Battlefield Band in concert 2006

January 20th, 2012

This footage is an extract from a full length concert DVD – see for more details. Battlefield Band play Scottish music of a rare passion and joy. Inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength and vibrancy of today’s Scottish cultural scene, which indeed they have done much to create and fuel, they have led, and been at the forefront, of a great revival in Scottish music for over 30 years. During those years there have obviously been line-up changes, and the continued creativity, freshness and enthusiasm so obvious in their music is due to the positive way they have viewed, and used, these changes – and of course the new musicians themselves have been of prime importance. Alan Reid : (Keyboards, Vocals) Mike Katz : (Highland Pipes, Whistles, Bass) Alasdair White : (Fiddle, Whistles,Bouzouki) Sean O’Donnell : (Vocals, Guitar)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Minnan1 says:

    Great music?

  2. Bo0ja says:

    soo? gooooooooooodd

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