8/4/2011 — Occurring now — Largest “HAARP ring’ and ‘Scalar Square’ outbreak to date

November 2nd, 2011

24-48 hours from now.. 1059pm CDT 8/4/2011 — watch the ring effected areas.. this time.. its 2/3 of the country ! Links explaining all the science behind “HAARP” and weather modification: www.dutchsinse.com pictures of differnt HAARP rings and how they appear on RADAR: www.dutchsinse.com www.intellicast.com radar.weather.gov weather.cod.edu www.intellicast.com www.eldoradocountyweather.com squall.sfsu.edu nmq.ou.edu wdssii.nssl.noaa.gov www.srh.noaa.gov www.inmet.gov.br weather.rap.ucar.edu www.srh.noaa.gov cirrus.sprl.umich.edu vortex.plymouth.edu www.accuweather.com http www.atmos.washington.edu www.stormsurfing.com www.weather.com weather.engin.umich.edu www.woweather.com www.goes.noaa.gov livewxradar.com socc.caps.ou.edu www.weather.gov http much love to one another! dutch
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Support on iTunes here: tinyurl.com I know everyone and their dog has covered this song, but it’s a great song and I wanted to put my twist on it! So yeah, there ya go! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your support, you guys mean the world to me! Without you, none of this would be possible! Thumbs up for shooting video yourself! It reminds me of the good ol’ days of youtube! Come see me on Tour! Here are the dates and ticket links: US/Canada Tour (Tyler Ward & Crew – FULL BAND): TICKETS ON SALE NEXT WEEK – MORE DATES COMING SOON! 9/23 – Seattle, WA | Studio 7 | tinyurl.com 9/24 – Portland, OR | Backspace | tinyurl.com 9/26 – Riverside, CA | California | 9/27 – Los Angeles, CA | Roxy | tinyurl.com 9/28 – San Francisco, CA | Slim’s | tinyurl.com 9/30 – San Diego, CA | SOMA | tinyurl.com 10/2 – Phoenix, AZ | Rhythm Room | tinyurl.com 10/5 – Houston, TX | House Of Blues | tinyurl.com 10/6 – Dallas. TX | HOB | tinyurl.com 10/7 – Austin, TX | Lil’ Stubb’s | tinyurl.com 10/9 – San Antonio, TX | Sam’s | tinyurl.com 10/12 – Chicago, IL | Schuba’s | tinyurl.com 10/15 – Nashville, TN | Rockettown | tinyurl.com 10/17 – Washington DC | Jammin’ | tinyurl.com 10/19 – Atlanta, GA | Vinyl | tinyurl.com 10/20 – Charlotte, NC | The Evening | tinyurl.com 10/24 – OTTAWA, ONT | Mavericks | tinyurl.com 10/25 – TORONTO, ONT | Great Hall | tinyurl.com 10/26 – New York, NY | Webster Hall | preview.tinyurl.com 10/27 – Teaneck, NJ | Mexicali | tinyurl.com European Tour w/ Boyce Avenue (solo
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  1. ShOwStOpp3rr says:

    i didnt see one single ring in that video,maybe im not sure what im suppose to be looking for,i watched the video 3 times already grrrrrr,i seen an actual ring on radar over fukushima Japan on march 8 2011 and it looked like clouds where avoiding or moving around a circular ring that was placed over the heart of where earthquake hit,im not seeing anything remotely close to what i saw on that video..now i’ll admit that cloud with square corner looked pretty obvious,but can HAARP change shapes?

  2. PlatniumProductions says:

    according to a trustworthy source in government. HAARP based in alaska has the capability of changing out weather. it was funded to deter major tropical storms and hurricanes from damaging the coasts. Now, idk your sure if this was in use. my info is out of the mid 90s

  3. IndependentStorm says:

    Give me a break. I believe that there is weather modification, but come on. It’s called RADAR STATIONS. Weather radars pick up ground clutter near the base of the station. They are not HAARP rings.

  4. TheProfessor911 says:

    Hi everybody, Dutchsinse here,? today is…whatever day I say it is, now let me show you what I’m looking at here…ok these are haarp fractals, can you see them, so I’m calling the Whitehouse and also, take a look at these, these are called Dutch bows, now I’m in the process of talks with Merriam-Webster to have both haarp fractals and Dutch bows added to the dictionary, because it’s important, k later guys (PS send me money)

  5. enuffsaido0 says:

    watch this video:

  6. twleo1975 says:

    Everytime I see a video like this I feel like Im watching the cartoon channel.

  7. whanethewhip says:

    I don’t get it… you see a “ring” and so you immediately conclude they are “haarp” rings? What is your evidence? What is your professional occupation? What is the motive for this May 2011 “outbreak” as you refer to it? How do ground radar “inject” frequencies into the air in a manner that causes weather and what weather patterns does it cause? And why do it?

  8. ASAP89 says:

    @777bluelight I see this all the time in toronto canada. I also do notice they turn it off and on and certain places. Possibly specific areas like large cities so that the chemicals are now apart of the cycle of mother nature. They know that the time is coming soon so they are doing everything to see to it that we do not ascend keeping our bodies from being cleansed and detoxified for the new earth energies

  9. MJ2012ish says:

    Dutchsinse there’s a very large Haarp ring over new Mexico expanding to souther Texas. Right now. And there’s a giant Haarp ring in southern California right now. Chek it out please.

  10. 777bluelight says:

    I live in Eureka, CA-
    Those jets are for weather modification, a.k.a. chemtrails!
    Those craft come from the same point out at sea, chemming as they come ashore, then turn off the pumps as they fly over the land, sometimes turning spew on/off/on/off.
    I suspect they are still spraying when we do not see a trail…Just the new shit that is clear or blue, or even just +ion generators pumping nasties in to the air.
    Get some orgonite, make your own, it works.

  11. PwaiChung says:

    @estinence The only thing you can do is know about it. What worries me with all the HAARP hype is that it’s turning into Global Warming. First it was hurricanes, then one or two warm days, then “whacky weather”… all of it caused by Global Warming. Pure hype. With HAARP fully-escalated to the same hysteria level, I think it would be far more useful to tell me when an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado occurs due to normal, natural causes.

  12. zLOSTNOMOREz says:


  13. zLOSTNOMOREz says:

    OH NO…..HAARP caused the earth quakes in CO and VA this week and also the hurricane as well. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!

    …or maybe ET did it.No no it was GWB who caused it or maybe it was a massive signal from the hidden super duper secret military weapon located in Bohemian Grove!

    Some of you should really turn off Alex Johns and stick to watching Sponge bob reruns!.

  14. bohemiana says:

    What happened over that time? I’m not in USA so I don’t know. Thanks

  15. bohemiana says:

    This is a huge attack. War man!

  16. redoctober90 says:

    @redoctober90 Being that I worked at the National Weather Service and have a degree in meteorology from Penn State, I can tell you all you are seeing is simply the radars being turned off clear air mode and your “scalars” are likely the radar turning off mid-cycle. I’ve worked on radars and have seen malfunctions you will never see.. Does it occur to you that predicting severe weather for the whole country is stating the obvious for the summer season? Son, get off the Tube. You’re tripping. 😉

  17. ajweirup77 says:

    But who is controling the haarp that is causing these and what was the final outcome?

  18. goncalo500cpx says:

    @SarahBodoira yes…but even better is christina grimie

  19. FeelTheMusicx89 says:


  20. ChloePeterson1 says:

    why are you not selling out madison square garden yet!
    you are so amazing and such an inspiration to me!
    please check out my videos i would love to someday be as amazing as tyler! (:

  21. SarahBodoira says:

    Love it ! Better than demi lovato

  22. Laura7AndSavanna4 says:

    my spine! O.O

  23. tassentas says:

    I Love ur incredible voice =D

  24. machique13 says:

    @cbullethead3 nice one… this add a new kind of feeling to the song…THX a lot 🙂

  25. TheAlidaC says:

    @cbullethead3 What a good idea – beautiful!

  26. lovabletigerbaby7478 says:

    I have fallen in love with your voice….

  27. colourXvictim says:

    fell in love with tyler..

  28. mattbeermusic says:

    i saw tyler in teaneck a few nights back, and the show completely changed my life. as an aspiring singer-songwriter, I can promise you i am NOT like every other musician on youtube who uses the line “i know no one is going to read this” because i have faith someone will read this, preferably tyler. my dream is to perform/make a video with tyler ward. i sure hope he sees this. i believe i am good enough. you won’t regret checking me out. thumbs up for the struggling musician with a dream. thanks

  29. ElissaThe95 says:

    @cbullethead3 it works. i cried. thanks

  30. Natschaa81 says:

    SOOOOOOO wonderful! I agree, best cover of? this song! So much emotion! Keep going, Tyler! See you in Hamburg!

  31. lilyazaleamc says:

    Best cover of this song, in my opinion. 🙂 Keep up the great work–I’m so proud of the musical talent of a fellow Coloradoan!

  32. mattbeermusic says:

    i promise i am not like every other musician on youtube.. you won’t regret checking me out. i saw? tyler at the mexicali and he blew me away. i am an aspiring singer-songwriter who really wants publicity. my huge dream is to play/make a video with tyler ward. thumbs up for helping my dream come true! i want him? to see this. tyler, you’re the man. if this isn’t convincing enough, my last name is beer 😛 thumbs up!

  33. RasiumLane says:

    Although no one would probably read this, will still try to post it. I’m a 13-year-old boy who loves to sing with my 15-year-old brother & 9-year-old sister. I love to sing, play the guitar & cajon with them, & I hope that we would soon be something big in the future. It’s a dream of mine to be a well-known singer some day & you visiting our channel may make that dream come true. If you find this & do check us out, pls show your support by hitting “thumbs up.” We did cover Skyscraper.

  34. TheDededeluxe says:

    I love your voice.
    And you’re sooo sweet. ?

  35. JessicaKh7 says:

    Better than the original 🙂 keep it up

  36. fabioiscool1 says:

    You are so good.
    Every day i hear the songs from you 🙂
    I love this Songs than they make my happy.
    I love you ! I love your Songs. Make more.

    This is my favourite song from you you are the best 🙂 singer

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