Iron Maiden – Brave New World – Final Frontier Tour 6-22-2010 Seattle, WA

April 26th, 2012

Iron Maiden/Dream Theater The Final Frontier Tour ’10 Tuesday June 22, 2010 White River amphitheatre – Auburn, Washington Show was great these guys and Iron Maiden were great! I recorded most of maidens set except 3 songs. and I recorded all of Dream theaters set. * = Not recorded The Wicker Man Ghost of The Navigator Wrathchild El Dorado Paschendale The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg These Colours Don’t Run* Blood Brothers Wildest Dreams* No More Lies* Brave New World Fear of The Dark Iron Maiden Encore: The Number of The Beast Hallowed Be Thy Name Running Free
Video Rating: 5 / 5

FOLLIES star Bernadette Peters performs “In Buddy’s Eyes.” The winner of seven Tony Awards®, FOLLIES is one of James Goldman and Stephen Sondheim’s greatest works. It echoes the songs, exuberance and romance of the lively vaudevillian days between the two World Wars. With such well-known songs as “Broadway Baby,” “I’m Still Here,” “Too Many Mornings,” “Could I Leave You?” and “Losing My Mind,” the show gives voice to the ghosts that haunt the stages of Broadway’s great old theaters with what the Washington Post calls some of Sondheim’s “wittiest, most luminous songs.

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  1. lickthebisket says:

    i went? to this consert KICKASS

  2. kaemaen says:

    Yeah I? really wanted them to come back on and play classics. I am happy that they played Hallowed though.

  3. THEsquintsinator says:

    i know at the end i started chating trooper and a whole bunch of people started doing it 2 it was badass but then they? never played it i was kinda pissed

  4. Manicmatttt says:

    this show was kick ass i was there? 😀 but they should of played the trooper and run to the hills also but other then that it was great

  5. CerebralEulogy says:

    I was at this show, It totally kicked ass. Not quite as spectacular as the 2008 Somewhere Back? in Time Tour was, but still pretty awesome. If I could see those 2 shows back to back, there would have only been like 4 duplicate songs played.

  6. decomposing1 says:

    was at same? show! Killa

  7. EddieVH666 says:

    This? was one of the greatest shows I’ve been to and I’m glad they had the 3 best songs from brave new world in the mix

  8. jaghor says:

    The new album equalized, remastered and mixed, on my chanel, sounds like 80’s
    I hope you like it .? UP THE IRONS !

  9. jaghor says:

    Coming? Home Mix

  10. gunnersuper147 says:


  11. IMFlight666 says:

    Great Song!!!?

  12. AngelaHammontree says:

    I? was there, it was great!

  13. sammiefyed says:

    WOW she looks? the same as in “Cinderella” I have no clue how but that woman seems to not age at all

  14. eskimogay72 says:

    Omg does she? ever age?? Fantastic!!

  15. EveryDayALittleDeath says:

    I saw? this show. I have Bernie’s autograph now. And on the same day, I met Stephen Sondheim in Juniors Cheesecake. No lie. I swear I nearly fainted

  16. boodabill says:

    I saw it yesterday. This was the show stopper? for me…

  17. damone77 says:

    I haven’t seen the production but I am too young to have seen the original. ? One thing with Bernie…you know she’ll be fabulous. I was just blown away with her performance in “little night music”. Here’s hoping I see it before it closes!!!!

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