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International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program Comes to Washington D.C. Schools

January 31st, 2010

Shephard Elementary School Immersion Program

Washington D.C. Schools are eager to begin a new language immersion program at the primary school level. Beginning in August of 2006, pre – Kindergarten students of various foreign language backgrounds will join the new language immersion program. In particular, French and Spanish speaking children are needed to start this two way immersion experience. Students participating in the program will receive either French – English or Spanish – English content classes taught by teachers fluent in the target language. Children born in late 2001 and early 2002 and speak a foreign language are encouraged to enroll.

The Shepard Elementary School program is part of the Washington D.C. Public School System’s ongoing efforts to integrate the International Baccalaureate Program into the elementary school level. Beginning in August 2006, all grade levels at Shepard Elementary school will begin participating in this internationally recognized program.

The Primary Years Program

The Primary Years Program is designed to teach the whole child through a range of interdisciplinary activities. Designed for students aged three through twelve, it involves an overall development of the mind, body, and heart and focuses on the needs of the child in all forms of development, including social, physical, emotional, cultural, and academic. The curriculum is published in English, French, and Spanish. The Primary Years Program is designed to prepare students for the International Baccalaureate Program, a college preparatory program offered at high schools throughout the world, including many locations in the United States. The introduction of the Primary Years Program in Washington, D.C. is in response to the large international community that lives and works in the area.

How Shepard Became an IB World School

In order to teach the Primary Years Program, Shepard had to go through several stages to ensure that the curriculum would reflect an international standard. Washington D.C. schools first entered the Consideration Phase, as they conducted research into the ability for schools like Shepard to meet the rigorous requirements for admission to the program. The district conducted an in -depth analysis of the philosophy and curriculum as well as identifying the resources that would be needed to implement the Primary Years Program.

During the Candidate Phase, the school goes through all the necessary procedures for implementing the new program. This involves training teachers to use the new curriculum as well as gathering the resources necessary to deliver the program. Shepard Elementary School then must implement the program for a full school year in order to complete this phase. The Washington D.C. school district will assist Shepard in beginning the program in August of 2006. This trial phase will determine how well Washington D.C. schools are able to handle the rigorous demands of this international school system.

At the end of the trial phase, scheduled for August of 2007 for Shepard Elementary School, a delegation from the International Baccalaureate Organization visits the school. During this visit, the delegation members decide if the school has shown success in implementing the curriculum. If the school does well, the school becomes authorized to offer the program and attains the internationally recognized status of International Baccalaureate World School. The IBO will continue to visit and monitor the school’s progress every five years.

Teacher Training

The teachers at Shepard Elementary received special training in order to meet the demands of the internationally recognized curriculum. Before becoming authorized to teach the program, the principal, administrative staff, and the teachers all undergo training of some sort. Some teachers attend IBO workshops. Many of the teachers in the Washington D.C. school district attended school based training organized by the IBO. Teachers are also encouraged to keep up – to – date using IBO’s online curriculum center in addition to attending conferences and workshops.

Shepard Elementary has taken the first steps to bring Washington D.C. public education to an international level by entering these first phases of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.

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The Offbeat Music of Peru

January 31st, 2010

RAFAEL entered the hallway and sank into a chair. We’ve been recording for hours and I’ve never had a session like it, he said. Instead of just sitting down and playing the usual accompaniment, I spent the entire afternoon trying to teach the orchestra how to play mountain music.

That shouldn’t be such a task, I said. You are all expert guitarists, and folk music is so simple.

Simple, yes, but have you ever noticed the beat? It’s that beat that gets anyone who hasn’t been raised in the Peruvian mountains.

Well, yes, I’ve noticed that the folk music of Peru is a bit different, but—well, just what is there about the beat?

After every few bars there’s a bar introduced that gets only a fraction of the normal beat. Now this simply isn’t done in music. Any musician knows that a piece of music has just so many bars and each bar a given number of beats, whether it be two, three, four or even more. But not the Peruvian mountain folk music.

Now, just a minute, I said. I know a little about music and I do know that each bar has to conform to the timing in order to have rhythm. There’s nothing more frustrating than playing or singing a piece of music when each bar is not given full value. Are you telling me that . . .?

That the Peruvian folk music doesn’t give all the bars equal value of beats? Yes. Here, I’ll demonstrate. With that he hummed a tune with which I was familiar, having heard it many times in my four years of teaching in the interior. As he hummed, I noticed that at every fifth bar he stopped short at just half the number of beats. It sounded delightfully normal—for Peruvian music.

Don’t you remember the kind of dances they do to this music? he asked. Here, I’ll refresh your memory. With that Rafael got to his feet, shuffled a few steps while humming the same tune, then stopped short, bringing both feet to a halt in quick succession on the fifth bar, starting in again immediately for the next four bars, only to stop short again on the fifth. How many times I had seen the Indians sing and dance this way! It was fascinating, and so typical. This type of dancing, together with this music—a perfect match.

My mind raced back to the quaint little towns dotting the puna (high, cold, arid plateau) or nestling in the terraced valleys of the Andes. I recalled the scenes of little orchestras at work in the plazas with homemade harps and flutes. Bright, billowing skirts spun into focus revealing sturdy-legged dancers circling opposite their knitted-capped partners. Twirling and stomping to a stop—twirling and stomping to a stop.

Rafael was speaking again. He was explaining that it would be difficult to put this offbeat music into writing, but that nevertheless it was uncomplicated and simple to play. All except the broken bar, that is, for this creates an incredible problem for conventional musicians. Their mental metronome, so to speak, strives to supply the missing beats and equate the rhythm and thus the peculiar offbeat savor of the folkloric music is lost.

Today’s Ancient Inca Music

Peru is divided down its long middle by the high Andes mountain range, keeping communication between the mountain population and that of the coastal strip to a minimum in the centuries before modern transportation facilities. The Inca-inspired mountain music therefore has been preserved in its nearly original state. What seemed a rather curious fact was that, whereas this folk music had failed to infiltrate to any degree into the comparatively nearby coast, it nevertheless penetrated a 2,000-mile length of mountains while undergoing only minor changes from one section to another.

These changes have developed into three regional moods that have come to be recognized today as characteristic music of the northern, central and southern sections of the Peruvian Andes.

To illustrate, if you were a native of the northern mountains, you would like your music gay and lively, and you would be accustomed to dance to it in fast, jumping steps or in marches. You would have grown to love the violin and the locally made harp, the quena (flutelike instrument made of cane), and the guitar strumming its accompanying rhythm.

But, contrariwise, most certainly if the South were your home, you would sway to the melancholy strains of the mandolin and the accordion, rounded out by the twang of the charango and the extra-heavy beat of the big guitarrón as they doled out their sad melodies. Dancing to these mournful ballads, you would be overcome with emotion, tears streaming down your chapped cheeks.

Or if you were raised in the Central Andes region, the land of the saxophones and the clarinets, the harps and the violins, you would delight in the lilting melodies in the popular mood. The distant thumping beat of the cajon (homemade drum) would lure you to the public plaza where you would join hands with the circle of dancers or clap rhythmic accompaniment.

The Offbeat

Although the Indians of the mountains have learned to dance to the waltz that has infiltrated from the coast, the waltz rhythm is practically unknown in the composition of this folk music. The popular two or four beats to the bar is generally phrased into groups of several bars in succession followed by an offbeat bar.

Where the broken bar is interjected varies according to the piece and sometimes varies even within one piece of music. One might, for example, have a piece with the first two bars of four beats each and followed by a bar with just one beat, succeeded immediately by the two bars of four, and then the one beat. This would be repeated throughout the whole piece with scant variation of tune. However, what may be lacking in color and creativity is compensated for by their boundless enthusiasm as they stomp, clap and shout hour after hour to more of the same.

Emotional Outlet

These Indian folk are outwardly unemotional but their music is capable of deep expression and sentiment. One example of this is the slow and melancholy ballads sung at social gatherings to a music called El Triste (the sad one). This is a music for expressing laments and sentimental serenades, and it is the only music where the singer is featured. The soloist, singing in either Spanish or Quechua, is accompanied by a single guitar fingering only the melody. He sings these melancholy tunes with exaggerated sadness, provoking tears of deep emotion in the eyes of all the listeners. It is not uncommon to see little bands of guests grouped around crying freely and unashamedly, a good time being had by all.

Undoubtedly, primitive music is appreciated most by its own natives. But in recent years some orchestral arrangements of this Inca-inspired music have been made for symphony orchestras. Although the offbeat bars have been sacrificed, the prevailing minor tones of the music, played in rich orchestral harmony, are surprisingly beautiful.

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Isaiah Washington Stars in New Movie

January 31st, 2010

Maybe Isaiah Washington’s career isn’t going down the drain after all. After the hype on his gay slur on Grey’s Anatomy costar T.R. Knight that nearly ended his acting career, he bounces back with a new movie.

Although many moviemakers are hesitant to take on Washington for a project, director Nathan Scoggins has made a daring move by casting the controversial actor in his directorial debut project. The Least of These is the title of Washington’s debut on the silver screen since his much talked about slur.

The said film features Washington as a Catholic priest who is a victim of sexual abuse.

It’s actually nice to see Washington spring back after a disastrous episode of his career. Apart from Washington, Grey’s Anatomy costars Katherine Heigl, who plays Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens, and Patrick Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek Shepherd, are also set to star in upcoming films. Dempsey stars in the movie Made of Honor, a romantic comedy about fear of commitment, love and friendship. As for Heigl, she actually has two new movies lined up. The first movie, 27 Dresses, is a romantic comedy about a bridesmaid’s love for her sister’s fiancé. And last but not the least, Knocked Up, also a romantic comedy about one-night stands.

Washington, a 43-year old native of Houston, Texas, currently plays Dr.

Preston Xavier Burke on Grey’s Anatomy.

His inclusion to the popular medical drama recently earned him a 2007 NAACP Image Award for Best Actor in a Drama series. Prior to his inclusion on Grey ’s Anatomy, he studied at Willowridge High School, as well as Howard University. In addition, he also served in the United States Air Force. As an actor, his acting credits included The Color of Love, Land Where My Father Dies, Dead Presidents, True Crime, Hollywood Homicide, Wild Things 2, and Blood on A Happy Face among others.

For more info about Grey’s Anatomy or especially about Isaiah Washington Stars in New Movie please review this website

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?how to Pick the Right Radio Shows to Promote your Product.?

January 31st, 2010

Have you written a book and are searching for ways to promote it? Have you thought about the power of being a guest on radio shows? You can make huge amounts of money by promoting your book through radio shows.

There are almost 11,000 radio stations in America. This gives you a huge market in which to promote your book. However, most are too small and don’t reach very many people. You need to target the big stations.

How do you find information about these radio shows? You need to sign up with the Radio Television Interview Report (RTIR). You run an advertisement in this report which allows radio show hosts to find you and book you on their shows. It is mailed to radio hosts and producers.

You should target the big radio shows, but how do you determine whether or not a radio show is “big”? Most radio stations give two pieces of information: Station Market Ranking and Wattage. These numbers can be misleading if you don’t know how to interpret them.

Market Ranking is simply the size of the city they broadcast in. NYC has the biggest market ranking. This includes every radio station (big or small) that transmits in NYC. So the market ranking doesn’t tell you enough information.

Wattage denotes how big the radio signal is and how far it reaches. A high wattage doesn’t always mean that it has a large audience. The FCC doesn’t give much wattage to stations in big cities because they will bleed over into other stations in nearby stations. Therefore, “big” stations may actually have low wattage. Whereas a radio station in the cornfields may have high wattage, but really be a “small” radio station.

In essence, the station wattage is usually inversely proportional to the number of listeners they have.

So how do you find the real number of listeners for a radio station? There is a company called Arbitron. Arbiton tracks the numbers and rates radio stations. They sell the ratings information for large sums of money.

What can you offer a radio station host? How can you get them to book you on their show? Radio people are in the business of keeping and getting more listeners. The way they do that is to provide great content. They are always looking for content and guests. The radio stations as a whole need about 10,000 guests to fill up their airways. Therefore, they need you.

You can sell your book, website, EBooks, CDs, DVDs, speeches, teleseminars, etc. You can promote anything you want. You can build your list through radio shows. You can increase the size of your list over night. You build your list by pushing people to your website.

Add radio station promotion as a powerful tool to your publicity campaign. You would be surprised at how much extra income you can earn by being a guest on a radio show.

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How To Download Cheap Mp3 Music?

January 31st, 2010

Surprisingly enough, various sites offer amazing music downloads that are simple to use and easy to access. Providing million songs, music tracks, or soundtracks, they help people listen to their favorite music genres in a hassle free way. But, it is really important to look for the technical support of a particular chosen site before choosing any download options. This will help you avoid unnecessary technical problems.

Build a Large Music Library

You can easily build your own music library in a cost effective way by surfing through various online music mp3 stores. Today, downloading music is quite possible. Helping you to download songs, movies, or music videos that really interest you, it saves your time and money to a greater extent. Apart from this, by using a reliable website, you can avoid troubleshooting issues too. So, check out various options to decide which one is best for you.

Different online music stores are popping fast these days. You may find many cheap mp3 music download websites that may build your MP3 music library within no time. The only thing is to know that as there are a large number of mp3 download sites available on the internet, so you have to be extremely careful in order to find the options that you are comfortable with.

Providing multiple music options, they make a best way to reach potential sites and music stores to meet all your day to day music needs. Exposing different music genres, they make an excellent option for music fans to have extended enjoyment whenever and wherever needed. They also allow you to burn CD to listen to your favorite songs later in your computer. 

Unlimited Music Downloads

With increasing mp3 download demands, it is now easier to download music from different music stores on the internet. Carrying millions sound tracks and MP3 files, they help you select the music genre that you like the most. But, it is important to know as in where to find the right download services that not only provide unlimited downloads, but also adds value to your existing music library.

Even, major online music stores offer fantastic selection of movie soundtracks, music pieces, songs, or music videos for you to download. Thrilling the music lovers to a greater extent, they can be considered as a long term enjoyment options.

These music download sites are extremely cost effective and provide you with best entertainment results. So, if you are looking for cheap mp3 downloads, do not worry, as internet unfolds dozen of unlimited download options to help you make a right decision as in which particular site you want to use for download purposes. Just, make sure to check the latest music selection through these downloads sites and you will be served with millions of music songs within seconds. Even, they help you get your specific niche genres to enjoy music as per your personal preferences and tastes. Thus, confirm the desired music file format and have unlimited music downloads to enjoy music later on your devices.

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Making your Special Event Special in Washington Dc

January 31st, 2010

When searching for somebody to make your special event in Washington DC, well… special, GEP Washington, a full service destination management company, is the place to look for the ultimate destination management services.

It’s important that special events go well and are pulled off without a hitch. If they aren’t, then these special events can quickly turn into disastrous events.

GEP Washington specializes in not just the management, but the design of special events as well. There are several reasons why you want to go with GEP Washington:

Leverage equals affordability – As the company that designs and manages events for some of the largest and most powerful companies, we have developed relationships and networks that allow us to leverage vendors for the best possible pricing.

Knowledge – Our employees stay up to date on the latest in trends and technology, ensuring that we are able to supply you with smooth destination management services and provide an event that keeps everybody talking for weeks and months after the fact.

Experience – The big names in business come to us for a reason. We know how to provide an event that won’t be soon forgotten. Our experience in corporate event planning is unmatched.

Event planning made easy

You’ve got enough to worry about. Companies don’t run themselves, and you have better things to do than form and head up a special event planning team. Special event management, including design and planning, is what we do! Let our experts handle all the details and you can continue to do what you do best.

Because of our knowledge of and connections in Washington, you’ll have a variety of locations and designs to choose from, ensuring that the location fits the event perfectly.

Our executive team has several decades of event planning experience and an intimate knowledge of the Washington DC area. Go with the best in Washington DC event planning, and you’ll nothing less than the best.

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Fast Music Downloads- Unlimited Entertainment Options

January 31st, 2010

Music downloads are a rage in the world, these days. They help avid music lovers to have unlimited access to a wide range of songs, videos, or genres, they like the most.
Targeting the needs of music lovers, the present day entertainment industry has introduced a number of options that can help people satisfy their needs to a greater extent.  These options help you remain in the lasting world of entertainment without any interruptions. Allowing you to have an easy access on your favorite songs, movie tracks, and so on, they can easily fit in your needs. The only need is to look for a genuine website or an online music store and you will be able to crack the best available deal.

Increasing MP3 Demands

With the advancement of digital technology, there is a huge increase in cheap mp3 download demands. The reason is they are easy to access and fast to use. Now, there is no need to wait for a cassette to launch so that you can listen to your favorite music. These ready to act options help you download songs or genres that interest you the most within seconds.

Catering to the music needs of million people all across the globe, they help you enjoy music regardless of place and time. Even you can easily transfer the downloaded music to your computer conveniently. Adding more value to your personal music collection or library, they can be considered as an extended enjoyment resources.

Enabling you to access every music genre and style, these options can be used to share your favorite music with others. Acting as a huge source of entertainment for all music lovers, they help you enjoy songs that you like the most as long as you can. Offering you a number of download options, they are safe and reliable.

Best Entertainment Resources for Avid Music Fans

Cheap mp3 downloads not only make an excellent choice for avid music fans, but also is great for those looking for fantastic musical gifts for someone. Nowadays, people do not want to buy music CDs and rather opt for online mp3 downloads, as they are faster, cheaper, and easier to update their existing music collections. Thus, they normally access the different available websites to get access to their favorite musical choices.  These sites allow the users to share the music with others too.

With huge musical selection, they make you enjoy your all-time favorite songs or movie tracks anywhere and anytime. Allowing you to download music easily, they are safe and amazingly inexpensive.

Thus, if music runs into your veins and you cannot live without music, check out these easy to use download options to listen to your favorite music without burning your pocket. The only need is to decide which site you want to access to fulfill your music needs and you will get the options that are apt as per the latest download trends. Try these music download options to cherish music that you like the most. 

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Internet Talk Radio and the Reason Behind Its Growing Popularity

January 31st, 2010

Radios were the prime source of entertainment in older times. Before televisions became popular and almost changed the entire scenario of entertainment, the radio shows were powerful enough to act as a mass media to communicate to people. There were talk shows, story telling and even music channels. However, the visual media i.e. televisions proved to be more effective and gradually replaced radios.

However, both the older radios and the present day television lacked a few important features. None of them could actually target a global audience at a time. All channels, in both television and radios were either local or national and once out of range they failed to communicate. This was one technical problem that had limited the growth of these media.

The introduction of the World Wide Web again has changed this scenario drastically. A new wave of internet talk radios have been introduced which not only serves the purpose of the old radio but also caters to a global population. They are easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The dynamically changing world today demands not only to remain updated with all the current happenings but also to voice opinions in a way that it reaches the majority of audience all over the world. From serious political and socio-economic issues to sports and entertainment, we have our opinions on almost everything. And internet talk radio provides the right forum and technology to express our opinions perfectly.

Internet talk radio is probably the greatest technological innovation in radio broadcasting since its conception. This technology has made it easy for anyone to start off his / her streaming media broadcasting service through these personal internet talk radio channels. These channels allow broadcasting of talk shows and discussion on various topics. Talk radio has always been popular amongst its audiences. However, the medium of these new radios, i.e. internet has further raised its popularity level. From the user perspective, the best feature of the internet talk radio is its portability and ease of usage. It can be accessed from anywhere, irrespective of the location of the user. Moreover, many internet radio stations provide the necessary technology to host internet radio talk shows too.

While these internet talk radios are rapidly growing popular for their flexibility and ease of use, one more factor has immensely contributed to this growth. It is the fact that the internet talk radios can be used as a better advertising media than its close counterparts. Television and the older radios have always been a favorite advertisement media, but with major drawbacks. Firstly, in case of the older media, advertisements generally came up in the intervals and were often distractive. In case of the internet talk radio, the advertisements are placed inside the shows and thus are more effective. Advertisements are also displayed in the form of banners and links. Any user interested about a particular product can straightaway click on it to visit the respective website for more details. And finally, the reach of the older media were often restricted to local or national audience. With the introduction of internet talk radio, it is now easier to spread words through advertisements and campaign to a global audience.

Thus it can be well concluded that internet talk radio, with its benefits of easily sharing thoughts, voicing opinions, interacting with domain experts and providing an unmatched advertising platform have become one of the more innovative essential of the present day lifestyle.

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Planning a Corporate Trip to Washington D.C.? Leave the Planning and Execution to the Experts

January 31st, 2010

Few cities can boast of as many historical, cultural, and beautiful attractions as Washington, D.C. Its parks, museums, government buildings, and monuments make the city an attractive destination for tourists, school groups, conferences and corporate events. In the midst of so many visitors and venues, you can save yourself substantial time and some serious headaches by employing a destination management company in the D.C. area.

For a lone tourist, a couple, or even a small family, a new city can be exciting at best and highly aggravating at worst. But, for a convention or corporate events coordinator, planning a meeting in a new city can be as dangerous as tromping through a jungle.

No matter where your company, organization, or clients convene, the gathering will be more enticing, impressive and memorable if it is well-planned and runs smoothly. Planning a special event, particularly a corporate event — whether for a trade show, training session, or just to help employees bond — can quickly become very overwhelming.

That’s where destination management companies (DMCs) come into play. A DMC in Washington D.C will be able to handle everything from start to finish, including all parts of planning and execution. But be wary when searching destination management companies in the Washington, D.C. area, as not all DMCs are created equal. You want your experience to be unforgettable for the smoothness of the execution and the enjoyment to be had on the trip, not for the incredible disappointment in services and non-stop aggravations that occur.

A DMC with the expertise and connections necessary to make an event truly special ensures that all of your needs and expectations will not just be met, but exceeded.

With a good Washington D.C. DMC in charge, the logistics of transportation, accommodations, entertainment and dining do not need to be part of your worries. From the moment your planes start to arrive to the hour that the last guest departs, a truly professional and efficient company will entertain, serve, and eliminate stress in a myriad number of ways. You ought to be able to expect a great variety of entertainment — including musicians, speakers, comedians and more — as well as transportation, such as shuttles (or even limousines if you so choose!) to pick you up at the airport and take you around the city without the hassle of parking.

Washington D.C. has a lot of significant American history built in, and a properly qualified Washington destination management company will have all the connections to make a historical trip well worth the visit. Whether you want an elegant atmosphere with a formal touch to prevail or a playful environment with an easy-going air, a qualified Washington D.C. destination management company will have no problems creating a customized experience with a creative flare no matter how big or small your budget may be.

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Online Trans Music: Reaching New Heights In The Field Of Music

January 31st, 2010

Trance is a style of electronic dance music, which was developed in the early of 1990s. It is generally characterized by a tempo of between 128 and 150 BPM. Trans music has melodic synthesizer phrases, and a progressive musical form that builds up and down throughout a track. Today many popular groups, artists, and mainstream music directors are starting to incorporate trance sound into their recording. Initially trance was not so popular but different music channels and online availability of trans music is providing it enough publicity. Moreover the easy online accessibility of trans music is also making it popular among the masses.

Trans music features repeated synthesizer grooves in the whole track. This genre is actually very similar to techno and house music as they share the same elemental design with regard to their beats and rhythms. However trans music has more melodies than techno and house music. It has achieved the name of trans due to its repetitive sounds and beats, which can put a person in an almost trance-like condition. It is even said that trance music has a hypnotic quality which induces the person. Early track of trans music have repetitive rhythmic beats and more catchy tunes. Trans music from the very beginning started to dominate the dance music scene and many DJ’s and artists start creating their mixes and tunes of trance. To explore the rhythms beats and catchy tunes of trans music, one can take the help of online sites offering trans music online. The essential elements of trance, which are important to completely change the music sound, are:

• Rifts, rolls, breakdowns and buildups.
• Short samples often going into 16th and 32nd notes.
• Anthems.
• Highly intermixed major and minor chords.

Trance music usually features more complicated chord progressions and melodies than were found in the music of the 90’s. It includes 4 chord progressions symptomatic of 80’s new wave music and it also uses saw tooth waved synthesizers more than used in other genres. Some listeners claim trans music to be euphoric and evokes spiritual feelings in them. Different styles of trans music can be easily heard online as there are different websites that are working to popularize the trans music. To avail information about artists of trans music and the chartbuster songs of trans music one can avail it through online trans music stores that offer famous trans music and tunes.

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