Demi Lovato Live – Two Worlds Collide & Message For Selena

March 2nd, 2012

Demi dedicated this song to her “sister” Selena and asked us to post on YouTube πŸ™‚ From her Birthday concert August 20th , 2009 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA… Awesome Concert!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

@ Washington University
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. carlabow22 says:

    what? does she say at 0:54 to 1:00 ?
    anyone know plz

  2. sartika0720 says:

    she’s even promoting? selena’s album. She’s such a great friend. <3

  3. Lydiapareja says:

    I Love You Demi !! You are the best singer ever !!?

  4. Frankiestein2468 says:

    Wow. So caring and genourous. I love Demi. She loves her friends and family and is allways there for you.?

  5. 12lovatic says:

    I love demi now and i loved her then but? sometimes i miss this demi

  6. loveyoudemi229 says:

    i would really like me and my bestfriend to stop fighting but we get angry at eachother over the sttupidest things but everytime i listen to this song i relize how lucky i am cause i get to see my bestfriend demi hardly ever gets to see selena? i love demi her songs are so inspiring !!

  7. loveyoudemi229 says:

    i love her hair black? its so beautiful!! she is amazing

  8. Igneris17 says:

    Ohh and I miss her old? band too …

  9. Igneris17 says:

    I miss this demi? ..

  10. imnokoolkid says:

    litsen to the lyrics of this song
    this must have been kinda? emotional song to sing

  11. sammym1396 says:

    awww! <3 como siempre Demi tan tierna!

  12. foerbeer says:

    @WeLoveDemiL She has vlogs about how much she misses Demi,that also shows she loves her.And why do you all believe what the magazines? say?! Did Demi or Selena ever confirmed these rumors?! I don’t think so! Demi said herself that she wasn’t herself (before she went to rehab) and like HudgensSistersRock already said : Demi said that Selena was the first one to call her and she was crying. Nobody except them knows what happened between them, but I’m sure they still love eighother so back off!

  13. 13hidayah says:

    can i have a bestfriend like? her ? pleaseee πŸ™

  14. dreamergirlbaby says:

    Favorite song by? her!

  15. Jessica76649 says:

    AWW THAT IS SOO SWEET! I love Demi! That is soo sweet that she dedicated a song to Selena. I wish I had a best? friend like Demi.

  16. MegaLollypop19 says:

    you can tell what events happened by? her hair. she changes her hair once in a while. just saying πŸ™‚

  17. Caitlin12221 says:

    I? love Demi & Selena <3

  18. imnokoolkid says:

    hope she sings this on her new tour the song has? sucha amazing message xxx

  19. smileanddream3 says:

    this is me and my best friends song? for life

  20. acerb45666555 says:

    ps: Pakistan Islam seems more free than Talib Islam…….Pakistan must give the Talibs a bit of a? talk i think!

  21. yzyllkylnzlk says:

    harika! :)?

  22. acerb45666555 says:

    The Master!? *****

  23. p1425a says:

    Have anybody noticed the young lad sitting on the right corner among the 9-member group of performers? He is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and next to? Khan sahib on first harmonium is Khan sahib’s younger bro and Rahat’s father, Farrukh Ali Khan. On 2nd harmorium is Ustad Rehmat Ali Khan. All the three (nusrat, farrukh and rehmat) are no more. This performance was recorded most probably during the tenure when Khan Sahib was a professor of music at Washington University of Seattle in nineties. YN

  24. shivek1987 says:

    seems such a likeable man without any airs about? himself….he’s a very big inspiration. what voice texture…SURREAL

  25. abynov says:

    Are they throwing money? at him ? that’s demeaning.

  26. cmo234 says:

    I love? This!!!!

  27. Ranimunda says:

    do you have? any other video of this concert xecpt ALLAH ho ,then please uplaod and reply me

  28. HIFIKOOL says:

    tari khan played only on some classical stuff nusrat did at this concert, the rest of? the times it was dildar khan as u see in this video, both tabla players were present at this show.

  29. penfolduk78 says:

    what happened? to pakistan?? wish i could wind the clock back

  30. smasroorhasan says:


  31. pyasahaina says:

    bro where did you find this Qawwali??? are there any other parts of this?? except? of ALLAH HO that he singes on the same stage in USA ???

  32. siddharth123dey says:

    @rnulu rectify me if i m wrong but Ustad Abdul Sattar? and Tari khan are same

  33. szadbaszarok says:

    1:48———-? Moneyman

  34. paragpandit says:

    Sorry! and? Thanks! Appreciate it a lot! Wanted to add this to my orkut favorites.

  35. paragpandit says:

    Whatever your argument idiots.? First enable the embedding.

  36. lushboykhan says:

    tari saab isnt on tabla….. its? dildar hussain!!!

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