F*** You – GWU Law Revue 2011

February 28th, 2012

Like this video? Vote for it in Above The Law’s video contest: abovethelaw.com A law school-themed music video spoofing Cee Lo Green’s song with the same title. Recording by Aaron Joachim, Class of ’10 Film production by Jungle Rules Films – junglerulesfilms.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses

  1. fatecannotbechanged says:

    Fuck? you

  2. aFunctioningWorld says:

    Maybe if you spent your time reading? in stead of singing.. just sayin’

  3. Emmie949 says:

    This video? should have been the winner!

  4. az097637 says:

    Your fucking the? @nigger!

  5. takari4eva says:

    as a? law student… I relate :/

  6. fatecannotbechanged says:

    Fuck you? Why because? hed better than you :O?

  7. LettersToWashington says:

    this video was hilarious? until it was depressing.

  8. SuperKenny132 says:

    Holy fuck?

  9. Soap360 says:

    Okay, he’s gonna be making 4x as much as? you, but bitch its okay.

  10. opollis says:

    I’m kinda glad I didn’t pull top ten. The? girls at my law school are actually pretty attractive.

  11. cutubel says:

    Secrets to Getting (Rejected from) The Job of Your Dreams #4162: Make a Youtube Video riddled with bad language disparaging your classmates that? work hard.

  12. foxx17b says:

    I have a? colleague in my class just like this man! I feel this song, it’s awesome! Congrats!

  13. jtoppe2 says:

    when do you ever have time to make these videos? i feel like i just? got behind in my reading by spending the past 3 minutes and 42 seconds watching this video. fuck you!!

  14. Rise329 says:

    Awesome song?

  15. shourani says:

    bizbite2 you? misspelled “Goldman Sachs.” Just sayin.

  16. bizbite2 says:

    Instead of making fun of these guys, you better learn like them… that’s why you gingers can’t land a job, it’s because you fu*king lazy shmoks didn’t learn sh*t.
    Now? you make fun of him… but he works for Goldman&Sacks and you will work in divorce settlements.
    Don’t be hatters, respect this guy for his work and dedication,… You might as well end up working for him…

  17. Waktsurfr says:

    I think we all have people like this guy in our classes.. arghhh?

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