Group1 Crew

March 29th, 2012

Check out these washington concert images:

Group1 Crew
washington concert
Image by amanky
I called up Felicia and arranged to meet her along the way… and took Eric down with me to check out Group1 Crew. One of this midday concerts that blew my socks off this year… way fun!

The Legendary Shackshakers
washington concert
Image by Rik Goldman
The colonel on harp. Live at Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC. November 10, 2007. TMAX p3200 in Nikon F100.

Motörhead At The 9:30 Club
washington concert
Image by Metal Chris
Here’s a totally zoomed out shot of the interior of the 9:30 Club while Motörhead was playing on 8 September 2009. I only got one good video at this concert, the song Bomber, because the 9:30 Club staff were being shitty about shooting video this evening.

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