March 28th, 2012

BUY THE ALBUM ON ITUNES!: CLICK TO TWEET: Executive Producers: Joey Graceffa: Meghan Camarena: Music Producer: Luke Conard: MUSIC VIDEO CREDITS Directed/Edited/Shot by: Joe Nation: Produced by: Lissette Schuster AKA Shoestarr: Camera Assistant: Evan Koester VFX done by: Wren: Key Make-Up: Erin Walters Additional Make-Up: Anna Bratton Nikki Phillippi: Stunt Coordinator: Billy Bussey Cast: Joey Graceffa (Cato): Meghan Camarena (Katniss): Luke Conrad (Peeta): Whitney Milam (Clove): Tessa Violet (Foxface): Ingrid Nilsen (District 4 Girl): Kirstie Taylor (Glimmer) Devin White (Stunts/Back Flip Tribute): Shannon Fitzpatrick (Stunts) Jason Munday (Tribute): Austin Murray (Tribute) John Noe (Tribute): Taylor Smith (Tribute): Lane Terzieff (Tribute): MUSIC CREDITS Album Co-Written by: Ryan Seiler: Luke Conard: Track Producer: Michael Fresh: Lyrics by Whitney Milam: My LINKS!: MAIL ME STUFFS! Strawburry17 333 Washington boulevard #613 Marina del Rey 90292 Getcha Burry onnn: New Designs/T-Shirt SALE!: Let’s be friends!: Twitter: Facebook: Lifeburry: Store: Keek:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses

  1. bandgeek299 says:

    I have a friend who wants to go into directing films and I’m just here voiceing a question she had, how did you do the affect with the tracker jackers??

  2. roxypro53 says:

    thats? cause your a fagtrollasshole

  3. goloyism says:

    Why did you? take the time to come here and say that?

  4. pancakeman1996 says:

    ur totally a loser compared? to OlgaKay!! <3 love you olga kay!1 not you strawburry17.

  5. JsusChristSuperstar says:

    Video: EPIC;
    Dubstep music: awesome!;
    Vocals:? not very good..
    you did better, in earlier WSP vids for example..

  6. richtidd says:

    Meghan This is simple a GREAT vid. It does not have to match the book 100%. It does have to be a GREAT production and follow the book close but some diff are OK. This is all of that. Fan films can take a bit of a diff track. You, Jimmy, Luke, Whitney, JoNation, Jason, Ingrid, Tessa etc did a FANTASTIC job on this project. So many pros on this is amazing. Your singing voice is at it’s? best & so is Jimmy’s. Thanks for a wonderful vid.

  7. captainVCO says:

    Only one question to put this as mildly as possible: Was this person who wrote this story (the book and the plot) on? some hard drugs or just plain psychotic and wrote the story line from a mental ward? Psycho analysis to be continued…….

  8. Showoffs6 says:

    I listened to this? video 74 times… very odd

  9. staronstar says:

    I love? this! You guys did an AMAZING job! 🙂

  10. drummergirl1334 says:

    😀 Joey bein hot as always X3?

  11. roxypro53 says:

    that was? sick.. plus your supper HOT!

  12. CoolerThanSora says:

    I think Joey would make an awesome Gale. Besides that, I sorta wish you put this into some kind of contest (like a? sweepstakes to see the Hunger Games screening), you would have totally won and then we could have seen Meghan vlog about it ^_^

  13. KickMiiKate says:

    SO EPIC?

  14. TheSavannahroberts says:

    @3:15 What? poor form.

  15. lunagrl93 says:

    omg! amazing!?

  16. keschiin says:

    Oops … awkward lol? 😀

  17. 19zebra19 says:

    That was? brillaint

  18. Bieberlover555xxx says:

    Haha joey looks soo tough!! But kinda? punches awkwardly

  19. RaisedByPurebloods says:

    Did anyone else really like the? way the tracker jacker seen was done in the movie?

  20. DragonDroid2416 says:

    Was that Meekakitty? 3?

  21. XxLilStrawburry17xX says:

    Can I use this song for a lyric video…?

  22. 724ephil says:

    AMAZING!!!!!! So Good!!!!!!!! n_n?

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