Balloon Festival In Washington DC

May 14th, 2016

Washington and the suburbs like the New Jersey, Seattle and the Sun City are all very much famous for their beautiful balloon rides. These balloon rides allow the mind to fly from the worries and stresses of the day to day life for some time and enjoy the nature’s beauty. Due to this reason a balloon festival is organized in Washington which allows people a healthy recreation but also helps to generate some funds for the needy. In this festival about 50 teams take part in the balloon rides and 25000 spectators watch them flying. The colorful balloons create a heart rending scene for the public. The various events that occur here are morning balloon launchings and landings, evening balloon glows. The other traditional games are Hare and Hound and Desert glows. The festival does not only have balloons in the air, there is a lot more for entertainment. This includes various food stalls where you can buy almost anything that pleases you.

Loud music and DJ’s create a whole atmosphere of fun and jubilee. At the end of the festival there is a firework show. This tickets of the festival are affordable even for a common man. They are $ 7 for adults, $ 6 for seniors and $ 5 for juniors. The kids less than five years of age are not charged. The tickets are on per day basis. Which means that in a three day festival you will have to buy a ticket daily. Also there are strict rules that once you are inside the gate you cannot leave it for any damn reason. If you have gone out for some propose you like to fetch something from the car you cannot re-enter without buying a new ticket. So it is always handy to check that you have brought everything you need with you when you are going inside. The money that is generated out of the tickets is given to the orphanages, community center, local charities and schools. So attending the festival is not only fun but also a service. The festival begins in the morning at sunrise and ends at around 10’o clock at the night. Morning liftoffs take place around 8’o clock in the morning. Many people gather around in the morning to enjoy the view. However the balloon lifts are largely dependent on the weather that particular day.

The lifts can be preponed and post poned as per the weather and you need to be well aware of it before time. The balloons soar in the sky all day and land in the evening around 7 to 8pm. The landings are greatly appreciated and the crowd is fond of viewing them. Hare and Hound races are the most thrilling and cherished of all the races in the festival. Such races are held on all the days. The hare is the balloon that places a target on the ground at a place where it landed and the hound balloon chases the target and tosses a small bean bag in the target. the hound that chases the largest number of targets in two days gets the maximum points and is encouraged with a cash prize. The desert glows is a beautiful race that is played in the evening. Many photographers take photographs.

Posted by Gertrude Brent

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