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April 15th, 2012

www.cbc.ca While Fleet Foxes continue to draw widespread acclaim for their new album “Helplessness Blues”, frontman Robin Pecknold continues to struggle with demons of self-doubt in music and life. We talk to Pecknold and co-founding member Skye Skjelset about how the band overcomes these barriers, and what it means when audiences love the music they make, but the creator sees it as his “problem”.
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  1. driftwood277 says:

    The same is often said of Sam Gamgee for Frodo. Same thing, I think. Just a couple of awesome dudes who are super super close, to the point? of it maybe looking homosexual.

  2. pouidg says:

    .. Why is everyone talking about Justin Vernon? His songs are so boring..his sound is so artificial, when Fleet Foxes’s sound is so organic. The? only man cool enough to be quoted here is Sufjan Stevens, as far as I am concerned.

  3. abrahamlincolnstein says:

    I kind of feel like Skye has a? thing for Robin.

  4. driftwood277 says:

    he shaved? ?

  5. reverb508 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Robin. Midlake is amazing; like if Fleet Foxes, Fleetwood Mac, and Radiohead had a musical 3-way…?

  6. reverb508 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Robin. Midlake is amazing; like if Fleet Foxes, Fleetwood Mac, and Radiohead had? a musical 3-way…

  7. PlanetKelp says:

    you know you? know

  8. JonahGuerra says:

    Robin? looks like such a lost child at 0:40 .

  9. KateBrady111 says:

    like mumford… our fallen soldiers? 🙁

  10. ilovejustinvernon says:

    justin vernon and robin pecknold? are going to be the people my children grow up listening to, as I grew up listening to dylan and young.

  11. BartholomewHenri says:

    please put the entire fist? bon iver interview up. PLEASE.

  12. bumblebee9121 says:

    I? adore Jian Ghomeshi’s interviews! Brilliant again sir, thank you 🙂

  13. TheChillWavve says:

    R.I.P. Robin’s? beard.

  14. XxiluvuMJ4evaxX says:

    These guys and their? music have made such a massive impact on me,, I love them beyond belief! I must see them live some day <3

  15. catsflykatterflyr says:

    Skye is? so cute.

  16. SocialProblems2012 says:

    thumbs? up for pet sounds

  17. greenheart136 says:

    If they ever get TOO big the world of music should just basically end because they’re WAY? too good to be considered “mainstream”.

  18. BlackBearTexas says:

    real? musicians

  19. stereoheadshizune says:

    lol @ 16:59 – 17:03

    Skye: it just? seems like –
    Robin: …you can’t trust me, Skye.
    Skye: C’mon man…stop

    I love the? bromance between Robin and Skye (´????)

  20. Lastscionz says:

    Jesus, this? host is an idiot. Good video though.

  21. gnitleinad says:

    16:59-17:03 =? bromance

  22. mugwamp4 says:

    fair? enough,,,

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