Henry Rollins – Shock and Awe – Part 2 of 7

March 16th, 2012

Henry Rollins – Shock and Awe – Part 2 of 7 Recorded Live at the Moore Theatre, Seattle Washington on 14/03/2004. Enjoy. (and Greetings from South Africa)

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  1. 360psyco says:

    2 things:

    1rst: If priests aren’t allowed to masterbate, doesn’t this rule provoke sodomy? I mean, if you cant masterbate, wont you have problems controlling your urges?

    2nd: If a person goes out in public in a bulletproof bubble on a golf cart, shouldn’t you be afraid of a person who would think other people would? try to kill him? Why would they want to kill him unless he knows something we dont. and what better way to alleviate the fear than to try to do it ourselves? David has spoken.

  2. ameagher2 says:

    How I love a person who has control of the language.More importantly … moral values … this man has? them both – delightful, thanks.

  3. coskbeatz says:

    @thewhorocks524 haha yeah ?

  4. MrJimmyLocksmith says:

    I’m like that with dating. I feel really superficial when I won’t have anything to do with a woman who’s into? Twilight.

  5. renegade2551 says:

    i think jack off hell is just never? finishing.

  6. jacklondon5111 says:

    @DillonKeene? It’s a pleasure 🙂

  7. DillonKeene says:

    Thank you? so much for uploading this. 🙂

  8. Brandon0648 says:

    this guy? is amazing!

  9. gretsch5piece says:

    @holveragtz LMAO !!! PRICELESS !!!!!!!!?

  10. gretsch5piece says:


    LMAO !!!? PRICELESS !!!!!!!!

  11. holveragtz says:

    “Got the new nickleback” “GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY? CAR!!!!” hahahaha awesome

  12. thewhorocks524 says:

    Anyone else think he made the pope sound like the count from sesame street??

  13. EmilyGoldberg says:

    I knew he was about to say Harry Potter,? honestly.

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