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Barack Obama says American Alcohoilism is the Cause of Iraq War

June 30th, 2016

According to Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, American Alcohoilism is the root cause of the Iraq War, soon to be the Iran War. The immense, gluttonous, ridiculous over consumption of oil by the people of the United States of America is the root cause of the Iraq War said Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

At the time that America went to war in Iraq Senator Barack Obama was a state legislator. He opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning unlike all of the other leading candidates from both parties who voted to go to war in Iraq proving that the color of your skin and long years of experience do not always translate into good foresight and wisdom. Yesterday Barack Obama addressed the DNC Winter Meeting. Here is a part of what Barack Obama said:

“We’ve got 130,000 Americans fighting halfway across the world in a war that should never have been waged, led by leaders who have no plan to end it. The decisions that we make in the next decade will determine the future of our children and the future of our grandchildren. The campaign, our mission is to figure out how we can do some good for this precious country and planet of ours. Our oil dependence is threatening not just our pocketbooks but the safety of our planet.”

Barack Obama blasted President Bush’s new war escalation and budget which asks for the American people to throw another trillion dollars after bad for the war in Iraq. This warmongering by George Bush is bankrupting health care, social security, education and creating a deficit which will lead to the bankruptcy of the country, leading to another great depression or runaway inflation.

The root cause of the Iraq War and the American dependence on other countries for oil is not a lack of domestic oil but an insane over consumption of oil by the people of the United States. This graph is worth a billion words and shows in one glance the amount of oil used every day by every country on the planet earth. Look at it, click on it NOW to understand the root cause of the Iraq War.

The people of the United States of America consume 20 million barrels of oil each and every day, far in excess of any other nation on Earth. For the past 5 million years before a hundred years ago our ancestors used zero oil. Russia and India use 2 million barrels of oil per day. Indonesia with nearly the same population as the U.S. uses 1 million barrels of oil per day. Laos and many other countries use 3 thousand barrels of oil per day.

Now look at this chart of exports and production of oil by every country on Earth. This chart shows that Saudi Arabia exports 9 million barrels of oil more per day than it imports. On the other end of the scale the United States the world’s largest polluter by far imports 12 million barrels of oil per day on top of the 5 million barrels per day we produce domestically in the United States. The Iraq desert is capable of producing 2 million barrels of oil per day at a cost of $ 1 per barrel and this is why the United States invaded Iraq, to steal their oil. Every one of the 1.3 billion Muslim people on Earth knows this. The Iraq War and Iran War exit strategy is for the people of the United States of America to over the next year cut back on our ridiculous over consumption of oil to 2 million barrels of oil per day.

Russia and China consider Iran to be their own backyard. They are both going to back Iran just like they backed tiny North Vietnam to defeat the United States, when the United States attacks Iran. Russia and Iran have half of the world’s oil and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Russian President Vladimir Putin just announced their own gas OPEC. Russia, the Soviet Union, the long time enemy of the United States is building the Iranian nuclear reactor in Busheher Iran and the Soviet Union just delivered $ 1 billion worth of advanced surface to air missiles to Iran to protect it.

Yesterday Senator Barack Obama said, “Our oil dependence is threatening not just our pocketbooks but the safety of the planet.” The American dependence upon foreign oil because of our ridiculous over consumption of oil every day caused the Iraq War, is leading to the Iran War and then to nuclear world war 3, the extinction of life one earth in nuclear world war 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer aka Mad, Mutually Assured Destruction. Furthermore the burning by the United States every day of 20 million barrels of oil, the American Alcohoilism is a leading cause of the impending global warming catastrophe when Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic ice continents melt and the earth’s one Ocean rises permanently 50 feet, permanently submerging the United States under 50 feet of water. The United States is like a codeine addict thinking that the solution to his problems is to break into a drug store and steal the pills.

The real solution to our war and global warming problems is to eliminate our consumption of oil completely. Our ancestors did fine without it for five million years. Why are SUV’s legal? Why isn’t it a law that every American must drive a Smart Car or an electric car or an ethanol car which runs on corn or a fuel cell car which runs on water and emits only water vapor or ride a bicycle? Think of the reduction in oil consumption. Think of the end of the need to colonize the Middle East. Ford Motors is now approaching bankruptcy and Japanese Toyota just reported record sales and profit because of the difference in their cars’ gas mileage. Isn’t it about time that we as American people took the fifth step at Alcohoilics Anonymous and admitted to God, to ourselves and to everyone else the exact nature of our wrongs, that we drank too much oil, and isn’t it about time that we as Americans stopped needlessly drinking so much oil? Our very existence and the continued existence of life on Earth depends upon it said Senator Barack Obama yesterday. It’s just plain common sense. We know how much war costs in dollars and lives lost. How much money will peace save the American taxpayers, who are being taxed out of their minds by the hidden George Bush War Tax, which just went up another trillion dollars yesterday?

Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love

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29b – Russell Residence – 2263 S Hobart Blvd – Official Address (E)

June 30th, 2016

A few nice washington bands images I found:

29b – Russell Residence – 2263 S Hobart Blvd – Official Address (E)
washington bands
Image by Kansas Sebastian
West Adams Heights

“Nowadays we scarcely notice the high stone gates which mark the entrances on Hobart, Harvard, and Oxford streets, south of Washington Boulevard. For one thing, the traffic is too heavy, too swift; and then, again, the gates have been obscured by intrusions of shops and stores. At the base of the stone pillars appears the inscription “West Adams Heights.” There was a time when these entranceways were formidable and haughty, for they marked the ways to one of the first elite residential areas in Los Angeles. . . In the unplanned early-day chaos of Los Angeles, West Adams Heights was obviously something very special, an island in an ocean of bungalows—approachable, but withdrawn and reclusive—one of the few surviving examples of planned urban elegance of the turn of the century.”

– Carey McWilliams, “The Evolution of Sugar Hill,” Script, March, 1949: 30.

Today West Adams Heights is still obviously something special. The past sixty years, however, have not been kind. In 1963 the Santa Monica Freeway cut through the heart of West Adams Heights, dividing the neighborhood, obscuring its continuity. In the 1970’s the city paved over the red brick streets and removed the ornate street lighting. After the neighborhood’s zoning was changed to a higher density, overzealous developers claimed several mansions for apartment buildings. Despite these challenges, however, “The Heights,” as the area was once known, has managed to regain some of its former elegance.

The West Adams Heights tract was laid out in 1902, in what was then a wheat field on the western edge of town. Although the freeway now creates an artificial barrier, the original neighborhood boundaries were Adams Boulevard, La Salle Ave, Washington Boulevard, and Western Avenue. Costly improvements were integrated into the development, such as 75-food wide boulevards (which were some of the first contoured streets not to follow the city grid), lots elevated from the sidewalk, ornate street lighting, and large granite monuments with red-brass electroliers at the entrance to every street. These upgrades increased the lot values, which helped ensure the tract would be an enclave for the elite.

One early real estate ad characterized the neighborhood stating: “West Adams Heights needs no introduction to the public: it is already recognized as being far superior to any other tract. Its high and slightly location, its beautiful view of the city and mountains make t a property unequaled by any other in the city.”

The early residents’ were required to sign a detailed restrictive covenant. This hand-written document required property owners to build a “first-class residence,” of at least two stories, costing no less than two-thousand dollars (at a time when a respectable home could be built for a quarter of that amount, including the land), and built no less than thirty-five feet from the property’s primary boundary. Common in early twentieth century, another clause excluded residents from selling or leasing their properties to non-Caucasians.

By the mid 1930’s, however, most of the restrictions had expired. Between 1938 and 1945 many prominent African-Americans began to make “The Heights” their home. According to Carey McWilliams, West Adams Heights became known “Far and wide as the famous Sugar Hill section of Los Angeles,” and enjoyed a clear preeminence over Washington’s smart Le Droit Park, St. Louis’s Enright Street, West Philadelphia, Chicago’s Westchester, and Harlem’s fabulous Sugar Hill.

West Adams Heights, now also known as Sugar Hill, played a major role in the Civil Rights movement in Los Angeles. In 1938 Norman Houston, president of the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company, and an African-American, purchased a home at 2211 South Hobart Boulevard. Legal Action from eight homeowners quickly ensued. During that period, other prominent African-Americans began to make Sugar Hill their home – including actress Hattie McDaniels, dentists John and Vada Summerville, actress Louise Beavers, band leader Johnny Otis, and performers Pearl Baily and Ethel Waters, and many more. On December 6, 1945, the “Sugar Hill Cases” were heard before Judge Thurmond Clark, in LA Superior Court. He made history by become the first judge in America to use the 14th Amendment to disallow the enforcement of covenant race restrictions. The Los Angeles Sentinel quoted Judge Clark: “This court is of the opinion that it is time that [African-Americans] are accorded, without reservations and evasions, the full rights guaranteed them under the 14th Amendment.” Gradually, over the last century people of nearly ever background have made historic West Adams their home.

The northern end of West Adams Heights is now protected as part of the Harvard Heights Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ). The Historic West Adams area of Los Angeles (which includes West Adams Heights) boasts the highest concentration of turn-of-the-century homes west of the Mississippi, as well as the highest concentration of National Historic Landmarks, National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Districts, State Historic Landmarks, Los Angeles Cultural-Historic Monuments, and Historic Preservation Overlay Zones in the city. The entirety of West Adams Heights should be nominated as a National Register Historic District, for the quality of homes, the prominence of the architects, notoriety of the people who lived in the neighborhood, and the role it played in civil rights.

Perhaps a quote adapted from a fireplace mantle in the Frederick Rindge mansion best symbolizes the optimism which exists in West Adams: “California Shall be Ours as Long as the Stars Remain.”

19 – James G & Rose Ganahl Donovan Residence – 2179 W 20th St, Moved from 2202 S Western Ave – 1903 – Robert Brown Young

James Donovan began as an apprentice to a watch maker in Aurora, IL, working his way up to Lead Mechanic and an eventual partner in the company, before branching into jewelry on his own. Accompanied by his sister in 1894 he came to Los Angeles for a month’s long vacation. At the end he decided to stay one more week – then three more months – and then founded to stay. He began Donovan & Seaman’s Co on Spring St, near Temple, when it was the heart of the LA’s shopping district. He later moved the store to 3rd & Spring St, then 7th & Broadway. When he built his residence, he chose a prominent location, placing it directly in front of the Berkeley Square gates, on the southeast corner of Western Ave and 22nd St. The home was designed by R B Young in a Transitional Victorian/Craftsman style, leaning more toward the Victorian. Young was a prolific architect in Los Angeles, designing many homes and office buildings, including the Vickery-Brunswig Building, San Fernando Building and Clifton’s Brookdale. The house was moved to its present location in 1929 as Western Ave transitioned to a commercial thoroughfare and the street was widened.

20 – Paul W Hoffmann Residence – 1926 S Western Ave – 1904

Charles Albert Rockwell was a partner in the building firm Martin & Rockwell, and through his company built several houses in West Adams Heights, on Western Avenue, including: 1926, 1962 and 2020 S Western Ave. He himself lived at 1962 S Western Ave before moving down the street to 2020 S Western Ave. This Transitional Craftsman/Victorian house he sold to Paul Hoffmann, dealing in loans and real estate. While most of the houses along the commercial corridors have vanished, this house and a few others, have managed to survive mostly intact.

21 – Ellis Doughl and Alphonso Barmann Residence – 1934 S Western Ave – 1905

A 1905 property permit to the building firm Pool & Jones suggests this is one of the few properties in West Adams Heights built on spec (speculation of a perspective buyer). The home was purchased by Ellis Doughl – who may or may not have lived on the property. In 1911 Newton H Foster, a junior clerk for the Santa Fe, appears to be renting the property, and in 1912 the property is sold to F Barmann for ,500. The 1915 City Directory shows Alphonso (Gen Contr), Herbert (Mach), Natalie (Tchr) and Walter (Mach) Barmann at the property. They had moved from their house on the other side of the Heights at 2047 La Salle Ave. Alphanso Barmann was given the general contract for construction of the 10 story Higgins Building in 1909. The house is Transitional Craftsman/Victorian with strong Colonial influences.

22 – Hans B & Ethyleen Nielsen Residence – 2010 S Western Ave – 1911

Built in the “Elizabethan Style” common at the time, this large Transitional Craftsman/Victorian incorporates half timbering and pebble-dash stucco into the design. It appears to have been built for Hans B and Ethyleen Nielsen.

23 – The Santa Monica Freeway – 21st to 22nd Streets – Originally called the Olympic Freeway – 1964

Like a river cutting through the heart of West Adams Heights, the Olympic Freeway as it was first called claimed approximately one-third of the homes, and some of the most significant. The entire block between 21st and 22nd Streets, on Western, Harvard, Hobart and LaSalle were demolished for the project. The prestigious “Harvard Circle” part of West Adams Heights was completely wiped off the map, with only vague and cryptic references left in newspapers and books. This canyon creates a permanent barrier in a once cohesive neighborhood. Plans for the Olympic Freeway were laid out in the 1947, coincidentally occurring a year after racial covenants were determined to be illegal and African-Americans gained the rights to live in the neighborhood. For almost 20 years, until the freeway’s completion in 1964, black leaders called on the city and the State of California to move the path of the freeway to Washington, Venice or Pico, to spare West Adams Heights, or Sugar Hill as it was becoming known. However, the commission overseeing the project ignored them. Even Mayor Bowron participated in efforts to spare Berkeley Square and West Adams Heights, but members of the commission were unmoved. In the early 1960’s the construction equipment arrived, the houses were removed, and one of LA’s most prestigious enclaves was divided.

24 – Kate A Kelley Residence – 2205 S Hobart Blvd – 1905 – Sumner P Hunt and Arthur Wesley Eager

The architecture team of Hunt & Eager designed this home for Kate A Kelley, the widow of John Kelley. She lived there with her sister Jennie MacKay. By 1915 the house was owned by Abram C Denman, Jr., th vice president and general manager of the Southern California Iron and Steele Company. As a boarding house run by the Agape Mission, the house has fallen on hard times, with stucco, an enclosed porch and aluminum windows. But with some time, money and love, the house could be restored.

25 – John & Gertrude D Kahn and Norman O & Edythe Houston Residence – 2211 S Hobart Blvd – 1911 – Milwaukee Building Company

The Kahn-Houston Residence is arguably one of the most important houses in West Adams Heights. It deserves to be a National Register of Historic places. Unfortunately, at this time (2014) its fate is uncertain. The Agape Mission, which has run an illegal boarding house from the property and from 2205 S Hobart, has recently been closed and both properties appear to be in receivership. This house is so important to the historic fabric of the community because it was the home of Norman O Houston, President of the Golden State Mutual – an insurance company for black Americans who could not obtain insurance from white-owned companies at an affordable price. See the Wikipedia article: In 1938 Houston (then Vice-President) purchased the home. Wealthy white owners of the neighborhood prevented him from living in his home by re-establishing the “West Adams Heights Improvement Association,” and attempting to codify the rule preventing non-Caucasians from owning or renting property. In 1945 Norman Houston and the other black property owners won the right in court to legally live in the neighborhood. The house had been originally built for John Kahn, an early pioneer to Los Angeles who first came to Oakland, CA, around 1889 with his brother and opened a dry goods store. John moved to Los Angeles 3 years later and opened a large store in the ground floor of the Nadeau Hotel at 1st & Spring. Around 1897 he sold the enterprise and in 1899 incorporated with Jakob Beck to form Kahn-Beck, manufacturing food stuff, including: “All kinds of candy, macaroni and pastas of all kinds.” The company then grew into one of the largest biscuit making companies as the Kahn-Beck Cracker Company, or Kahn Beck Biscuit Company, and Angelus Biscuit Company. John Kahn passed in 1919. The house built in 1911 by the Milwaukee Building Company is in an avant-garde Spanish/Prairie style.

26 – James D & May C Smith and Louise Beavers-Moore & LeRoy C Moore Residence – 2219 S Hobart Blvd – 1904 – Frank M Tyler

For his first home in West Adams Heights, pioneer real estate developer Richard D Richards commissioned Frank M Tyler to build a 16-room English-styled mansion in 1904. Richards sold the property to James D Smith two years later, moving to another Tyler mansion at 2237 S Hobart Blvd and then to 2208 S Western Ave, where the Richards family lived until 1925. James Smith was proprietor of the James Smith & Co, a clothing store of the finest “ready-made” Franklin Brand clothing for men, established in 1902. For years the company operated from the Bryson Block, before relocating to the more fashionable Broadway. In the early 1940’s Louise Beavers joined Norman Houston (2211 S Hobart Ave) and Hattie McDaniel (2203 S Harvard Blvd) in the Heights. Louise Beavers was a talented actress, acclaimed for her role in Imitation of Life as Delilah. Louise was married to her second husband, LeRoy C Moore in 1952. LeRoy was a well-known interior decorator. Together the two lived at this house until Louise’s death in October, 1962, and LeRoy’s death four months later in February, 1963. At first glass the Smith-Beavers Residence appears to be completely remodeled, but comparing it to original renderings little has changed. The front left dormer is missing and at some point someone thought it would be a good idea to cover the house in Sears siding (the original siding is probably underneath). But other than having been divided, the house’s integrity remains intact.

27 – Ellen H (Mrs. Melville Morton) Johnston and Curtis & Ellen Williams Residence (Demolished) – 2237 S Hobart Blvd – 1906 – Frank M Tyler

The second residence in West Adams Heights built for Richard D and Cynthia J Richards, in 1906, has been replaced with a 1950’s apartment building. The first Richards home was located at 2219 S Hobart Blvd (the Smith-Beavers Residence). They lived at this house less than two years before relocating to 2208 S Western Ave, where the couple lived out their lives. This home was sold to Ellen H Johnston (Mrs Melville Morton). Melville Morton Johnston may have died April 3, 1892. If I’ve researched the correct person, he was originally from Clifton, Stanton Island, New York. (I mean, how many men named Melville Morton Johnston can there be? Right?) In 1911 Mrs. Johnson sold the house to Curtis Williams. Curtis died at the home in 1959, at the age of 89. Curtis Williams was a pioneering lumberman who came to Los Angeles in 1895. He was born in Oakland and reared in San Diego. He was an early member of the Los Angeles Country Club, the Jonathan Club, and University Club. The house was a rustic Transitional Victorian/Craftsman, having both elements, designed by Frank M. Tyler. It was a perfectly balanced house, whose presence looks more like it would have been designed by John Austin.

28 – Benjamin Johnson Residence – 2241 S Hobart Blvd – 1909 – G A Howard, Jr.

In 1909 Benjamin Johnson commissioned G A Howard to build this charming Transitional Craftsman/Victorian in an English Style. The cost in 1909 was a mere ,000. As president of the Los Angeles Public Market Co (a company owned by Pacific Electric), he could well afford the cost – as well as a domestic, cook and chauffeur. What he could not afford, however, was a scandal involving his under-aged rebel daughter Estelle. In 1914, on a return trip from finishing school in Washington, DC, after a brief visit to her grandfather in Chicago. For eluded reasons, she was hastily married to Mr. Terrance Ryan. To employ his new son-in-law, Mr. Johnson purchased a produce company and gave Mr. Ryan a position and a promise of a bungalow. This appears not to have been enough, and the Johnsons were forced to petition the courts for the divorce of their daughter and Mr. Ryan on grounds he could not provide. The Johnsons must have been scandalized when the entire affair was laid out in the Los Angeles Times society pages.

29 – John Newton & Annie Berdella Evans Russell Jr. Residence – 2263 S Hobart Blvd – 1906

Above the portico of this residence is the address “2249” S Hobart Blvd, however its legal address (according to the tax assessor’s maps) is actually 2263 S Hobart. The confusion is understandable. The property sits on three lots from what would have been 2249 (where the house actually sits) to the actual address of 2263 (which is the furthest lot south from the house). At this time the architect is unknown, but shows the adept hand of someone like Robert D. Farquar, who designed the John and Dora Haynes mansion on Figueroa in a similar style (demolished), or B. Cooper Corbett, responsible for the magnificent Denker Mansion on Adams Blvd. The house is an Italian Villa, in a Florentine style, years before the practice of designing thematic houses became popular in Los Angeles. This was the home of John Newton Russell, Jr., an insurance man. He was raised mostly in Waco, TX, before moving to Los Angeles with his father, also in the insurance business. Russell ran the Colorado branches of the Frederick Rindge’s Conservative Life Company, before the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. When the company was absorbed into Pacific Mutual, and moved to Los Angeles, Russell was recalled from Colorado to run the “Home Office.” Mr. Russell continued his success in the insurance industry, just as his wife enjoyed great social success. In 1942, their son, John Henry Russell, established the John Newton Russell Memorial Award, as a tribute to his father and mentor, recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of made by an individual in the insurance industry. This is the highest honor awarded by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), given each year. NAIFA is one of the nation’s oldest and largest associations representing professionals in the insurance and financial industries.

washington bands
Image by infomatique
The following Marching Bands took part in the Dublin parade on Monday 17th. March 2008:

Founded in 1897, this is the USA’s oldest Marching Band. In 2004 they received the Sudler Intercollegiate Marching Band Trophy, the nation’s highest and most coveted award for college bands.

Founded in 1917, they were recently placed first in class at the USSBA Scholastic Marching Band Competition. This is their first trip overseas to attend the Dublin Parade.

Cathedral have received Division I ratings in music contests across the state. They have appeared on national TV and marched here in Dublin in 2000.

Established in 2002, Council have quickly built a reputation of spirit and excellence at local, national and international levels.

In 1992 they were inducted into the National High School Band Director’s Hall of Fame as "Band of the Year". They are now under the direction of Mr. Michael Moran.

Gilbert High School have a remarkable performance record and have consistently received Superior ratings in marching and concert festivals nationally.

With an enviable record of achievement, Huntsville are consistently rated superior in competitions. They have performed throughout the US and Europe. In 2004 they won first prize at the prestigious Gothenburg Music Festival in Sweden.

This band has risen from 35 to 260 members since it’s inception in 1993. Having received many superior rating, they performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Australia.

Lockhaven Marching Band are now in their 67th year. The members range in age from 18 to 35.

Shorecrest have performed and won every major parade in the Pacific Northwest. This is their 4th visit to Ireland.

Tate have won countless competitions and earned the reputation as one of the top high schools bands in the US. They have marched in every major parade in the US.

UIUC’s is the world’s largest college band program. In 1930 they hosted John Philip Sousa, who called them "The World’s Greatest College Band" and donated his library to the school.

The West Bend High School Marching Band was formed in the 1930s. The band has produced two CDs and has received numerous first and second place trophies in adjudicated parades.

The Marching Eagles marched here in Dublin in 2003. They have 14 years of Superior Ratings at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Adjudication Festival.

Celebrating their 23rd anniversary this year, the Clondalkin Youth Band are All Ireland Champions, European Marching Band Champions and World Marching Champions. They are Ireland’s largest marching band.

Founded in 1976 in Italy this band practice the medieval waving of the flag from the 16th century. They consist of the Herald, Trumpeters, Drummers and Flag Wavers.

The esteemed Sanyo Band have won 6 gold and 3 Best Band of the Year Awards at the National Contest In Japan. The remarkable Baton Twirlers have received first prize for 20 consecutive years.

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Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals

June 30th, 2016

Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals
Event on 2016-08-21 13:35:00
MLB Baseball

at Turner Field
755 Hank Aaron Drive SW
Atlanta, United States

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Have A Well Planned Washington Dc School Trip

June 29th, 2016

There are several things which you need to put in place for every journey which you organize. The most essential part of any tour however is the planning for the Washington DC school trip. This is important for any destination that you may be thinking about visiting. Get services from a company that deals with the ages of children you have in your list so as to give them the treat of a lifetime.

One thing you need to look out for is the company whose services would suit your students. Check out the curriculum being offered by the touring company so as to be sure if it is customized to your scope for the tour. Other that giving the students a chance to have some fun, you definitely have reason to give them some lessons which you will only be able to get better in particular places.

Make sure that the price which you are being given is realistic enough for the kind of budget you are working with. As you plan your Washington DC school trip, make sure that you put details like the food preferences of your students into consideration. Any special dietary requirements and allergy concerns need to be clearly indicated.

It would be necessary for you to have a list of things which you need to do. This will make it certain that nothing is forgotten when you are out on your expedition. Grouping the students on manageable numbers will also make them easy to control and direct during the whole journey.

Have a clear list of mandatory items that the students should bring on their Washington DC school trip. With everything put in place, you will be certain that the safety of the students you take on the tour is well considered and that they will get real fun from the expedition or adventure.

Julian Tours ( is to provide you with the most meaningful, worry-free travel experience and Washington, D.C. school trips and tours at the lowest possible price.

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Airtel Digital TV Review [Updated]

June 29th, 2016

A few nice FM Radio images I found:

Airtel Digital TV Review [Updated]
FM Radio
Image by code_martial
Airtel announced the launch of its DTH Service, named "Airtel Digital TV" today. I’ve had the privilege of using their service through an employee-only beta since August. Overall, I love it.

The set top box is a piece of beauty in black and red with glowy red controls that lie flush with the box’s surfaces. It would be a perfect complement for your LG Scarlet TV, if you have one.

The universal remote control is a very thoughtful piece of equipment. It can be programmed to learn some of your TV’s critical functions like volume control, muting, etc. and you can switch on/off the TV as well as the set top box with the same remote.

Video quality is definitely not DVD-like. That’s a big hogwash that all DTH providers indulge in. If your TV screen is bigger than 25", expect pixellation and noise reduction artifacts to be visible. Unfortunately, none of the other DTH providers can claim any improvement on this front. They’re all sub-par compared to progressive DVD video. That said, Airtel Digital TV’s video quality is comparable to Tata Sky and definitely better than Dish TV’s.

Audio quality is pretty good and full stereo. I usually hook it up to my hi-fi (Sony DHC-AZ2D, now discontinued) and the quality doesn’t disappoint me.

Airtel’s other USP is the ability to continue working when the skies are overcast. That’s critical for places like Bangalore and Mumbai where it rains too often. I think I’ve seen it not work only once, briefly, when the skies were hopelessly dark.

One more thing I’m really excited about is the inclusion of WorldSpace Satellite Radio in Airtel’s DTH package. I didn’t get to try it with the pre-release but given the really sad state of FM radio in Bangalore, this is a godsend. AFAIK, WorldSpace Radio subscription charges would be additional.

In terms of customer service, expect the kind of service you’ve been getting from Airtel Broadband, which is good. I’ve only had one issue with them wherein ESPN Star Sports’ channels weren’t available due to some "technical fault" for at least two weeks. I’m not at home until end of this month to verify, but I hope they’d have fixed this before launch. Update: It was indeed fixed before launch. Update 2: After going through various issues with Airtel Digital TV, I have to say with regrets that their customer service simply SUCKS! Good luck to you if you manage to get through a call in under 45 minutes without call drops and such. The customer care people are totally lame when it comes to troubleshooting. FWIW, even their website is badly broken. I’ve been trying to register on the website for the last hour but it’s just broken (date of birth dropdown shows no dates, ever!).

All in all, I’m glad that we finally get some class in the DTH provider market. No more Tata Sky-Dish TV duopoly, especially with further launches from Sun and Reliance (who tried to steal Airtel launch’s thunder with a very confusing series of ads).

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Washington Kastles vs. San Diego Aviators

June 29th, 2016

Washington Kastles vs. San Diego Aviators
Event on 2016-08-10 19:00:00

at Kastles Stadium at the Smith Center
600 22nd St. NW
Washington, United States

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Cheap Hotels in Dubai

June 29th, 2016

Dubai is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Every year, thousands of people come to this wonderful place, to experience the charm of this magnificent place. However, apart from being one of the most beautiful places, this place is also relatively costlier as well. So, if you are looking forward to making a visit to this place, then finding cheap accommodation is rather difficult. However, there are a few hotels, which are relatively inexpensive. The following are some of these options:

1. Rush Inn Hotel

This wonderful property is one of the best places to stay in Dubai. The facilities provided at this magnificent place includes baby sitting, 24 hours medical facilities, 24 hours room service, car rental services, laundry services, money exchange, refrigerator, safe box, satellite television, sightseeing and tours, as well as travel agency services.

2. Al Sharq Hotel Sharjah

The property is perfectly located near Rolla Square; with major shopping centers at a stones throw distance. The place offers a number of multi cuisine restaurants at near distance. You are offered a number of facilities, such as air conditioning, 24 hours room service, airport shuttle, car rental services, daily house keeping, doctor on call, free car parking, gym, hair dryer, health club, international dialing, internet services, iron & iron board, laundry services, lobby bar, restaurant, safe box, satellite television, sightseeing & tours, steam room and tea/coffee maker.

3. Fortune Hotel Dubai

This magnificent property is another option for staying while you are in Dubai. The property is also a close distance from the Deria Tower, Clock Tower, Dubai Creek Golf as well as the Yacht Club. Apart from the well furnished rooms, this place offers you a number of facilities, such as Air Conditioning, 24 Hours Room Service, Airport Pick/Drop, Business Center, Car Rental Services, Coffee Shop, Complimentary Shuttle Service for Shopping Centers & Beaches, Complimentary Shuttle Service to exhibition Centers, Doctor on Call, Hair Dryer, International Dialing, Internet Services, Laundry Services, Money Exchange, Newspaper, Nightclub, Restaurant, Safe Box, Satellite Television, Sightseeing &Tours, Swimming Pool, Travel Agency Services, as well as Valet Parking.

4. Regal Plaza Hotel Dubai

This is another magnificent lodging option, in the area. The property is wonderfully situated in the area of Bur Dubai. The property is in close proximity with the major shopping malls of the area; and is also a short distance from the World Trade Centre as well as the Dubai City Centre. Apart from the well furnished rooms, this place offers you a number of facilities, such as Air Conditioning, Hair Dryer, International Dialing, Internet Services, Laundry Services, Newspaper, Safe Box, as well as Satellite Television.

So, now, when you visit this wonderful place, you know exactly where to stay.

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Jewish Singles Washington DC Seated Speed Dating

June 29th, 2016

To many Jewish people marrying within their own faith is very important, if not imperative, so Jewish Singles Washington DC has put together a wonderful evening of speed dating. Hosted by Professionals in the City, this event brings a large group of single Jewish women and men together in one place, rather than meet through other methods.


Many people try to find love through matchmakers, the personals, and online Jewish singles sites only to be disappointed by the outcome. I have a good friend who spent over two years pursuing online dating sites and there were times she met men she clicked with, but as time past, she slowly realized that what they wrote in their profiles are not at all what they’re really about. Other times the men would show up looking nothing like the photos they posted.


I couldn’t watch her go through this any more so another friend of mine suggested she check out a Jewish Singles Washington DC speed dating event. That friend went to one speed dating event and is now madly in love with the man she met.


At first my good friend was skeptical and found the whole idea ridiculous. She just wanted to keep meeting Jewish single men online. So I went to the event with her and we both had a blast. I wasn’t looking for love at the time but she met several men that interested her and I made some good friends.


When she got home she used Professionals in the City’s excusive online message system to communicate further with those who really sparked her interest. After about a month she finally met “the one.” If she hadn’t tried the event they may have never crossed paths. There are so many ways to meet other Jewish people, but if those ways haven’t worked for you so far give Jewish Singles Washington DC speed dating a try.


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Suicide Intervention (3 CEUs)

June 28th, 2016

Suicide Intervention (3 CEUs)
Event on 2016-08-23 09:00:00
Tuesday, August 23, 20169:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.Seattle, WA  Suicide Intervention (3 CEUs) The condensed version of the popular Suicide & Crisis Intervention training focuses on recognizing the warning signs, suicide risk assessment, and safety planning. You’ll also receive information about how to access and find appropriate resources to help keep individuals safe. Registration InfoCost: No refunds given Attendee substitutions accepted up to 48 hours before training group discount for 5 or more attending from same agency (call to arrange: 206-461-3210 ext 608) Early bird discount not valid on other trainings and/or group discounts LocationCrisis Clinic Businesess OfficeNorthgate Executive Building II9725 3rd Ave NE, Suite 304Seattle, WA 98115 *This training is on the WA State Department of Health’s Model List for Suicide Prevention Training for Health Professionals. This training has also been approved for three (3) CEUs for Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Social Workers. WMHCA Provider #1305

at Cottage Clinic
13346 First Avenue NE
Seattle, United States

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An Overview of Indian Government Jobs

June 28th, 2016
by Halans

The benefits associated with working Indian government jobs accounts for their popularity. The most outstanding of these has to do with the ease of getting such a job. Provided one has the required qualifications, he stands an equal chance with everyone else who applied for the post.

Indian defense jobs fall under this broad category. They provide some of the most attractive opportunities for their employees and therefore, many people seek them. Their classification is into the Navy, the Army and the Air Force.

The qualifications for the three classes are almost the same save for a few minor details. This is because a thorough training period precedes actual job appointment. Apart from academic and physical standards required, defense jobs also require a love for adventure and utmost integrity to the country.

The rewards that come with this particular line of Indian government jobs include an opportunity for rapid career growth and earning a living from adventure. It comes with great honor and instills in the individual a healthy attitude towards others. The discipline and sacrifice involved in the job also carve out an appealing personality out of the people in it.

Other Indian government jobs in general also have attractive features that make them greatly desirable. Constant availability of jobs for a variety of workers is one of them. The country is progressing so rapidly and as a result many sectors are expanding by the day. The need to replace retiring staff also opens up opportunity. As a result, there are jobs for graduates and non-graduates, professionals and others, all of which offer very competitive remuneration rates.

People with Indian government jobs also enjoy a unique privilege rarely found in private sector employment. Once you get a job then it is yours until retirement unless you choose to resign. Chances of a lay off because of a recession or for any other reason are so much lower here. This kind of job security is no longer accessible to most employees in other domains; one day you have a job and the next day you do not.

Retirement age in these jobs gives one two years more of productivity than if he was working in the corporate sector. The working environment here is very conducive to people of all ages as well. One is not constantly under pressure to deliver more in less time or else lose the job. The benefit plans and other schemes that come with Indian government jobs is sufficient motivation for all workers.

Unlike in the corporate sector also, the government appreciates and acknowledges length of service. Getting a promotion is therefore automatic after a certain period meaning you will not be in the same routine forever.

Advancing one’s career is also easy on Indian government jobs as they allow for great flexibility. This enhances a worker’s growth options in a manner not possible anywhere else.

Online sources now make a job search in this domain easy. Furthermore, numerous sites announce the opportunities in the sector. Make good use of the provision while it lasts and secure a job with one of the best employers in India.

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