Homay and the Mastan Group, Concert-DC-Sorood-e Iran

February 19th, 2012

astore.amazon.com cdbaby.com cdbaby.com Founded in 2005 byParvaz Homay, The Mastan Group has become one of the most prominent – traditional Persian music ensembles from Iran. Only in his 20’s, Homay is part of a very special group of Musicians who writes his own lyrics, composes, sings, produces and mixes his music in Iran. His ensemble consists of eight highly proficient Iranian musicians. These young spiritual and talented Artists transmit their message of truth and unity through novel lyrics and music. They achieve this by refreshing the traditional and folkloric music and introducing a groundbreaking interpretation of classical Persian music and poetry. Following the paths of the greatest Sufi masters Rumi and Hafez, the Mastan Group encourages its audiences to live consciously. They share the universal idea of striving for a creative life by flourishing love and peace from within. Gorooh e Mastan is perhaps the best thing has happened to Persian traditional music since Aaref Ghazvini of The “Iranian Constitutional Revolution era” of early 20th century. Even the few songs, which are not written by Homay, have been chosen very carefully from the great poets of the past and present. “It has been proven that today true spirituality can’t flourish under an obligatory and restricted religious atmosphere. Ensemble Mastan” is trying to transmit this important message to their audience. ” Ensemble Mastan” is trying to refresh the Persian traditional music by introducing an

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  1. 100neda says:

    The only way that Islam will leave our land is through critical thinking, being educated about the world, asking questions and never ever accepting blind faith. Islam will? cruble in the face of reason. It only strenghtens in the face of criticisim since it has survived due to the fear it teaches. So read and read and keep reading about world afairs and sit at table to have a discussion with a devout muslim that can not argue but just reinterate his memorized text. You will see them fall fast.

  2. rendanevar says:


  3. fsh57 says:


  4. BalkhBastan5000BC says:

    Bale va hamchonan sarzamine Jama(Jamshied)Padshah,sarzamine Feraidon va farzandanash va mamchunan kova ohangar va? tamame farzandane Ariai Ahurai ke hamaie shan ba ma astand,rohan agar ma hemat konem.

  5. Fravahar says:

    i love my iran but i hate islam
    IRAn is the land of AHURA MAZDA of zoroaster(zartosht) , the land of cyrus the great (kourosh), the land of ardeshir babakan, ? babak khoram din, maziar, ferdosi,

    islam leave our land go back to deserts of doom in arabia, the n islam means 1400 years supression and winter in my beloved iran

  6. bityou2be says:

    omidvaram hamishe payande bashi homa?

  7. PesareIRANZamin says:

    Saturday? Night September 19Th, meet with Mastan In NYC

  8. parastoondr says:

    dorod bar? shoma. hamishe javdan bashi eyy IRAN

  9. ShiiVaax says:

    Magnifique musique 🙂
    IRAN? . <3

  10. afsan44 says:

    ba sepas wa dorood be farzandane khalafe mihaneman ,
    hamchon? hekmatane paydar
    wa hamchon bisotoone ostowar bashid

    ta pirouzie wa rahaii sarzamine daliran IRAN

  11. nimamavi says:


  12. faridb2000 says:

    I am going to provide translations in English for all parts of Gorro-e Mastan (The Mastan Ensemble). For now,? go to parts 8 and 9 for translation.

  13. aousscino says:

    i am? arabic man but i like and respect the iranian musci coz we got from them many many melodies in fact!!

  14. farzinphotography says:

    Looking forward? to see them in Toronto again!

  15. somi1362 says:

    mersiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………..doroooooooooooooood? bar shoma!

  16. zadehreza says:

    islam in notion but only rubbery and rape barbaric crime , this world is main and paradise is your a bigest? lie as a falicy

  17. ashkegham says:

    ????????? ???? ??….

  18. khodemooni says:

    Please…. Please… talking about Iranianns,, way above religions and khorafats, this is a nation with most pride with its past , and what it offered to the rest of the world,, please dont mix Islam with Iran, thats the most unfortunate, ugly, hapening to the greatest nation of all times, Iran was? the greatest nation before Islam, its history, ….FACT…..!!!!

  19. ruopradnamas says:

    shohare azize? man be tore nagahani bedone hich bimari fot kard wa che ziba bod maraseme u ba saze por darde shoma merci

  20. YasharMJ says:

    Tezol, you are completely right!

    Iranian culture is soo interwinned with Islam!

    All these people with Islamo’fobia are just lying to themselves!

    Islam is part of Iranian culture, whoever tries to deny this is lying to? themselves!

  21. tezol21 says:

    There is only one God. It is Ok if you call your Almighty Ahura. It is just your ubnderstanding? of God. he fact is there is ONLY one but our perceptions of that entity is different. My God’s attribute includes beauty and love. The wine I believe in is the one that does not cause HANG-OVER!

  22. tezol21 says:

    All I can say is stick your head out of the world your dreams have created for you and see? that whether you like it or not our culture has dearly accepted Islamic values. Why?Because it is so rational and strong. Islamic values do not belong to arabs, it is global idea.

  23. clupmib says:

    ba shookoh tarin talar? haye donya ham baraye ejtaye shoma nachizan ahoora negah daret

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