funtwo live concert

March 17th, 2012

funtwo live concert
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  1. j1dvf says:


  2. TheAcon85 says:

    the geeks shall inherit the earth? 🙂

  3. BOOMxXxGaming says:

    @charlieofgondor he? meant mw2…

  4. charlieofgondor says:

    @Marty7555 Nah,? 15th prestige.

  5. metallicaandchimaira says:

    Ahh of course he’s fucken Asian there? good at everything

  6. dfloridopt says:

    he’s son? of chuck norris

  7. RockBand072 says:

    @jenjam7peace I just thought he? was a Gook..?

  8. Marty7555 says:

    @fenderdude456 10th Prestige golden guitar,? that’s what they told me at least.

  9. TheChopstixman says:

    @jaack456 ROFL but Beethoven messed up his ear coz of? his Amp 😀

  10. TheMinifro says:

    62 people were arrested at this concert? for smashing stuff.

  11. jj9345 says:

    62 people? must’ve had this video on mute!!!

  12. jj9345 says:

    @jaack456 lol? eh u never know. u prob right though rofl

  13. jenjam7peace says:

    @dorkwad852 no he is actually korean?

  14. gummyform says:

    @fenderdude456 esp sec 280tc? (:

  15. fenderdude456 says:

    anyone know what kind of guitar? hes got?

  16. dorkwad852 says:

    @punkseeker900 i thought he? was taiwanese

  17. TEMUJIN266 says:

    very great? !

  18. thedudefromthehood says:

    @shyalbatross1 yeah, guitar on D major… I never said it? isn’t an electric guitar -.-

  19. shyalbatross1 says:

    @thedudefromthehood electric guitar my dear?

  20. JimboVids says:

    You can’t even spell the word “LOSER” and you want to call someone that?

  21. Hatmanul says:

    @JimboVids Funny? looser :))

  22. LOLXDOXO says:

    @alithegreatest34 yeah i agree he? seems to wear hats a lot to hides his face
    even in a interview

  23. blitsedclawftw says:

    people do call him a nerd, but look where is? is now! NERDS ARE COOL!

  24. Yangyang306 says:

    Cool !!!?

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