Monkeypox mistake leads to quarantine

April 28th, 2012

Monkeypox mistake leads to quarantine
By KELLI STOPCZYNSKI WSBT-TV It's a real fear for a lot of people — being stuck on an airplane because another passenger might have a highly contagious disease. But the woman — originally from LaPorte — whose rash caused passengers on a Delta …
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The Massive Mistake the NFL Network Made Covering the Draft
Either way they made a big mistake. Their mistake stems from a failure to understand the psychology of the average NFL fan. The number one question to ask is: Why is the NFL draft important to NFL fans. An NFL fan is a fan of a specific team, …
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State finds 3rd tax money mistake
The auditor's office said Friday that a clerical mistake resulted in Indiana counties getting erroneous excise tax distributions, with 34 counties getting underpaid by a total of $ 536000 and some counties getting overpaid by that amount.
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