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How to download imeem music with Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder?

December 30th, 2009

 What’s imeem?

A social media service with which users interact with each other by watching, posting, and sharing contents of all digital media types, such as blogs, photos, audio, and videos. Now imeem has more than 25 million visitors per month with over 65,000 new users every day.

The key feature of imeem music is that the contents of imeem music playlist, collected from multiple sources, could also be published as comments, tags and ratings. And the playlists consists of videos, music and images.So you can enjoy imeem music with your friends, and also share others’ music by imeem. Do you want to free download imeem music, rip imeem music off imeem playlist? Imeem music downloader can help you.

How to download imeem music with imeem downloader?

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is an professional imeem downloader. While enjoying Imeem music online, this imeem music downloader will download imeem music to MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3 in the background to your hard disk.

An detailed User Guide will tell you how to download imeem music with imeem music downloader.

Step1: Install and launch Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

Then click “Setting” to set output format.

Before downloading imeem music , you can set the output music format as MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, M4A, AAC, OGG, APE etc. The default format is MP3.(Only for the users who don’t like mp3 format, or have ignored this step.

Then open and login in your account.

In your imeem music playlist or other friends ‘playlist, you can enjoy any song you like.

Step2:Before you to start download imeem music, you should comfirm the imeem downloader has detected imeem music, see as follows:

Step3: Click “Record” and start to download imeem music.

When Imeem music is playing, imeem music downloader will detect the music signal and download imeem music in the background automatically.

After all steps have finished, click “Browse “to check the downloaded Imeem music.

Tips to download imeem music :

1. Automatically Split imeem music one by one
When you recording imeem music, this imeem downloader can automatically split all music melody one by one. For instance, record imeem music for an hour, and you can get nearly 30 mp3 files. Of course, you can manually cut audio files into subsections as you like. What’s more, the embedded timer can free you away when it works on preset recording duration.

2. Edit ID 3 information
After finishing downloading imeem music, you can right click the key to add the imeem music to iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winawp. It has an option of “Track Info” to edit music’s ID3 information of “title”,”artist”, and “album”. You can customize the output audio effect by adjusting the sample rate, bit rate, and sound channe

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A Washington Magazine ? the Key to All Home Improvement Issues

December 28th, 2009

There will always be something that needs taking care of in a house. The issue is rendered even more acute with the pass of time. No matter how “young” or “old” a house is, homeowners will permanently look for means and perspectives of home improvement. They could certainly use a reliable piece of advice. You may find the desired recommendations on, a washington magazine focusing on the best manners to improve the appearance of a house or to repair whatever needs repairing.

For some of us the time when we bought our home is pretty far away now. For some others only several weeks/moths have passed. For all of us, having a home has probably been one of the most satisfactory accomplishments. At the same time, we all remember the feeling, the thrill of excitement with which we lived the first moments in our home. Many of us think: “This is going to be a good home for a good number of years to come.” Others don’t go that far in the future. But for any of us, no matter how long or short time intervals we spend in it, our home is going to be our most precious, most beautiful ad most comfortable place we have ever lived in.

Home improvement d. c. services take care that all of our concerns related to our homes are treated with the utmost responsibility and professionalism. This is why the array of home improvement opportunities displayed in our washington magazine is so impressive. It is a way of saying that d. c. services in this particular domain understand in every minute detail the diversity of homes. In point of fact, each homeowner will reflect a part of his aspirations and even a part of his personality in the modifications he is trying to bring to his home.

We have here a washington magazine dealing with issues which range from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. No matter what you need in order to turn you house into a better place to live in, you will find it in the inventory and description of the available d. c. services. There are homeowners who may need a simple paint job; that’s no problem, there are d. c. services which cover such jobs, no matter how simple or how extravagant the paintings may be. On the other hand, there are homeowners who may very well opt for an impressive ceiling décor, as well as for some exquisite exterior home improvements, such as some original stuccowork decorations. On, you will find that there isn’t an aspect in the maintenance and renovations of a house which cannot be covered.

Many of us may think about how useful such a washington magazine would have been at the time we had bought our houses. Your imagination is flying back to those times and you picture what you could have done to transform your house. However, this home improvement washington magazine is actually letting you know that it is never too late to bring some upgrading changes to your house. Not is it too often.

Truth be told, it all depends on the homeowners’ point of view. But this washington magazine is coming with a suggestion: you need to broaden your home improvement perspectives. The commonsensical suggestion made by our washington magazine is founded on the wide number of home improvement opportunities. We could look at it in this manner: this washington magazine is a guide. Where we want to follow it, it is only our own business. But the reality remains that it has a lot of “panoramas” to show us.

Then wouldn’t it be a pity to neglect it? In fact, if you come to think about it, its purpose lies in the making of a better manner of living. For whom are they dedicating this effort? Well, the answer can be only one: for us, the potential clients and, at the same time, the eager homeowners. We are eager to make a change in our homes. In the end, such a washington magazine is helping us consider different home improvement perspectives, so that we could pick the one that best suits us and the image of we have made of our improved home.

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Places That you Find Really Nice Looking Old Radios That People Like to Buy

December 26th, 2009

As technology advances the ways that we can listen to music increases. For many people however their old radios still provide a perfectly good way to listen to music. For others these old radios can act as curios of times gone past. Or they can be collector’s items. In both of these scenes the different types of radios of yesteryear are great finds to stumble across.

You will in many instances find these old radios at auctions. These places will have really nice looking radios that people like to buy. The purposes behind these buying desires will have to do with the main fact that you own a piece of history. You could like the interesting look of these old radios. As some of these auctions can have very rare and limited production radios on sale you should expect that the price of these old radios to go up quite high.

For those of you who aren’t interested in buying old radios from auction houses you have the option of trawling through yard sales, garage sales and even second hand shops to find these gems of history. You may not find the best conditioned radios but these old radios still have the ability of working.

This means that if you have the knack for fixing things then you have a challenge with these old radios. The first item that you will need to do is to see what parts are not in working condition. You will need to find if there are places that can sell you replacement parts or if you can insert new radio parts instead.

Besides finding old radios at auction houses you will find a few of these antique radios in various places like garage sales, second hand dealers, antique shops, museums and old radio parts shops.

While most of these radios will not be found in pristine condition, they are still in prime working condition. You may have to give the old radios a bit of a tune-up but for the most part you will find they can still deliver the goods.

Since for the most part old radios like antique radios are hard to find in mint condition you should expect to pay a price that is equal to that of its working condition. The different varieties of old radios ensure you have a choice of radio styles to fit your style of living. These living pieces of history will let you hear music in an old fashioned manner.

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Professional Music Courses at Music Arts School ? Los Angeles

December 25th, 2009

Music is the way of life. Music is the form of art that transcend all boundaries and prejudices related to class, culture and creed. All other languages need coordination of sensory faculties such as aural, oral, visual and gesture for expression, but music needs just an appreciative ear. Music has power to melt the most stonehearted person.

Music School LA is the pioneering music arts school and the premier college of music based in Los Angeles. The school was founded in the late 70s with the sole aim of teaching the art of music to those who desire to study the finer nuances of harmonious music. The institute imparts quality music education through a broad set of courses covering all areas associated with learning music. Students are free to select their subject of interest out of the comprehensive curriculum on offer.

Why Music School LA?

Many of the aspirants are initiates who have no inkling of how and who to approach for obtaining quality music coaching. Many schools do provide excellent education in music but their fees can be beyond the reach of every pocket. Learners need not lose hope. Music School Los Angeles, the contemporary music school provides path breaking, personalized training in vocal and instrumental music, besides courses in audio recording. The following list gives an overview of some of the major and popular music courses available at this best LA music school.

Vocal music lessons at this college of music are intended for individuals with striking voice who desire to exploit their singing talents to build their careers in singing.

Guitar course at this music arts school covers essential training in a variety of guitars, including acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Music school Los Angeles also provides an opportunity to those interested in developing their careers in music production and recording industry. This finest recording arts school offers complete music recording program, including digital music recording.

The overview above gives just an idea about some of the courses available at Music School LA. The list is not complete. For complete information on the key genres of music, visit

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Who Impacts Washington D.c. Schools?

December 25th, 2009

As nation’s capitol, and one of the countries most watched districts, the Washington D.C. Schools are at the forefront of controversy and change. Declining enrollment, voucher programs, and curriculum changes, have all been hot topics in Washington D.C. Schools over the past few years. One of the benefits of attending school in the capitol city is that it’s where decisions are made.

Two of the biggest players in determining what Washington D.C. Schools experience are the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the Center for Educational Policy (CEP). According to its mission statement AERA is “a national research society, [that] strives to advance knowledge about education, to encourage scholarly inquiry related to education, and to promote the use of research to improve education and serve the public good.”

Located in D.C. the organization is comprised of over 25,000 educational researchers, professors and educational think tanks. The research performed by AERA and the reports they publish impact the Washington D.C. schools on many different levels. One way is through their association with the CEP.

The CEP is also a D.C. based advocate for public schools. Recently Jack Jennings, president and CEO of the Center, received the 2007 AERA Distinguished Public Service award. Jennings earned the honor because of the research and application of school reform issues and policies the center provides. Teachers and administrators of Washington D.C. Schools appreciate the CEP for helping both parents and professional educators make sense of the various opinions of public school success and needs.

Many of the topics that the Washington D.C. Schools struggle with, like exit exams and racial gaps, are unraveled and examined by Jennings’ organization. Washington D.C. Schools have to face the realities of the No Child Left Behind Act and its implications. The CEP has tackled that issue, which is impacting every public school in the nation.

School reform issues tend to be largely influenced by politics at both a local and national level. For Washington D.C. Schools, they are caught in the crossfire of both. As local leaders strive to meet needs with initiatives like the Master Education Plan that overhauled curriculum standards, and the Master Facilities Plan that is bringing buildings up to code, having a local think tank evaluating their steps can be helpful. Washington D.C. Schools are watched closely by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced educators in the nation.

Jennings experience prior to founding the CEP included serving as general counsel for the US House of Representatives’ committee on Education and Labor where he participated in debates about the Vocational Education Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Act. He is also the founding editor of Education Week and Teacher Magazine.

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Enjoying Uninterrupted Streaming Music From Aol Radio

December 25th, 2009

There is a saying that music makes the world go around. This is most certainly true as you can hear many different forms of music just about every place that you visit. One of the newest ways that music can be listened to is via the internet. The AOL Radio station is just one of the many online radio stations that you can listen to.

While there are some internet stations that require you to be a member before you can enjoy the privilege of hearing their music AOL Radio has facilities for their non-members to enjoy listening to great music. The inception of AOL Radio began in March 1996.

Originally this radio station was called Spinner. At this time Spinner was not a part of the AOL Company. Instead it was an independent radio station that provided over 60 different music channels. The listeners were able to uninterrupted streaming music over their computer’s music player.

This company was bought over by AOL. Spinner started two new radio stations. These were Radio@AOL and Radio@netscape. The Radio@AOL was created for the members of AOL to enjoy listening to great music. The other radio station was designed specifically for non-members. As a result of these two online radio stations AOL Radio was now able to reach even more listeners.

When you log on to the AOL Radio you will find that the home page presents you with a wide array of music choices. These will range from classics to country to rock to R& B. you will also find new albums which have great songs for the listener’s of AOL Radio get to hear. Since you will be playing this great music on your computer’s internet connection you will need to have a connection that is compatible with the settings of AOL Radio.

You can use AOL radio if your computer has the ability of using Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. You can also FireFox, Netscape and of course AOL to access this online radio service. The many great items that are found on various online radio stations like AOL Radio allow listeners to enjoy music from across the board. The choice of becoming a member or not it up to the many individuals.

The one thing that comes across clearly with the use of AOL radio is that you can listen to over 200 different streaming musical channels 24 hours a day. This service is also available every day of the week.

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Music, Nigeria and Nigerians

December 25th, 2009

Music, Nigeria and Nigerians
A good thinker has asked about how many of us ever stop to think of music as a wondrous link with God; taking sometimes the place of prayer, when words have failed us. Indeed music knows no country, race or creed, but gives to each according to his need.
Music is the best of all art forms and luckily the easiest to acquire. It is only the musician who can talk to the whole world at once and be understood by all. Like all other societies, music is an essential part of the Nigerian society. Nigerians are therefore justifiably addicted to music. They make good music and have over the centuries had a positive influence over the music genre and style of other parts of the world.
Look at how American popular music forms like Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop or the Caribbean reggae and calypso bear the distinctive mark of the drum that originated in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. From India to the Latinos and from Brazil to Cuba the pervasive influence of the drum in their music is unmistakable. There is hardly any popular music in the world today that is not hot on the drums. But like anything indigenous to Nigeria, Nigerian music has had several shifts and tendencies due to its receptiveness and dynamism.
All generations of Nigerians have had music of their generation. Yesterday’s reigning music is today’s oldies and our contemporary music would surely be old school to our children. Although the various nationalities in the country have retained their specific rhythms and melodies that we call traditional music, much of the popular or commercial music in the country today is a fusion or assemblage of American, Western, Caribbean or other world styles and Nigerian and other African beats. Nigerian musicians are understandably an integral part of the world music.
Most young musicians in Nigeria today brand their kind of music as Afro Hip Hop, meaning that despite the western or foreign influences, Nigerian or African beats still form the benchmark of their music. Even though some of them merely mimic established American musicians, the majority of them justify their claim with their lyrics, beats and dance styles. If all other aspects of our lives have been adulterated by foreign pressures, there is no reason for us to expect our music to be insulated from foreign influences. In between this however, is the awareness that music is the most singular preserver of culture. 
To abandon the job of preserving the ‘Nigerian’ in the Nigerian music to the market place is like leaving mice in the custody of a cat. Technological and scientific advantages of the music make it imperative for all those who should be concerned to give a fillip to those who are putting out themselves to preserve the Nigerian element in our music.
Let’s do it and be all proudly Nigerian. It preserves our culture and makes us who we are, that is ‘Nigerians’. Our music is who we are and it depicts ‘us’ to the outside world.

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Online Free Radio Stations in a Variety of Languages From the World Over

December 24th, 2009

Music and radios seem to go hand in hand. Even though technology has provided us with many ways of listening to music we usually like to stick to a few types. There are new alternatives to the traditional radio. These are walkman radios, portable headphone radios, mobile phone radios, the computer’s music channel and even internet radio stations. The many different online free radio stations will provide you with a great way to listen to radio online in a variety of languages from all around the world.

The traditional radio can now found in a variety of situations. You can for instance now find your favorite radio station now playing over the internet. The many different stations that are available will let you choose to listen to online free radio stations too.

These will be entertainment providers like AOL Radio and Yahoo radio to name a few. To find other sources for free music you will of course need to do some searching. This will not take you a long time. During the course of your investigation you will find out that some of these internet radio stations have some interesting offers. These offers that you can get with these online free radio stations will be the ability to see the newest music releases.

By accessing these different online free radio channels you can hear music and other interesting programs right throughout the day. You are also able to watch music videos on the online free radio stations. This is something that you are not able to experience with your conventional radio.

With many choices of programs to be found in online free radio programs you will find that you have a wide range of subject matter and music to listen to. The content of these internet radio stations will be based by what is set by your online free radio station. With these internet radio stations you will have the ability of listening to music and less unwanted chatter.

So the next time that you are looking for great music to hear try the internet radio stations. You are sure to find something that you like. With online free radio you can now enjoy music and other programs all year round. There is nothing better to experience. So turn on your computer and find the online free radio station which will provide you with hours of claming music and a great way to relax.

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Learn How To Read Music – For Your Own Sake

December 22nd, 2009

You possibly had to take an aptitude test while you were at school. It told you if you were going to be a janitor or a brain surgeon. You can use similar principles to tell if you are able to learn how to read music. Some people have musical aptitude and others have none. That doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to read music, just that you might have to work harder to do it.

Maybe you do not have the ability to read sheet music at present but somehow your friends and family are always talking about how you have an affinity for music. Perhaps the guitar, the piano, the violin and the triangle are closed books to you. You are able to talk about music with passion but somehow the time or the opportunity to learn music have not been available for you to spread your musical wings.

Can you remember melodies that you hear once? Are you able to make up tunes of your own in a special place in your head? Maybe you CAN play a musical instrument but have never had the need or the time to learn musical theory. If you can answer yes to these questions without crossing your fingers behind your back, the chances are you have a natural affinity with music.

So is there something else you need to storm the chambers of music and lift the sheets to see what’s under them? As I said, even if you think of yourself as a musical no-talent you can still learn to read music. The harmonies and melodies produced by learned musical ability are just as sweet as those produced by natural musical talent. You enjoyment of music and your need to make your own determine if you have in-born musical ability.

Think about learning to read music as another skill. If you learned to operate a computer or a motor vehicle, you will probably be able to learn to read music and play a guitar or another musical instrument. The same principles apply to learning music as apply to your hobby or career.

If for some reason you were not able to learn music during your childhood or didn’t keep up with the lessons you did take, it is not too late to keep developing your music skills. It is apparently easier to learn things like music when you are a kid, but if you really want to learn, you can learn. As you grew up you acquired the knowledge of what a musical background can do for a person. This is the kind of motivation that kids do not have access to but you can use it as your driving force.

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A Sampling of the Many Items That Can be Found With Online Radio Stations

December 22nd, 2009

Music is one of the great artistic achievements that can be found today. With the help of technology our computers have the ability of playing different types of music. While we can hear our music from the computer’s music player there are many online radio stations that we can access too. These radio stations will provide us with the best in music, talk shows, sports, news, and in some cases you can also get access to the local, international weather updates.

These are a small sampling of the many items that can be found with online radio stations. You will need to look through these different stations in order to find the type of music that you would like to listen to. As with live radio stations there are many different types of online radio stations that you have the chance of hearing. This therefore increases your chance of finding really great music.

Some of these online radio stations will have music videos that you can see while you are listening to the music. If you like the music you will be able to see more information about that particular group’s other music releases. As you see just like their counterparts the live radio stations the online radio stations provide you with an inexpensive platform to hear the newest music releases.

For the person who wants to listen to online radio stations there is a wide choice of stations that you can look into. These radio stations are ones that we are all familiar with or we have heard about. Many of us have probably looked these online radio stations over as we searched for the station which could provide us with the services which we wanted.

These online radio stations are the popular ones like MSN Radio, Galaxy Radio, Yahoo Radio, AOL Radio and others. While each of these stations has different ways of operating they are designed to allow the listener the chance to see what is being offered at these venues. There is however a drawback to using some of these online radio stations.

The drawback is that some of these online radio stations require that you furnish them with personal details so that you can become a member before you are allowed further access into the radio site.

Luckily to counteract this type of online membership there are other alternatives. These alternatives simply mean looking for online radio stations which are free for all users. With these online radio stations you can listen to the music that you want 24 hours a day, seven days of the week and 365 days of the year.

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