2010-06-06 Washington Folk Festival – Flory Jagoda Sephardic Songs from Bosnia_0031!!.AVI

May 28th, 2012

2010-06-06 Washington Folk Festival - Flory Jagoda Sephardic Songs from Bosnia_0031!!.AVI

Description from Washington Folk Festival Program Guide Performers: Susan Gaeta Flory Jagoda (not able to make performance) Margie Jervis Alan Oresky Larry Robinson Joanna Stefanik Flory sings the songs her grandmother taught her in her native Sarajevo, Bosnia. As she sings in Ladino, the language of Sephardic Jews, we learn of a life that is no more. We treasure Flory for keeping the songs alive and passing them on. Indeed, she is a NEA National Heritage Fellow as well as a Wammie winner, treasured by all. Her “Ocho Candelitas” Hanukkah song has been performed by US military bands at holiday concerts, becoming part of our new holiday tradition. Under the auspicies of the Folk Life Apprenticeship Program of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, she is passing her Sephardic repertoire on to Susan Gaeta. She has recently been approached by a group of women in her neighborhood, Las Tias ( the aunts), who want to help her carry on her work, and she’s mentoring them, too. Flory Jagoda – Singer composer Flory Jagoda maintains one of Judaism’s richest cultural traditions through her performances of authentic, as well as original compositions, of Sephardic songs. These songs serve as a lyrical history of the Sephardim, the Spanish and Portuguese Jews who fled the Iberian Peninsula as a result of the Inquisition beginning in 1492. Many of these exiles settled in the Ottoman Empire, including the former Yugoslavia where they and their descendents continued to practice and
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Bayou Classic Battle of the bands between Grambling State University and Southern University at the Louisiana Superdome in new orleans 1997

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  1. clovebigblue says:


  2. millhouse1914 says:

    Gotta give it? Gram

  3. fja524 says:

    whats the song Grambling? played at 15:50

  4. garrickbrim says:

    97? Dolls can DANCE!!!

  5. chevbboy says:

    This was the year student leadership was at an all time? high (a very large group of visionaries).

  6. Gramblingmurfdog says:

    @aatw4, The last song was “All over your Body”? By Levert, Keith Sweat. The group they had got together. LSG I think was the name of the group.

  7. aatw4 says:

    what the name of the last song of? the battle gsu played?

  8. KJinTX says:

    Duely noted. I had forgotten about that.?

  9. Tigerwarhawk says:

    This was Pannell’s 1st year, BUT it needs to be known this was not? his band. That year started under Mr. Johnson, so the seeds were already planted.

  10. KJinTX says:

    This is when the botb’s was wut it was supposed to be. Good, even competition. Well thought out and prepared by both bands. Good job? su and GSU!!!!!!

  11. KJinTX says:

    This? was Pannel’s first year Ernest.

  12. Gramblingmurfdog says:

    I think I do. Have to look..?

  13. aatw4 says:

    u got the 98 botb?

  14. Gramblingmurfdog says:

    96′ BOTB’s. We had some good songs as? well as SU so I call that battle even. Now 95, SU waxed da floor with us 4 real!!

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