Fox News: 50 years after March on Washington, some see rap music as a problem

May 31st, 2014

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Iration from the 808 State of Hawaii playing a cover of Mary Jane’s Last Dance. Live @ U Street Music Hall in Washington,D.C.
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  1. Thinkwise100 says:

    Exactly, whos signing these lyriques to get on the airwaves.

  2. Petro Greveni says:

    Rap/Hip-Hop is the only genre of music where people can relate to their
    personal experiences throughout their life. im not saying that it doesnt
    have no negative parts (everything does) but its the only genre that makes

  3. Nick Williams says:

    1. Everything is misogynistic, this is still a fucking patriarchy. Bob
    Dylan was a misogynist too, he just did it with prettier words. 2. There
    are a ton of rappers out there. Yeezy raps about the prison-industrial
    complex on his record. Kendrick Lamar raps about the difficulties of
    staying out of trouble in a toxic environment. Jay-Z is old hat and no
    longer representative of trends in the genre. He’s entering elder statesman
    mode, Hov’s more of a Trump or an Oprah than a voice for black youth.

  4. Gutsyndicate says:

    rap has been detrimental to black youth.

  5. john cobb says:

    Rap music is a nigga and thats all the hell it is.Monkey,murder,stealing
    gang rape,and no dam education.

  6. Jaxzz280 says:

    This is what happens when nobody takes the time to research the craft, and
    they just make their opinions from what they hear on the radio

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