Ian MacKaye – 1986 – Emocore is stupid

January 1st, 2012

For all you “emo” kids out there, here is Ian MacKaye from 1986 saying, live with his band Embrace: “I must say one thing. I must say emocore must be the stupidest f$ %ing thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. But just in case you are wondering, I read in my Thrasher the other day, that in fact, what my band (Embrace) along with other bands (Rites Of Spring, Beefeater, etc) in this city (Washington DC) are playing is emocore. I’m thinking Emo Phillips, the comedian (look it up if you don’t know who he is), emocore? Emotional hardcore?? As if hardcore wasn’t emotional to begin with. Anyway, it’s caca. I hate to say it but you can only hold your silence for too long about this stupid sh#$ t.” Just a quick history lesson in emo 🙂

Guadalajara finally boasts the world’s biggest mariachi band. A total of 549 musicians got together to win the record for the birthplace of mariachi Sunday, playing several songs in just over 10 minutes (Aug 31)

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  1. MooglesNest says:

    @killforfiend You should do like I do, listen to what you think is good and all your problems will go away. And if someone starts saying things that doesn’t add up at all about the music you listen to, make sure you got the facts straight so you can mute that person once and for all.

    Happened to me today and I tried to mute him even though he wouldn’t listen, so I just postet all I coud find about hardcores origin and everything about it on? his facebook wall.

  2. MooglesNest says:

    @blackorpheliac1 Rites of Spring was, like Embrace, a post-hardcore band from D.C. that was founded in? 1984 and was together with Embrace a vital part of the new era of the genre. If you’re that into Ian MacKaye and Embrece you should know my friend.

  3. swindle1989 says:

    If you think emo is stupid, go give an honest listen to the band Shotmaker. You can find their discography anywhere on the internet easily, and if you don’t like? it, delete it. Or Still Life.

  4. facefacts911 says:


  5. homygodwtf says:

    I can dig this but I still like to? call things emo and emocore

  6. PnxNdd420 says:

    yeah fuck emo.? < hardcore

  7. Basskay says:

    @parman He was? a fan of Rites of Spring, I don’t think he ever denied that.

  8. stvnd1 says:

    Exhibit A:

    “There’s a new form of performance occurring out in Washington, D.C. It goes by the name of Emo-Core? or Emotional Core. Bands like Embrace (featuring Ian McKaye), Rites of Spring, Beefeater, among others are taking the severe intensity of an emotional projection and adding it totally into their respective life sets. Crowds are said to be left in tears from the intensity. This sort of a gig is not a frequent affair, as the bands are fully drained after a performance”

  9. DabeDread says:

    Sick, I love? you

  10. SlipkPie says:

    @SwirlyBrokenHearts what?

  11. iLikeToShank says:

    @SwirlyBrokenHearts I sure hope you weren’t talking about? Ian MacKaye…

  12. killthatcity says:

    this is the beginning of emo bands denying the “emo” label because of its social connotations. MacKaye isn’t saying that the idea of playing hardcore music with emotional expressivity is stupid. in fact he’s saying? that it’s absurd to think that there’s any other way. “as if hardcore wasn’t emotional to begin with”… the misconception that “emo” refers most correctly to whiny bullshit isn’t a new one.

  13. WillyWobSk8in says:

    @SwirlyBrokenHearts emos shit kid, the music sucks, that makes me jealous? and what fucking emocore band at this time was even known? give me? a break.

  14. maryperkins666 says:

    @SwirlyBrokenHearts hahaha what a fucking moron.? go dye your bangs you fruit

  15. moyelchingon says:

    @sanagus2010 la envidia? es mala!…..

  16. Chuykhan2 says:


  17. blueone92 says:

    jalisco is ? the SHIT!

  18. CoreyMcc11 says:

    does everyone have to? title it Raw Video!?

  19. sanagus2010 says:

    Con todo respeto para los mariachis que rompieron este? “record” deberian darse una vueltecita a la Plaza Garibaldi en México D.F. el dia 21 de Noviembre que es cuando año con año se tocan las mañanitas para nuestra patrona Santa Cecilia y que no es por desilusionarlos pero hemos llegado a reunir hasta 900 músicos y todos de Mariachi no como aqui que están hasta los Huicholes que cantan “La Cusinela” descansen con su “Record”.

  20. MariachiChannel says:


  21. atlantasbest says:

    @electricvisions What’s your nationality??

  22. 36554024 says:

    “señoras y señores, la capital del mariachi esta aqui!!”


  23. seraphonwingsoflead says:

    @lornasydne 549 =]?

  24. trumpetmariachi75 says:

    los pechugas por? delante

  25. modernslp says:

    pues veta a? la chingada cabron

  26. srgiosr says:

    México? no me simpatiza mucho, pero el mariachi si!!!!!! Felicidades!

  27. ObliviuxProductions says:

    This? is… how can somebody even organize that many people?!?!

  28. indielady150 says:

    yeah, Mariachi music originated in mexico and it will always be mexican, now alot of other countries? have taken it up but its MEXICAN!!!!

  29. jurbina15 says:

    The girl messed? up @ 0:18

  30. jgarcianside says:

    In replying to Electrovisions post. MARIACHI IS 100%? MEXICAN..

  31. jimblesmd says:

    Now THAT’s rock and roll.? Kickass work, Mexico!

  32. fervera37 says:

    y mas? orgulloso de ser TAPATIO!!!!!

    Jalisco es MEXICO”””

  33. satitasanchez says:

    Felicidades!!!! Este es mi México!!.. Viva México, señores!!!

    Que orgullo ser? mexicana!!

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