Entertainment System – Kirby’s Dreamland/Castlevania 2 @ MAGfest 7

December 14th, 2011

Entertainment System puts their own spin on songs from Kirby’s Dreamland and Castlevania 2 at MAGfest 7 in Alexandria, VA. magfest.org MAGFEST VIII January 1-4, 2010, near Washington, DC The most insane videogame music and gaming festival you’ll ever need to attend. Join us for over a dozen videogame music bands performing live during 3 nights of concerts, chiptunes, 24/7 open music jamming in Jamspace, and 24/7 LAN and console gaming. Our crew of real life videogame composers, remixers, performers, and hundreds of gamers will take over a hotel and party it up for 4 straight days.

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  1. mrtame says:

    Fucking? rad! I gotta make it to a magfest one of these years

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