How hard is it to get into the university of Washington?

April 27th, 2012

Question by Topher L: How hard is it to get into the university of Washington?
I have many colleges to choose from but the one me and my family are hoping for the most is UW. Right now im in community college so i can get all those annoying credits out of the way. After a year here i hope to zoom right into this place. How did any of you get in? And i been considering joining the football or band program. What are the things i should be concerning about these things?

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Answer by ericjamesharlow
Well, first you are going to need extra curricular activites and vollunteer hours. The colleges take a lot in to effect at what kind of person you are. In addition, It is good that you are gonig to a community college. Get good grades in there, probably a 3.5 or above and you should be fine. Are you doing the IGETC or Tag program? Furthermore, I would reccomend taking some sports or excersice classes. In a community college these count toward your GPA so you can have 1 B and take a sports class and get an A to bounce your GPA. I averaged 2-3 sports classes and 3-4 G.E classes and would often end up with a 3.61. With that GPA I got into Berkeley, UCSD, USC, UCI, and UCLA. But I honestly belive it’s because i have more than 3000 vollunteer hours that got me into it. So anyways, sports raelly help you out and also show the college you are an atheletic individual. As far as the band or footbal program I belive it’s a seperate situation. I believe that once you get into UW you then have to audition for the Band program. It helps if you take some band classes at community college. I hope this helped and I wish the best for you in the future. Good luck!

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