Vacation In Washington DC

July 29th, 2009

Europeans no longer need a visa when visiting Washington DC on vacation, a full European passport is all that is now needed.

Airlines will issue you with a Visa waver form on the aircraft before landing and also a Customs Declaration card. They must be handed into Customs when going through passport control.

Ronald Reagan International Airport is the main International airport and is 4.5 miles from down town DC. There is also a large airport at Dulles International and it is 26 miles west of down town DC. Baltimore International is 28 miles north of DC.

When clearing customs you should hand in your customs declaration form, listing all the things that you have brought into the US. You must note that you cannot bring in fresh meat, fruit, drugs and plants.

Disabled travellers will find ramps, wide doors, lifts and other wheelchair provisions in major public places. You should contact your car hire firm for written proof of their policies towards disabled drivers. On arrival in the state, the car hire company should direct you to the local county office in order to claim disabled driver status. Please remember that in some cases you may have to wait up to two hours to get your disabled visitor badge.

European drivers can drive in Washington DC on a full driving licence issued in their own country. However under 25’s may find it difficult to hire a car or may have to pay much higher rates of hire and insurance. Many airlines now offer Fly Drive holidays which offer competitive car hire rates.

When hiring a car in Washington DC you must ensure that you have the correct insurance. It is advisable to take out Collision Damage Waver. You may find it to be expensive, but it is essential to take out as it covers you for all conceivable events.

Most hire cars in Washington DC are automatics and come with air conditioning. You now generally find that the main car hire companies are now bases at the airports which makes collecting and dropping off the car much easier.

In Washington DC they drive on the right hand side of the road and it is preferable for first time visitors to arrive in day light in order to familiarise themselves with the road networks.

The interstate roads are the best for long journeys and have anywhere up to six lanes. Please remember that Americans overtake on both sides which can be a shock for foreign tourists on their first visit. Also remember when using a toll road in Washington DC to have money to pay at each toll booth.

The speed limit in Washington DC is 65mph and in outer city limits it is usually 55mph. In built up areas it drops to 30 – 35mph. If you are stopped by the police, wait in the car and be polite. Washington police do not appreciate rude drivers.

Drinking and driving is not tolerated in Washington DC and it is regarded as a serious offence. If stopped on suspicion of drink driving, you can be locked up on the spot until you have taken a urine test. You should not drink drive under any circumstances.

If you are unfortunate enough to break down while driving in Washington DC you should wait in your car with the bonnet raised and wait until the Highway Patrol stop to help you.

In Washington DC the standard electrical supply is 110-120 volts and if bringing your own electrical devices from Europe, you must use an adaptor.

Travellers from Europe do not need any inoculations before visiting Washington DC. Water is safe to drink but in some cases may be heavily chlorinated. In Washington DC there are excellent pharmacies.

There is no state funded health service in Washington DC and so you must have travel insurance as medical care is very expensive in Washington DC.

When coming on vacation to Washington DC many tourists now rent holiday homes or Villas. This usually works out cheaper than staying in hotels and provides much more independence. It also allows the tourist to get a true feel of the Washington DC way of life and culture. Holiday home rental is now one of the fasted growing areas of tourism in Washington DC.

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The Washington Wizards Play to Make Magic in the NBA Finals Again

July 26th, 2009

The Washington Wizards have already won one NBA Finals, as the Washington Bullets. Although the name has changed, the team plays to win another NBA Championship trophy for the city.

What is in a name? Today’s Washington Wizards have played as the Chicago Packers, the Chicago Zephyrs, the Baltimore Bullets, the Capital Bullets, and the Washington Bullets. Interestingly, however, the team’s name change did not include a change in the city that it represented. Today’s Washington Wizards are the same team as the Washington Bullets.

In 1996, the owner of the Washington Bullets, Abe Polan, chose to change the name of the NBA’s Washington team. That was due to the increasing number of homicides in the city, which began in the early 1990s. The Bullets feared that the name “Bullets” encouraged gun violence. Interestingly, the homicide rate peaked in 2006. Nevertheless, the franchise would ultimately choose “Wizards” over other finalists, including Dragons and Stallions.

The Washington Wizards played their first game with a new name, in new jerseys and shorts, and in a new arena (MCI Center) on December 2, 1997. It was a magical night for the Wizards, as they defeated the Seattle Supersonics 95-78. While the Wizards completed the regular season with a 42-40 record, they missed qualifying for the playoffs, by a single game.

Albeit the Washington Wizards have made four consecutive playoff appearances from 2005-2008, the team achieved its greatest success in the 1970s, as the Washington Bullets. During that decade, the Bullets won six division crowns, and appeared in four NBA Finals. In fact, the Bullets earned a spot in the NBA Finals, in each year that they advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals (1971, 1975, 1978, 1979).

Unquestionably, the Washington Bullets’ 1977-1978 season was particularly memorable. The Bullets finished the season with a 44-38 record, and barely snuck into the NBA playoffs. They grounded the Atlanta Hawks (2-0), shocked the San Antonio Spurs (4-2), and then vanquished the Philadelphia 76ers (4-2). The Spurs series was particularly interesting. In Game 6, the Spurs’ player Mike Gale had to wear an inside-out Bullets jersey, after he had misplaced his uniform.

The Bullets would face the Seattle Supersonics in the NBA Finals. Washington battled back three times to tie the series. In Game 7, the Supersonics was a huge favorite over the Bullets. However, the Bullets played solid team-basketball, and earned their first NBA Finals, with a 101-94 victory.

Throughout their history, the Washington Bullets/Wizards have retired four players’ jersey numbers:

? Elvin Hayes – #11 (Forward): 1972/1973-1980/1981
Twice NBA rebounding champion (1970, 1974); and 12 NBA All-Star games

? Gus Johnson – #25 (Forward): 1963/1964-1971/1972
Five NBA All-Star games and four All-NBA Second Teams with Bullets

? Earl “The Pearl” Monroe – #10 (Guard): 1967/1968-1971/1972
Famous for stylish dribbling and passing; NBA Rookie of the Year

? Wes Unseld – #41 (Center): 1968/1969-1980/1981
NBA Rookie of the Year and MVP (1969); Basketball Hall of Fame (1988)

What is in a name? Although the Washington Bullets are now the Washington Wizards, the team shares a history and a tradition of excellence. Use Washington Wizards merchandise to cheer on the team as it tries to make magic in the NBA Finals again.

Rick Grantham is an avid sports fan. Most of Rick’s articles focus on Washington Wizards merchandise. Many articles are related to NBA merchandise store and other sports related topics. Rick is a contributing author to BooYah Village

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Are You Dialed Into Radio Advertising?

July 26th, 2009

As someone who has worked on both the creative and executive ends of advertising for 25 years, I can tell you that radio is one of my favorite mediums. 

Why?  Because radio truly is the “theater of the mind.”  Radio uses voices, music and sound effects (sfx) to create moods and images that spark the imagination in very different ways than print or television ads do.

Advertise on radio, and you have the opportunity to deliver a powerful message to a specific group of listeners.  Radio stations know exactly who their audiences are, so if know who <i>your</i> target customer is, radio gives you the perfect opportunity to reach him/her.  Find the station with your demographic, get a sales rep who will partner with you, and get ready to mine for gold.

Another great thing about radio is that it’s <i>everywhere</i>.  At home, in the car, at the office, at the ballpark…wherever your customer is, radio isn’t far away.

And have you ever noticed how loyal radio listeners are to <i>their</i> stations?  Seriously loyal.  Bordering on fanatical loyal.  Mention a popular radio station’s call letters in a group of people and you will inevitably hear someone say “Oh, I listen to <i>them</i> all the time!”

Radio stations are also strong on community involvement.  Whether it’s broadcasting a live remote at the grand opening of the new car dealership, or sponsoring a local charity event, no other medium touches listeners quite the same way radio does.

In conclusion, here are a few quick facts about radio you can use to impress your friends and family.

<b>Radio’s return on investment (ROI)</b> is much higher (some studies say as high as 49%!) than television’s ROI.  Much of this can be attributed to the fact that television is much more expensive to produce and run than radio, so the money you spend to produce and run radio is much lower.

<b>96% of people</b> who drive or ride in a car use the radio. 

<b>In-car radio listening</b> averages two hours and 12 minutes weekdays, and two hours and five minutes on weekends.

<b>43% of drivers</b> leave their car radios set to one station.

<b>There are 5.6 radios</b> per U.S. household.

<b>There are over 13,500</b> registered radio stations in the U.S.

Okay, I’ll stop…you get the picture. Radio is everywhere! And if you want the most bang for your advertising buck, radio is still one of your best resources.

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Music Teachers Resources: Making Students Love Music

July 26th, 2009

When your private studio has innovative and interactive music teachers resources, you can certainly focus on developing your students’ interests in music. Through these, you can also motivate them to craft music as both their profession and passion. Teaching music can be a difficult task. It requires much time and effort; thus, makes music education more challenging, dynamic and versatile.

Ideally, a music teacher must have these objectives in mind:

• to offer a custom-made and challenging program for his musically-inclined pupils to maximize their music potential;
• to provide a holistic music education through listening, performing (solo and group) and composing skills; and,
• To realize that everyone has such potentials to understand, express and create music.

Effective music teachers have such resources that can really encourage students to attend classes regularly, motivate them to participate and cooperate, and most of all, inspire them to love music. Many music teachers resources are readily available via the Internet. In just a matter of a few clicks, you can learn how to enhance your teaching strategies pertaining to music education.

There are various music teachers resources that can definitely be used as your motivating factors in teaching music to a vast number of students with different personalities, demands, needs and desires. Here is my comprehensive list:

• Cooperative learning. It is an instructional paradigm in which teams of students work on structured tasks such as homework assignments, laboratory experiments, or design projects. It is being administered under conditions that meet five criteria: positive interdependence, individual accountability, face-to-face interaction, appropriate use of collaborative skills, and regular self-assessment of team functioning.

Many studies have shown that when correctly implemented, cooperative learning improves many aspects like information acquisition and retention, higher-level thinking skills, interpersonal and communication skills, and self-confidence. In here, it seeks to foster some benefits from the freedom of individual and collaborative learning.

• Opportunities. It can be an advantage if an enhanced curriculum is made to unleash students’ musical skills and talents. They must be given such chance to perform and compete – be it solo or as a group, representing their school in music-related activities as well as various competitions.

• Exposure. Also, just like opportunities, exposure can be of great help to become more interested. Familiarity and awareness to several music scenes can actually make them look forward to the next musical sessions. They can attend concerts, recitals or band rehearsals. Visiting some professional or conventional recording studios can be fun and exciting ways of learning music while exposing them to the real world.

With all these innovative and effective music teachers resources and strategies, I am so certain that you could meet your academic goals and visions. Good luck and happy teaching!

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Washington Dc Limo Tours

July 22nd, 2009

Located between the two US states Maryland and Virginia, Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. Besides being a power center for international politics, Washington DC, situated on the bank of the river Potomac, has a historical and cultural heritage that goes back to the time when Americans fought her war of independence under the able leadership of George Washington. The name of the city still bears testimony to the noble leader and his brave associates.

The city boasts 173 foreign embassies and a number of administrative buildings of American and international institutions including the famous White House, the beautiful residence of the president of the US. Washington DC is also famous for a number of museums and historical monuments. It is a history-lover’s delight and boasts a museum, memorial, art gallery or park at almost every corner of the city,

There are three airports, which serve the city of Washington DC, which are Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). DCA is located across the Potomac River at a convenient distance from downtown Washington. Most international tourists however arrive at IAD, which is around 25 miles away from Washington. BWI, situated 30 miles away from the city is another option for foreign visitors.

You can take any type of ground transportation from any of these airports to reach your destination inside the city. One excellent option is to book a limousine service in Washington DC. You simply need to find a limousine service in Washington DC on the Internet and call the agency to book a car to pick you up from the airport. It is very convenient for a large family or group of friends who would like to travel together in complete comfort.

A limo service will also provide you with absolute privacy and let you work on your laptop without any disturbances while on your way to a business conference. Also, if you are late for your flight or have very less amount of time to reach the airport after your conference if over, you should book a limo service for no other car rental will be as punctual and helpful.

For sightseeing purposes also you can book a limo. Taking tours of Washington DC in an impeccably maintained, stylish limo is an unforgettable experience. The legendary courteousness of the limo chauffeurs who can act as your guides will make every moment of the trips pleasurable. Most limousine services in Washington DC provide luxury limos, sedan, stretch SUVs, limo buses and vans. Take a pick according to your taste and specific need. If you have some works at Alexandria, you can avail the service of an Alexandria VA limousine rental to reach your destination. However, before you ride a limo, don’t forget to make sure that the driver has a proper license to drive limo in or near the Washington DC area.

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Radio Nights

July 22nd, 2009

Image taken on 2006-11-19 00:00:01 by Maia C.

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Free Online Radio Stations of the World

July 20th, 2009

With the introduction of communication websites, people have come to realise the potential of these sites. They are not just unleashed with features for communication, but they can also be effectively used for entertainment purposes. Such is the benevolence of these websites that they help people to stay updated in life with their various entertainment options. One such option is online radio and users feel delighted to make use of this entertainment option.

The effectiveness of the online radio cannot be under-rated as they bring live programs. Various radio programs such as cricket commentary and other entertaining programs are broadcasted by radio channels from time to time. These programs are aired by many free live radio stations. Users just need to make good use of the websites to listen to live radio.

Moreover, the websites can be accessed from any place of the world by simply availing internet connection. Thus it is hugely possible for people to make good use of the radio of these websites and stay entertained in life. The user-friendliness of the websites is also hugely appreciated all over the world. People just need to register themselves to these websites. Then they can easily avail every service provided by these sites. One can connect easily, make good use of radio and play online games. Thus it is hugely possible for people to listen to free online radio by simply opening these websites. It is free because no charges are required to listen to the radio programs. Users just need to avail internet connection and then they can easily listen to radio programs that are broadcasted by the various channels.

The entertainment that the radio jockey simultaneously provides to listeners is something that makes people tune in to the radio channels for long hours. The jockeys fill the people’s life with entertainment. They inspire people to achieve higher goals in life. They keep the spirits on a high and users really feel motivated by their magical words. So, anyone living at any place of the world can depend on the radio for their entertainment and development.

Latest information about the online radios is available on the internet . People can make good use of radios by knowing the various radio channels that are available. Thus people can easily prosper in their life by listening to amazing radio programs. The information about the various websites that cater to online radio services allows people to access these sites and register themselves. Having done so, a person can easily use the various facilities offered by these radio channels. So, it is possible for people to forward calls, send messages, listen to online radio stations, play online games and indulge in several other activities.

These websites are also well known for their user-friendliness. People find it very impressive to listen to programs on one radio channel and then easily tune in to another channel. Thus people feel good about the user-friendliness and the way radio help people to avail entertainment in their life.

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An Internship in Washington Dc is an Excellent Learning Experience

July 20th, 2009

Washington DC Internships are the only way for students to get their feet in the door in what is as very competitive city.  An internship is an immensely useful tool for a student to both earn money and gain valuable experience that will help when the time comes to get a real job. Internships in Washington DC are the plentiful and it is relatively easy to find suitable opportunities. has a plethora of opportunities listed on its website.  If you simply search Google for Washington DC internships, internships in Washington DC, or internships Washington DC countless opportunities will show up or just visit our site at to find summer internships in Washington DC, paid internship in Washington DC, fashion internship in Washington DC, advertising internship in Washington DC and much more.

The only state named after a United States president (can you guess which one?), this Pacific northwest state is home to some of America’s most recognized companies, including Boeing, Microsoft,, Starbucks, Costco, and for all the video gamers out there, Nintendo of America. But don’t think the entire economy is in the computer lab and coffee bar – Washington is a leading agricultural state, producing hops and apples in large quantities.

InternZoo presents niche opportunities in Washington State, including paid summer internships in Washington, fashion internships in Washington and also internships for non-profit organizations and magazines. To see all internships available in Washington, simply click (from the drop down menu) or select Washington as your location and leave all other criteria unchecked. Visit our site at to get more info.

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