Albertina Walker Memorial Service – “I’m Still Here”

November 2nd, 2011

“I’m Still Here” is one Albertina’s signature songs, performed by accomplished saxophone player, Juli Wood, spoken word done by Michael McKay, and vocal ad-libs by Delores Washington of The Caravans. For more information on the concert, check out (178)

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  1. tinascaravans says:

    Beautiful, and my number one girl Ms. Dee is still here. I missed Clara’s, Mahalia, James’s, & Dorothy Love home going services, but thanks to youtube, I was able to enjoy Tina’s…….And she will always be here……….

  2. sayamensomebody says:

    Nothing but the anointing! If something did not itch under your skin or even on top of you skin while hearing that, you may need to run a check!!!! Thank God, I’m still here!

  3. chezaray13 says:

    who is this

  4. christianpreachr says:

    WARNING: Do not watch unless you have shouting room.

  5. 08msmitch says:


  6. christopherbrown123 says:

    Im only 14 olding my tears just now know momma went home see you later momma i coming to see you and the rest of my family thank you JESUS that i am still here glory to your might name ,Praise break .

  7. msreverta says:

    my god, my god . sister you better play that sax. to gods be the glory. amen.

  8. hawkinman18 says:

    God bless Ms. Albertina Walker’s soul! I was wondering which 1 of the Barrett sisters can’t speak because of the stuff on her vocal chords.

  9. blkndabomb04 says:

    oh yes! she was playin that Sax

  10. ILOVEMUSIC2MSV says:

    She sppoke to my soul – play the sax, OMG – powerful

  11. dashaun345 says:

    She might be older now but she can still sing

  12. snowflaketeddy says:


  13. mrlee333 says:

    who’s the sax player- i miss queen walker -n but she ran her course and resting now,

  14. 44mature says:

    This saxophonist did a beautiful job all by herself. Music alone can sometimes speak louder than words. Well done.

  15. davonhurn says:

    Aunt Albertina I miss you so much Anut Dee you did and Great Job,I cant even Find word’s to tell you what a GREAT job you did and Sis.Lisa Know she did a Great Job as well.I’m Going to miss You AUNT Albertina I love you but I knoe Your STILL HERE.

  16. jddrew1000 says:

    @MrProfessor1984 A couple of years ago, she had one of her lungs removed. So she just remains with her low contralto. But yes one of the best soprano singers God as ever blessed to be in a group.

  17. IsaacsMedia says:

    I joked and called the saxophonist Lisa Simpson. But she was great. 🙂

  18. MrProfessor1984 says:

    I wonder if Delores can still hit those saprano notes. She was the one of the best sapranos both her and Rodessa Barrett.

  19. ELDERDRR says:

    This was moving…you could feel Albertina in this song. God bless Delores

  20. ladymh65 says:

    Play that horn now!

  21. melvin7207 says:

    the way the lady played that sax just makes you want to just stand up where ever you are and shout !!

  22. PennTrafford says:

    Delores and Albertina used to sing that song as a duet.

  23. Dmartinez11385 says:

    I was there on the second row. That sax was amazing and so was Delores. I got to speak to Delores Washington after the service and she was sooo humble. She answered my questions and was so loving. Long live the Queen…and long live the legends!

  24. czahair says:

    oh my god

  25. dimples40160 says:

    @ 2:22 she put “Dat Thang On It” She felt that and I did too,,,Yes Suah

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