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Motorola have equipped the Backflip with a digital camera, FM radio and full a multimedia hub

February 28th, 2011

Motorola have equipped the Backflip with a digital camera, FM radio and full a multimedia hub

Motorola have clearly been experimenting with new form factors lately; the Backflip has been given a super responsive 3.1 inch HVGA touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone runs Google 1.5 version of the mobile optimised Android operating system and relies on Motorola’s intuitive MotoBlur interface for a feature-full user experience. Motorola have equipped the Backflip with a digital camera, FM radio and full a multimedia hub which covers music, video, photos and games and the 528MHz processor will handle all of your requests at super speed.

The wacky design of the phone is all thanks to Motorola’s design team. The Backflip has a very responsive, capacitive LCD display which is capable of multi touch control, you can make use of the in-built accelerometer and flip the phone horizontally for access to the flip out keyboard which has been mounted via a double flip hinge; this means the keyboard is always on display on the back of the phone. When you are using the keyboard with your thumbs your fingers have access to the Backtrack pad which is located on the back of the keyboard; it allows you to navigate around the interface while in messaging mode without clogging the screen up with your fingers.

Though the Backflip is only running Android 1.5 (Cupcake) Motorola have promised to make the Android 2.1 (Éclair) operating system available as an update in the near future. The awesome MotoBlur overlay integrates information from multiple social network accounts with your home screen and contacts; the home screen also allows access to the Happenings widget, live news feeds and a selection of applications which you can choose. With the platform being Google based a number of Google applications have been pre-installed; Google Talk has been thrown in to cover IM (instant messaging), Gmail is part of the e-mail client and Google Maps will get you to where your going, another popular Google based service is YouTube which has been fully integrated into the software allowing you to check out your favourite clips and upload some of your own whenever you like.

The Motorola Backflip benefits from a selection of online services, but these services wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the reliable 3G network coverage and high speed Wi Fi connectivity, the phone utilises a full HTML web browser which boasts some clever navigation tools which work well in collaboration with the capacitive touch screen. The device enables full management of all the popular social network providers, the likes of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter can be accessed direct from the main messaging hub which includes an e-mail section and an IM client which both enable alternative online communications via popular names like Hotmail Yahoo! Chat and MSN Messenger.

An intricate camera system has been built-in to the Backflip; the 5MP digital lens will help produce quality still images for you to share online, the video recorder will capture high resolution clips at about 24fps and as previously mentioned they can also be uploaded to your favourite sharing sites. The music player will do a great job of keeping you music library organized and the speakers are pretty good and deliver a bass-full sound, the 3.5mm audio jack lets you listen privately and the memory can be expanded up to 32GB thanks to the microSD slot.

The Motorola Backflip hosts tons of smartphone technology and its oozing with style thanks to the vibrant MotoBlur interface. The Android platform does a pretty good job of smoothing out the lines and giving its user a fluid experience throughout. The browser will allow you to fulfil your daily online chores no the go and you needn’t rush home to check you social network accounts as the Backflip is fully integrated with them all.

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Yemen opposition says no to joining unity government

February 28th, 2011

Yemen opposition says no to joining unity government
SANAA (Reuters) – Yemen’s opposition said it will not join a unity government, expected to be offered by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, saying on Monday it was sticking with popular demands that he end his three-decade rule.
Read more on Reuters via Yahoo! India News

Senators call for aid, arms for Libyan provisional government
The United States and its allies should recognize and arm a provisional government in Libya and also impose a no-fly zone that would prevent Libyan aircraft from attacking anti-government protesters there, two leading U.S. senators said Sunday.
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Buy AC/DC Tickets For Mesmerizing Concerts

February 28th, 2011

Buy AC/DC Tickets For Mesmerizing Concerts

AC/DC is an Australian band, which was formed in Sydney. This rock band has been formed by the efforts of two brothers, who were born in Scotland, Malcolm Young and Angus Young. This band has always stressed that their music is based upon rock and roll, but the band has been famous for singing hard rock and heavy metal. The past record of this band has shown that AC/DC has been the pioneers of heavy metal. The most successful album of this band has been Highway to Hell, which was released in the year, 1979. This band has sold more than 200 million albums, till the year 2008. The worldwide popularity of this band can bee seen in the sale of albums. Brian Johnson (lead vocalist), Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Phil Rudd (percussion and drums), Angus Young (lead guitarist) and Cliff Williams (bass guitarist and backing vocalist) are the members of AC/DC.

Since the inception of this band, it has released a number of popular albums including For Those About To Rock We Salute You, Black In Black, Highway To Hell, Powerage, Black Ice, Stiff Upper Lip and a number of other poplar albums,. The live concerts of this band have great demand. Every year, the band goes out on a nationwide tour, in order to do concerts, in a number of cities of America including Texas, Washington Dc, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Florida and a number of other cities. The fans of this band anxiously wait for the yearly tour, during which AC/DC performs live, in famous and popular musical arenas, in order to entertain their fans, though their banging and mind boggling performances.

The highway to Hell has proved to be the milestone in the career of this band. This album has helped a lot in proving the band, as a typical rock and roll band. The concerts of this band have great endurance and the fans love to travel along with the band to the cities, where the band goes to for concerts. AC/DC tickets for the new concert series are being sold and people are bustling to buy the tickets, for each and every concert. There is no chance to miss the concerts, if you will purchase AC/DC tickets in time. The selling of albums and the selling of AC/DC tickets have always helped in proving the popularity and demand of this band.

Their upcoming concerts are going to be as successful as they have always been. If you are also one of the fans of AC/DC, then hurry up and buy AC/DC tickets from internet. You can purchase the tickets from the website, which will be offering you the tickets, comparatively at reasonable price. The concerts of this band will continue till the end of this year. Therefore, you have ample opportunities of watching your most loved rock and roll band, performing, live in front of you, in famous and popular musical arenas. This band will be performing live in a city near you. Then what are you waiting for? Go and buy AC-DC tickets for all the concerts. offers the most up to date listings on discount concert, spots, theaters and event tickets for your favorite band and star. Visit our site first before paying too much for AC/DC tickets.

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Cheap Flights to Global Destinations ? How to Find Them

February 28th, 2011

Cheap Flights to Global Destinations ? How to Find Them

Delhi is the second largest metropolis in India after Mumbai. Home to more than 13 million people from a diverse ethnicity and culture, Delhi is undoubtedly one of the most developing and happening metropolis of India. The city is well connected to most key locations across the globe as it the seat of power in Indian politics. Cheap flights operate from Delhi to all capital cities of India as well as the world.

Delhi attracts tourists throughout the year though the climate is extreme in summer as well as winter. The city’s majestic architecture and its rich history make it a truly fascinating place to visit any time of the year. The city has served as the capital of India right from the Mogul era and was known as Indraprastha in the olden times. The city enjoys the status of a special state and is a Union Territory governed by the central government. It also has its own legislative assembly.

Delhi is an important tourist destination and houses embassies of many countries. There are many places of historical importance that can be visited from Delhi. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is one of the busiest airports of India and the world. The best time to visit Delhi is when the summer ends and the winter is just about to set in. The mercury can dip drastically at times but the days are generally pleasant.

You can get detailed information about cheap flights to Delhi from various travel portals and also from websites of airlines flying to Delhi. Websites that compare travel products across the globe can provide at a glance the rates of various flights to Delhi from your location. You can make comparisons and decide on the flight that best suits your budget and convenience. Cheap flights to Delhi can also be booked on regular airlines if you book them well in advance. Low budget airlines that fly to Delhi can provide the cheapest rates. There are many such airlines operating to Delhi, nationally as well as internationally.

You can book your cheap flights to Delhi online using your debit card or credit card from any travel portal or the airline’s official website. Many travel portals offer their own discounts which add to your savings when you are looking for cheap flights to fly to Delhi.

Welcome to flylink website, committed to offering you the cheap flights to San Jose to your top destinations and discount vacations at time of booking. Book a cheap flights to Washington, cheap flights to Venice trip with the best rates online for airline tickets, last minute deals, cars, hotels and travel insurance.

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Music while you Work….for two painters

February 28th, 2011

Check out these Music Radio images:

Music while you Work….for two painters
Music Radio
Image by KTDEE…….back now and then
This Sony radio supplies the music while the painters do their work up on the rooftop. The lighter coloured metal strip on the top is in fact acting as the aerial, so one of the painters told me. Very ingenious, I didn’t ask which one had the brill idea.

Radio City Music Hall
Music Radio
Image by Salon Nowojorski

Radio City Music Hall
Music Radio
Image by markhillary
New York city on sixth avenue

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2009-03-07??????????????????????????98/3/6?????????? ??????????????? ????????

February 28th, 2011

A few nice 98.3 images I found:

2009-03-07??????????????????????????98/3/6?????????? ??????????????? ????????
Image by pobby-dog
2009-03-07??????????????????????????98/3/6?????????? ??????????????? ????????

2009-03-22??????????????????????????98/3/19?????????? ???????????…
Image by pobby-dog
2009-03-22??????????????????????????98/3/19?????????? ???????????…

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Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

February 28th, 2011

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

Theater specifics

Seating for 2,776 (includes lower orchestra level and upper balcony seats)

Dressing rooms for 90

Portable acoustic shell

Entries on Broadway, Main Street and Park Avenue.

Building history

Movie house

The architectural firm Rapp and Rapp, famous for its theater buildings, designed the Italian Renaissance-style building. The building was variously described by the newspapers as being of the French Renaissance or Northern Italianate style. The Paramount was considered, at its opening, to be the largest and most lavish theater for a city the size of Portland. Originally opened as the Portland Publix Theatre, a vaudeville venue in March 1928, the name changed to the Paramount Theater in 1930, as the owners had a contract to run Paramount films locally. The building continued to show films until 1972, after which it hosted concerts.

Visitors were greeted by a 65-foot (20 m) high “Portland” sign above the Broadway Marquee, which contained approximately 6,000 theatrical lights. The sign read “Paramount” from 1930-1984. The theatre was designed with many foyers and lobbies. The main entrance to the auditorium boasted huge french-paned windows facing east and south, covered with velvet drapes. The walls were covered with mirrors and marble, and the floors were covered with expensive carpets. The furnishings had been purchased from a French museum and private collections. The concessions stand was made of marble and stretched nearly half the length of the main lobby. It was described as the “longest candy counter in the West.”[citation needed]

The lobby was lit with huge crystal chandeliers. Nearly ,000 had been spent on them. The largest had a span of nearly 8 feet (2.4 m), weighing over 1700 pounds and containing 181 lights. Currently, the largest chandelier has 137 candle bulbs, and the smaller ones each have 124 bulbs.

The top row of the balcony seats was six stories above the stage. Small staircases from the main lobby led to the balcony area which contained men’s and ladies’ lounges. The men’s lounge was equipped with fireplaces, telephones, radios, phonographs and attendants. The women’s lounge was furnished with dressing tables, mirrors, maids and hairdressers. There was also a Louis XV Ampico-Knabe grand piano in ivory and gold available to the women.

The walls of the auditorium were elaborately decorated with murals and near the front of the stage, small balconies were hung with drapes which hid the pipes from the ,500 Wurlitzer organ. This organ was stored under the stage and was mounted on a platform that could be raised to the level of the stage at the touch of a button. Two organists could play simultaneously.

The seating capacity of the theater was boasted to have been 4000 seats by the newspaper ads of the day. Their ads promised “An acre of seats”. Actually, the seating capacity was in the neighborhood of 3000.

The ceilings were of a special design. The ceiling panels were suspended from the roof of the building and jutted out toward the sides of the auditorium, leaving a small hollow next to the wall. A series of electric light bulbs were set in the hollow, not visible to the audience. Their glow fell on the patrons indirectly, giving the effect of space and freedom.

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and Heathman Hotel

The stage had an orchestra pit that could be raised and lowered and hold a 30-piece orchestra. There was also a “flying” stage which could be raised or lowered or moved about above the main stage.

In July 1928, the theatre appeared on the front page of the newspaper, figuring in an unusual robbery. A young man, Robert Nolan, had lived in Southern California for a time. While living there, he appeared as an extra in the movie, “Wheel of Chance.” He had moved back to Oregon and when he saw that the movie was showing at the Portland theatre, he decided to go see himself on the “silver screen.” While he was in the lobby, he saw two people walking by carrying the day’s receipts. As he was watching the movie, the idea formed that he should take a chance before he left Portland to acquire a little extra money. He went to the box office and held up the attendants for 76. He was apprehended several days later, having spent all but .50 of the money on bootleggers and drinking parties.

During the Great Depression, the theatre hired roving musicians and a “psychic” to entertain in the lobby before movies, in an effort to attract patrons to the theatre. Admission was 50 cents at this point, down 10 cents from opening night.[citation needed]

By 1936, the theater had been sold to the Evergreen chain, in conjunction with John Hamrick, and between them, they owned eight movie theatres in Portland.

In 1965, the exterior and interior of the building were in a decline, and in September of that year, part of the cast iron balcony which faces Park Avenue (a 150 lb (68 kg) piece of gingerbread), gave way and fell to the pavement below. The break was along an old fracture line caused by a previous earthquake. The iron had rusted over time without proper maintenance. In August 1970, chunks of the masonry on the corner of Main and Broadway gave way. Two huge blocks, 350 lb (160 kg) each, fell from the facade, one of them crashing into the main marquee below. The masonry blocks were said to have fallen due to the age of the building.[citation needed] The owners did not seem to be putting any money into maintenance. The theatre was offered for sale in December 1970[citation needed] and was purchased by John Haviland in 1971, who owned the Park-Haviland Hotel. The theatre was leased to Tom Moyer, owner of a chain of movie theaters.

Concert venue

Haviland felt that it was uneconomical to operate a 3000 seat theater in the days of television. The last regular film showing was on August 15, 1972 (Dr. Phibes Rises Again with Vincent Price).

In 1972, a Seattle-based partnership was formed, Paramount Northwest. They leased the theatre for three years, with an option for six more, and promoted live concerts. Heart played there as part of the “Catch a Rising Star” series (which included Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, among others), for the admission price of 92 cents (promoted by local radio station KGON, 92 FM). Queen, Santana, Blue yster Cult, Joe Walsh, Pat Benatar, and many other major bands also played there. John Haviland still owned it and claimed that the rent was “1/10th of what it should be for such a theatre”: 00 per month. In December 1972, Haviland proposed a state-run gambling casino on the property, claiming he was losing more than he could afford on the Paramount.

In March 1975, Haviland conducted an auction during which he sold off all the statuary, pipe organ, antique furniture, 16th century suit of armor, mirrors, China, Oriental rugs, original oil paintings, lighted gold-leaf music stands, and pianos (there were 3 grand pianos); basically everything that was not attached to the walls or floors. Haviland was trying to drive out the rock-concert promoting tenants and went into a legal dispute with Paramount Northwest over the lease. He felt that the young people targeted by the concerts were not spending enough money and were destroying the theatre. Haviland won a court case preventing Paramount Northwest from renewing their lease option. Haviland intended to renovate the theatre and offer a higher-class type of entertainment, including dinner theatre.

In August 1976, the Paramount Theatre was sold to Seattle-based West Coast Theatres company. The owner offered to sell the property to the city for 4 million dollars in 1980, but the city council had to decide whether to renovate the Paramount Theatre or build a performing arts center from the ground up.

The City of Portland attempted to buy out the owner in 1982, but talks broke down. The city council finally voted to condemn the building. A condemnation hearing jury determined that the city would have to pay the owner .1 million dollars as compensation for the building.

The theater cost 0,000 to build in 1928. As of October 2006, “The Schnitz” was assessed by Multnomah County at more than ,000,000.00.


The Schnitzer at night

In 1972, the Portland City Council voted to give the building Landmark Status, over the objections of John Haviland, the owner. The landmark status applied only to the exterior of the building. Many people felt that the interior of the building was more valuable architecturally. The building (as the Paramount Theatre) was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

A major renovation began in September 1983, restoring the building to much of its original opulence. The interior of the auditorium, however, was painted one neutral color, rather than restoring the murals that had decorated it. Portland residents Arlene and Harold Schnitzer contributed generously to the completion of the initial phase of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. The one-year, million renovation involved repairing, recasting or replacing much of the theatre’s ornate interior as well as making it comfortable and safe for today’s audiences and performers.

The landmark 65-foot-tall “Paramount” sign was removed on March 18, 1984, to be used by Ballard Sign Company of Salem as a model for a new replica which would restore the wording used originally (from 1928-1930): “Portland”, appropriate for the building’s change in use as well as being historically fitting. The new replica sign, with neon letters five feet tall, was attached to the building on Sep. 4, 1984. The theatre re-opened later the same month.

The concert hall now plays host to a variety of presentations including classical, jazz, pop, rock, folk and gospel music, dance, theatre, travel films, conferences, and weddings.

The concert hall features:

Seating for 2,776 in orchestra level and balcony.

94 x 32-foot (9.8 m) stage with 54 x 32-foot (9.8 m) traditional proscenium.

Orchestra pit for 15; a choir loft.

Dressing rooms for 90.

Portable, flexible acoustical shell.

Design highlights: wool carpeting designed in Portland and loomed in New Zealand; original chandeliers renovated and fitted with new crystal in rococo-style lobby; original ornate interior repaneled, recast and replaced; classic colors of warm neutrals and teal replaced the original dark and heavy gold, green and rose.

When the performing arts center was opened in 1984, it was decided to name the Portland Theatre building after Arlene Schnitzer.

The original theater organ and statuary were sold off in an auction on March 26, 1975. During the auction, there was a general outcry from the audience to keep a particular marble statue, called “Surprise” (a nude girl with her hands thrown across her face) in the theater. A hat was passed among the 1200 member audience to take up a collection, and ,233.97 was raised to purchase the statue and keep it in the theater lobby. The statue has a finger missing from a bullet from a box-office robbery in the 1950s.

See also

List of concert halls


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Notable architecture in Portland, Oregon


Architecture in Portland Buildings and Structures in Portland Skyscrapers in Portland

Architects and firms:

A. E. Doyle Pietro Belluschi Francis Marion Stokes John Yeon

Tallest buildings:

Wells Fargo Center US Bancorp Tower KOIN Center PacWest Center Fox Tower Standard Insurance Center The Ardea John Ross Tower Congress Center Hatfield U.S. Courthouse ODS Tower 1000 Broadway One Main Place Green-Wyatt Federal Building Union Bank of California Tower Umpqua Bank Plaza Lloyd Center Tower

Other modern buildings:

Commonwealth (Equitable) Building Portland Plaza

Historic buildings:

Public Service Building Wells Fargo Building Terminal Sales Building Dekum Building Meier & Frank Building Yeon Building Pacific Building Spalding Building Pittock Block Hamilton Building Flatiron Building Charles F. Berg Building Bank of California Building Bishop’s House Ambassador Apartments The Commodore Francis Marion Stokes Fourplex Pittock Mansion Ladd Carriage House Telegram Building Weinhard Brewery Complex Solomon U.S. Courthouse

Government buildings:

City Hall Portland Building Pioneer Courthouse Multnomah County Courthouse 511 Federal Building Central Library St. Johns Post Office


Benson Hotel Governor Hotel Sovereign Hotel Imperial Hotel Hotel Alder Arminius Hotel New Heathman Hotel


Union Station Portland International Airport Portland Aerial Tram Washington Park MAX station

Museums and Entertainment venues:

Rose Garden Memorial Coliseum PGE Park Portland Art Museum Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Portland Center for the Performing Arts Oregon Convention Center Hollywood Theatre Bagdad Theatre Keller Auditorium Crystal Ballroom

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Debates of the Senate

February 28th, 2011

Debates of the Senate

List Price: $ 270.34

Price: $ 270.34

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Tyrese – How You Gonna Act Like That

February 28th, 2011

Music video by Tyrese performing How You Gonna Act Like That. (C) 2002 J Records LLC

Frasier Ham Radio part 1
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Bounty Hunter Southern Rock Bands “Destiny Express” written by Steve Fox & Jessie Schroeder

February 28th, 2011

Bounty Hunter Southern Rock Band Recorded this song on the “Hard Mountain Rock” pre – release 45 rpm single that’s from the album”Destiny Express” . Destiny Express – recorded at Thunder – Oak Audio Bounty Hunter is : Steve Fox – lead vocals Jessie Schroeder – lead guitar,vocals Steve Schlecht – lead guitar Randy Slayton – guitar – (rip) Mike “mick” Canady – bass guitar Art “Star” White – keyboards Ric Haugen – drums Stonefox Records – Granite Falls, Washington 1982 – Hard Mountain Songs. Bounty Hunter was a band my cousin Steve Schlecht was in from the early 1980’s. Like cousin Steve’s current band… “Moondaddy”… I got the chance to do a gig or two with Bounty Hunter back in the day. The gig I remember was at Tom Horn’s Goldies North in Marysville, Washington. Bounty Hunter was the headliner with Center Point and Wild Mountain Transport opening the show Saturday, August 14th 1982 .So, a big thank you goes out to the guy’s in the band and to my cousin Steve.Thanks guys. You can check out “Moondaddy” on our channel or Moondaddy’s channel.Thanks Moondaddy Band.
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