Bikini Kill – “Jigsaw Youth”

January 12th, 2012

Recorded live in Washington DC on April 4th, 1992

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  1. annalizardfell says:


  2. wheresgrunewaldo says:

    WOW! Hell Yeah!? Love Bikini Kill Listening to a lot of Bikini Kill, Blondie, Hey You!, Patti Smith, and No Doubt!. We need more rockin’ girls in 2011 !!!!!…

    Hey You! is still pretty new, but they’re waaay sweet. Cool style and edge. plus they’ve got a real cute girl singer too! 🙂 check em out…

    search “hey you band taking over”

  3. keponlivin says:

    it’s so weird to see? shows you were at so many years later

  4. keponlivin says:

    it’s so weird to see? shows you were at so many years later

  5. avitalthealien says:

    Tobi Vail is so? cute

  6. CobainLennonPhoenix says:

    I wish I had her? confidence

  7. supervixen19 says:

    @buttdisease ye and she got a box off courtney love? years ago ;-p

  8. buttdisease says:

    I can appreciate hardline feminism to some extent and I enjoy most of bikini kill’s songs/lyrics, but kathleen hanna seems so smarmy? and irritatingly shameless and self-important.

  9. iilonakh says:

    Looking for naughty chat or seeking ****?

  10. moviemonkeys says:

    @Ska9Punkrock Sexism,? naturally.

  11. dubified89 says:

    @lenora98 drugs are cool?

  12. murdersherote13 says:

    BTW. watch enough of BK and Le Tigre’s video’s and you’ll see that that’s the way she dances. I think she’s an incredible performer, they all are and not only did they play great? music but they must have been incredible to see live.

  13. murdersherote13 says:

    Do you think she is on drugs because she’s so comfortable with her body in front of others? Is this the only way a woman would be comfortable dancing and having fun in a way that isn’t for anyone else’s benefit than her? own?

    I don’t think she’s on any hard drugs, and even if she were, who cares, I think she looks like she’s having fun, and she makes me wanna kick out the jams.

  14. lusefer says:

    who cares ware? the source came from?
    just enjoy the music of one of the best bands in history

  15. lusefer says:

    no your sending the wrong message.

    dont do drugs that ARN’T natural 🙂

    well dont do? most unnatural drugs XD

  16. loveyrshotgun says:


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