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How to Make a Portfolio Book

November 30th, 2014

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Comment préparer intelligemment l’argumentaire de sa présentation?

November 30th, 2014

Comment préparer intelligemment l’argumentaire de sa présentation?
Event on 2015-01-28 17:30:00
Présenter un argumentaire dans le domaine des affaires, c’est d’abord un exercice visant à convaincre ou persuader son auditoire. Un projet mérite d’être financé? Une solution proposée est la meilleure? Ce budget est raisonnable ? Vous devriez me confier cette tâche ? Le projet avance vraiment ?
Ce sont là des circumstances communes afin de l’analyste d’affaires. Comment s'y préparer de la façon la plus complète et los angeles plus étanche feasible? Los angeles "carte argumentaire" répond à cette situation. L’outil est simple et d’une redoutable efficacité… afin de qui veut bien faire l’effort de systématiser son mode de réflexion. L'arbre d'argumentation est un outil sans égal pour justifier, défendre ou établir sa position par rapport à un sujet donné.
Il existe aujourd'hui des outils intellectuels simples et puissants qui ont le potentiel d'améliorer les décisions prises individuellement ou en groupe, donc d'améliorer la vie de tous.  Los Angeles "carte argumentaire" est un outil pratique et rigoureux afin de les hauts dirigeants, les conseils d'administration et dans tous les cas où los angeles traçabilité ou la révision de décisions est importante. 
Los angeles "carte argumentaire" – l’outil – vous sera présentée. On en verra l’usage exceptionnel qui peut en être fait pour préparer une ou plusieurs présentations… en même temps. Une stratégie d’utilisation sera introduite. Trois études de cas seront décrites, racontées.

Notre conférencier

Pierre Pilon, facilitateur et informaticienPlus de 30 ans d’expérience en informatique. Cofondateur de deux entreprises dans le domaine.  Conseiller à son compte depuis 25 ans. Très tôt dans sa carrière, il trouve que les réunions sont des moments trop souvent pénibles.  Il a cherché remark y survivre.  Modélisateur de données, il adopte naturellement les représentations visuelles comme la carte heuristique dès 1989. En 1994, architecte intégrateur à la CSST,  il utilise los angeles carte argumentaire afin de la première fois pour construire un dossier difficile et politique. Une révélation.
Sa recherche d’outils afin de penser l’a amené à Paris, Pampelune (Espagne), San Jose (Costa Rica), Washington, Montréal, ny. Autodidacte de l’argumentation, il tire une grande satisfaction d’avoir été invité à faire une interaction à une journée d’étude  “Théorie et pratique de l’Argumentation” à l’Université libre de Bruxelles.
Dans sa jeunesse, il a été instructeur d’alpinisme dans les Rocheuses et passe maintenant ses étés à faire de la planche à voile à Hawaii.



Un léger goûter sera servi à partir de 17h30 dans le hall en face de l'auditorium.

Los angeles conférence débutera à 18h.

À noter : il sera aussi possible de vous inscrire sur spot (20$ , en argent comptant seulement)


Un grand merci à nos commanditaires et partenaires



Un stationnement payant se trouve de l'autre côté de la rue.


at Université Laval, Pavillon Los Angeles Laurentienne, porte 1334 (Auditorium Jean-Paul-Tardif)
1030, avenue du Séminaire
Ville-Marie, Canada

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Storytime: Old and New!

November 30th, 2014

Storytime: Old and Brand New!
Occasion on 2014-12-22 10:30:00
Pay attention to nature stories of old and brand new within interactive tale time! Registration is needed. Program held within nationwide Wildlife Visitor Center located on Powder Mill path between your Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Rt. 197.

at Patuxent Nationwide Wildlife Visitor Center
10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop
Laurel, United States

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The Raw Details About Milk

November 30th, 2014

for several years, raw milk is promoted as dangerous with fears of tuberculosis, botulism as well as other diseases. This is certainly simply not the way it is. Louis Pasteur, the man whom developed pasteurisation, in later years admitted the germ theory wasn’t sound. In current years, all outbreaks of salmonella from contaminated milk have actually taken place in pasteurised milk. One outbreak in America impacted 14,000 individuals and led to at least one death.

Supermarket milk is detrimental to you!

The present day time cow (Daisy) is a freak of nature. A hundred years ago cows produced two or three gallons of milk each day, today they produce above 3 or 4 times this, thats an enormous 12 gallons each day (bad Daisy). Hgh play a massive part in this and unfortunately when cows are inserted with hormones, these are typically at an elevated danger for clinical mastitis, as well as the pus from the udders may result in the milk alongside traces associated with hormones yummy! To top it off, cows are inclined to numerous conditions due to their bad housing situation so they really get frequent doses of antibiotics to help keep them healthy. Unfortunately some of those antibiotics can also end in our milk supply!

Supermarket brought milk isn’t any much longer in its raw normal kind. Its pasteurised and homogenised. These two procedures are both very dangerous for your wellness because they change the normal form of the milk into an application unrecognisable by the human body.

So what precisely is pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation is a heating procedure that ruins all enzymes in milk. It is these enzymes that assist the human anatomy absorb all nutrients to construct, develop and develop. Some individuals depend on consuming milk due to their day-to-day calcium intake however it is near impractical to take in calcium or every other nutrients in pasteurised milk whilst the enzymes are killed. The possible lack of calcium in ones human body may lead to bad teeth, stressed troubles, weakening of bones amongst other ailments.

The method in pasteurisation turns the sugar in milk, referred to as lactose, into beta-lactose. This is certainly far more soluble therefore absorbed faster into the blood system. This can increase insulin in the torso and overtime, can cause diabetic issues and also metabolic problem.

After pasteurisation, chemical substances may be put into suppress odour and restore style. Artificial supplement D2 is also added; that is toxic towards body and has now been associated with cardiovascular disease.

What is homogenisation?

Homogenisation is a rigorous process that forcefully breaks up the fat molecules within butterfat hence permitting them to be attached to the milk itself. This forceful process simply leaves these delicate fats at the mercy of oxidization. Oxidised fats donate to heart problems, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. Natural milk isn’t homogenised. You will notice once you buy raw milk, the cream rises to the top, this may never ever occur in homogenised milk.

Therefore now you realize whats so very bad about supermarket brought milk, lets glance at the benefits of lawn fed natural milk.

Why drink natural milk?

Natural milk is a full time income meals. It includes useful germs critical for maximum health. These bacteria have the effect of stimulating and training the immunity system to work precisely. Through eating natural milk, you can expect to assist optimise the amount of beneficial bacteria within your gut.

Natural milk from lawn given animals is rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA could fight cancer tumors (especially breast, intestinal and bone cancers), high blood pressure and adipose obesity (strip off fat). Raw milk is also high in normal fat dissolvable vitamins including supplement A, K and E and abundant with water soluble vitamins C (missing from pasteurised) and vitamin B family members. A litre of natural milk from grass-fed cows contains approx 50percent more vitamin E and 7percent more folate than pasteurised milk. Because many vitamins are damaged by the heating procedure in pasteurisation, artificial nutrients need to be added. Your body cannot recognise these synthetic nutrients and are for that reason rendered useless.

Raw Milk is full of normal meals enzymes. These enzymes assist your body consume and metabolise its vital nutritional elements including calcium. Without these normal enzymes, milk intolerances may appear because of side effects in the milks natural sugars, fats and proteins. Those who have milk intolerances should find switching to raw unpasteurised milk may expel these signs.

Raw milk is brought from farmers straight or at the local farmers market. If you are not used to drinking natural milk, we recommend you might eat smaller amounts of yoghurt or kefir for a week approximately to provide your intestinal tract a pro-biotic boost before launching natural milk. Do yourself a favour and change to raw nutritious milk and acquire all the advantages it offers to offer.

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Yvonne Constant

November 30th, 2014

Yvonne Constant
Occasion on 2015-04-14 19:00:00
Tony Award Winner for "La Plume De Ma Tante", One of a Kind: Yvonne Constant.

Yvonne Constant came to be on the left bank of Paris. She started the woman profession as a ballet dancer, but due to her comedic flair and charismatic personality, another dancers urged her to be a musical comedy performer as an alternative.

Yvonne was cast to relax and play multiple roles for the Broadway production of "La Plume de Ma Tante" and won a Tony honor. Whenever she did "The Gay Life" with Barbara Cook, Yvonne received a fresh York Drama Critics Citation as on of period's Many Promising Actresses.

As a result of her fast wit, powerful personality, and power to do repartee, Johnny Carson had Yvonne on his show accurate documentation 45 times! Richard Rodgers saw the girl on Tonight Show and instantly selected her for a principal role in "No Strings". After "No Strings" Yvonne played the French au set into the Broadway Comedy, "Come real time With Me".

Into the films, Yvonne Constant is most beneficial recalled in Disney's "Monkeys, go back home!" with Maurice Chevalier. Now, she played the French chanteuse, Annette, into the tv mini-series "Sins" with Joan Collins. All of Yvonne's film performances are now on DVD.

Besides, she’s got narrated or dubbed over 20 French movies like the much acclaimed, "Parfait", and had been additionally the voice of Simone de Bauvoir.

In 2007, Yvonne had been one of the stars within the City Center rival of "Follies" in New York. She received 14 rave reviews on her rendition of "Ah, Paris!"

Yvonne's memorable one girl show, "Yvonne Constant Sings Yves Montand" was standing room just in theatres and concert halls in nyc, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

Yvonne has sung in cabarets, resort hotels, and dinner clubs in European countries and several American Cities to consistently outstanding reviews.

Recently Yvonne has performed in a number of cabaret venues within the New York Metropolitan area like the Reprise place, Danny's Skylight place, The nationwide Arts Club therefore the critically acclaimed Metropolitan place where she appears frequently constantly with constantly updated shows. For quite some time the girl programs are presented by Cabaret Legend Jan Wallman and her music manager since 2006 has been the multi faceted Russ Kassoff.

Yvonne ended up being known as Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French national, and she maintains residences in both New York and Paris.

at Metropolitan area
34 West 22nd Street
Ny, United States

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Tutorial Photoshop // Montaje paso a paso – Parte 1 – Convertir en piedra by @tripiyon

November 30th, 2014

Descarga los archivos básicos desde:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Madalina - Nu-s lucrata in Photoshop ( Oficial Video )

Pentru concerte Madalina sunati la 0768 617 775 Nu repostati materialul pe alte conturi pentru ca va fi sters !
Movie Rating: 4 / 5

ClipArt Video

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Washington Wizards vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

November 29th, 2014

Washington Wizards vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Occasion on 2015-02-20 20:00:00
NBA Baseball

at Verizon Center
601 F Street NW
Washington, United States

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Xanax de America Don Enrique Salinas

November 29th, 2014

Don Enrique Salinas Jimenez nos comparte una semblanza de los comienzos de la empresa Xanax y de sus valores.

Vicoden: side-effects and remedies

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Ben Miller Band

November 29th, 2014

Ben Miller Band
Event on 2015-01-20 20:30:00
Moe's Alley proudly presents BEN MILLER BAND for his or her Santa Cruz debut. Special visitor Crow Moses help.

Ben Miller – vocals/guitar/banjo
Scott Leeper – one-string washtub bass
Doug Dicharry – drums/trombone/trumpet/mandolin/electric washboard/spoons
"i prefer the thought of saying something very complicated in a really simple means," states Ben Miller, talking about the trio that bears his title. "That's that which we shoot for musically, and the things I focus on lyrically—to get directly to the purpose and conserve the flowery b.s. the romantic poets. John Sargent, the painter, said 'That which is not essential is detrimental,' and we attempt to live by that."
Since its development in 2004, the Ben Miller Band has staked down one niche that's founded the Joplin, Missouri threesome as both a potent creative force and a perennial fan favorite. Any Way, Shape or Form, the BMB's brand new West first release, showcases the experienced threesome's intense innovative nature and infectious doing chemistry, plus Miller's melodically catchy, lyrically resonant songwriting.
On in whatever way, Shape or Form, the Ben Miller Band stations a hundred years's well worth of wide-ranging impacts into 13 new songs that radiate with energy, smarts and heart. The effect is music that's wholly contemporary, while ringing with ages-old echoes of bluegrass, delta blues, Appalachian mountain music and more. A stew they lovingly call “ozark stomp.”
Miller writes roots-rocking barnburners ("The Outsider," "Burning Building"), thoughtful ballads ("i’m for You," "Prettiest Girl") and left-field departures ("23 Skidoo") with melodic skill and lyrical understanding, as well as the band elucidates all of them with urgency and eloquence. While those tunes showcase Miller's songwriting craftsmanship, an unforgettable workout regarding old-fashioned "The Cuckoo" underlines the band's interpretive abilities.
The hard working threesome has already won a substantial—and still-growing—grassroots group of followers through traditional ingenuity and an unstinting work ethic. Their D.I.Y. success helped to win the musical organization its present cope with brand new western, and generated some high profile touring with ZZ Top, as a result of the enthusiastic patronage of avowed fan Billy Gibbons. Starting for ZZ Top on a 2013 trip of European countries, the humble BMB wowed unknown crowds on stages in big halls and arenas, including a triumphant set at fabled Montreaux Jazz Festival.
The Ben Miller Band's homespun, self-reliant approach also includes the lo-tech, and mainly self-built, instruments that the members use phase as well as in the studio, e.g. singer-songwriter Miller's thrift-shop guitars and banjos, bassist Scott Leeper's one-string washtub bass – composed of a weedeater sequence attached with a wooden pole – and Doug Dicharry's varied arsenal: trombone, trumpet, mandolin, electric washboard and electric spoons.
The band's usage of offbeat instrumentation, but shouldn't be misunderstood as a gimmick. Rather, the 3 bandmates have actually mastered the technical challenges of the unconventional axes to create a uniquely evocative ensemble noise that offers a compelling frame for Miller's compositions.
"What I actually worry about is tracks, additionally the remainder from it is a vehicle to make you that destination," Miller asserts, adding, "Just because we use junk to produce music doesn't suggest we aren't seriously interested in it."
"Our sound," Dicharry records, "is a thing that we never ever thought a great deal about. It's simply something that kept growing without united states actually trying, and also at some point we realized it sounded pretty cool."
"The instruments that we utilize ," Miller describes, "were initially created out of prerequisite, because we didn't have any cash. People would give us their old gear that didn't work anymore, and we'd cable things together and try things away in various permutations to discover where it led united states. Through countless learning from mistakes, we attained the put up that we've got now. Blazing your trail through jungle can take countless additional time and energy, nonetheless it gives you an opportunity to result in someplace that no body's been to before."
That sense of musical adventure has long driven Miller and this bandmates from the beginning. Growing up in rural Curlew, Washington, Miller started playing electric guitar at 16, switching his straight back on a promising job as a visual musician to pursue his passion for music. He gained experience busking and doing in available mic evenings while roadtripping around America, and during a protracted stint in Eastern Europe.
Miller fundamentally found kindred spirits in bassist Scott Leeper, who'd been playing because the chronilogical age of seven and had performed together with his family members's band, in a duo together with brother, as a one-man nation act as well as in a number of blues combos; and Doug Dicharry, a musical omnivore and multi-instrumentalist, who are able to play nearly any tool and has played in several tasks from sound bands to ska and rock.
The three like-minded players joined forces, and quickly their diligent touring regime permitted them to conquer an ever-widening geographic base and win a loyal real time market. In 2012, the Ben Miller Band took its first tentative steps into the recording studio, leading to the embryonic self-released CD Heavy Load, which attracted a large amount of fan praise and critical acclaim despite its humble origins.
similar maverick nature that motivated the BMB's early musical activities arrived to play inside recording in any manner, Shape or Form, which they cut with seasoned producer Vance Powell, who's renowned for their studio utilize the kind of Jack White, Buddy Guy, Wanda Jackson, Willie Nelson and Kings of Leon.
"Our initial plan," Leeper notes, "was to scale it down a bit, and have it is also less produced compared to the very first one. It came out sounding like us, that is all we want."
"It had been initially we'd really had a producer/engineer," Dicharry records, incorporating "It felt like we’re able to finally inhale, because Vance was along with things and got some awesome textures. We’d countless self-confidence in him, so we were comfortable simply moving in and laying it down."
"We wished to keep it as real time as you are able to," Miller asserts, "so we recorded it real time and did a lot of takes, an average of around thirty provides before we felt we actually nailed it down. That was vital that you united states because we’ve been a live band for the whole profession and we desired that to discover within the recordings, that sense of dudes playing in a space together. We worked long days in studio for around a month, just playing the songs repeatedly and trying to push our performances and maintain the vitality of what we do.”
With Any Way, Shape or Form encapsulating the Ben Miller Band's salient qualities, the 3 intrepid bandmates are wanting to strike the road and bring their new tracks to call home crowds round the country and across the world.
"Our plan," Leeper states, "is to just escape here and play for as many individuals as we can.  That's essentially been our plan all along, also it's struggled to obtain united states to date."
"The name in whatever way, Shape or Form is kind of our means of saying that in the slightest necessary we shall result in the music that makes feeling to united states,” Miller explains. “That’s for ages been our mindset, and that’s just how we’ve reached in which we are and how we’ll arrive at in which we have been going.”

at Moe’s Alley
1535 Commercial Method
Santa Cruz, United States

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Versatile Violin

November 29th, 2014

Versatile Violin
Event on 2014-12-14 19:00:00
Violinist Stefan Jackiw, returns to perform two pieces, including the US premiere of a work co-commissioned with the Heidelberg Festival.

Jackiw will require the spotlight performing Mozart's Violin Concerto # 5. After will be David Fulmer's Jubilant Arcs, designed to emulate and come with Mozart's violin concertos, will begin the evening.

The night of festive classics will even feature Haydn's Symphony No. 92 "Oxford" and Bach's Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and Air regarding G String.

perhaps not yet three decades old, Stefan Jackiw, born in Boston to physicist parents, is considered as "one of the best and a lot of interesting young violinists heard in a lengthy time" (Chicago Sun-Times), captivating audiences with playing that is "striking for the cleverness and sensitivity" (Boston Globe). Hailed for "talent that's from the scale" (Washington Post), Jackiw has appeared as soloist with the Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, nyc, Philadelphia, and bay area symphony orchestras, among others. He performed with ProMusica last year.

His solo performance of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto using the YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Australia's Sydney Opera House in March had been seen go on YouTube by more than 30 million individuals global.

at Southern Theatre
21 E Principal Street
Columbus, Usa

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