Baby Washington – This Time

December 14th, 2011

Baby Washington – This Time
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  1. u2cjb says:

    I saw Baby Washington Preformed this song “The Time” at the Apollo Theater in Harlen New York City. It? was a great preformance and I never forgot her great talent and fell in love with her music and still love to day. I am not sure they make preformers like her today. God Bless Babby Washington for her contribution to music.

  2. wayne5552 says:

    @nyimtman Thanks for reminding me of my current age!!! This is vintage soul. Baby Washington was my 1st female love of R&B. Her song ?Baby Workout” was the the dance parties first and last, I’m sure you know.? Thanks so much for uploading my first love.

  3. Persian1Cat says:

    @waydecolt? -You are correct. Eugene Pitt and Baby did a great job.

  4. MsElaineLewis says:

    It’s called “The Time”.?

  5. speedy45rpm says:

    I don’t think Baby Washington did any clunkers. Brownprideroldies2, you are one? of the best reasons to get on youtube. Thank you.

  6. leonardgoodwin25 says:

    thnx for awesome? oldie from ur awesome collection!!! respect!!!

  7. MegaDianal says:

    I still? this song. In my house of course. I use to wait for her to come out with a new song. Very strong voice.

  8. stripemister says:

    If only we can go back in “Time,” and start over? again.

  9. waydecolt says:

    The one she did with the Jive Five was also called The Time……..I think it was on the Ambiant label the Jive? Five LP also was on CD if I remember right.


    What’s the name of the? song?

  11. secndtenor says:

    Dr. Jive used to play The? Time on his radio show on WWRL in NY in late 50’s. She also appeared in his R&B review at the Apollo back in da dey.

  12. waydecolt says:

    The duet with Eugene Pitt was almost as good as the original hopefully someone will? post it!!!

  13. CrisVangel says:

    OOh I love this song, and yes it is ‘The Time’.. was just about to get a 45 copy of this (original press) and decided not to, it had too much label damage, thanks for making sure I don’t forget about? it, I have to look for another copy!


    This woman? was 18yrs old on this recording.


    Which female singers? have a voice that can match Ms.Baby Washington and Ms.Patty Drew?

  16. wrff1045 says:

    Its funny how this song never charted either in the billboard top 100 or bubbling under,? no where to be found yet it was in heavy rotation in the early 70’s on WCAU-FM Solid Gold Radio in Philadelphia, I always thought it was a big hit…

  17. tappa55 says:

    great song-thanks? for sharing

  18. beefoneeto says:

    As always BP right on the money with? great tunes.

  19. beefoneeto says:

    Saw her duet this tune with Gene Pitt of the JIve Five in? the early 90’s.

  20. KhemuLuxons says:

    Correct name? of song is “The Time”

  21. Timesteps7 says:

    I just love this lady. Evertime I hear her voice she? gives me goosebumps.

  22. broblara says:

    this is our? east side clover song

  23. AnitaLife27 says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Used to sing it (not anywhere near Baby W of course!) It’s just a stand out piece. Thanks for posting!?

  24. brownprideroldies2 says:

    Thank YOU? for your kind comment!

    I have LOTS more to upload, so make sureyou subscribe to me!

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