Lanu – Beautiful Trash feat Megan Washington

February 25th, 2012

BUY ON iTUNES: This is the first single to be lifted from the new Lanu album, Her 12 Faces, released: 4th March Australia 7th March UK and ROW 5th April USA This single is available now on white 7″ vinyl worldwide and upfront from iTunes. Official UK digital release date is 7th February

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24 Responses

  1. fearthecoconut says:

    35? dislikes? WHAT?

  2. delicioushoi says:

    Thumbs up if you came here? because of project catwalk .

  3. titmouse68 says:

    Which Wes Anderson? film is this from.

  4. gmr234 says:

    can someone please find me an instrumental version of? this?

  5. chrisleeahn says:

    This song reminds me? of Gwen Stefani’s annoyingly catchy song “Hollaback Girl”. Lanu is refreshingly catchy 🙂

  6. anonymousvagrant says:

    HOTEL COSTES 15 brought me? here!!

  7. mattmaes says:

    Is the mix heard in? the Chase Sapphire Commercial available anywhere for download?

  8. DrLasker1 says:

    thumbs up if you’re here from the? chase sapphire commercial!

  9. oclax15 says:

    Originally I got this song from a free Starbucks,thing but them I heard it on a chase sapphire commercial,,? way to go

  10. walkandskank says:

    another brilliant? Lanu production

  11. sesabio says:

    the more i listen? to this music the more i like it:)

  12. CampingestBoyAlive says:


  13. jollygreenjackie says:

    cant get enough of this song washington has? an amazing voice

  14. eyesee21 says:

    Another cool song and? video!!:)

  15. GothicVampireRosa says:

    what a cute video? for this song 🙂 good job

  16. Elliepaw says:

    I just realized? why I love this video. These two look just like pictures I’ve seen of my parents when they were kids. So cute!

  17. ant1ph0n says:

    @naritchi? wow that’s the gayest fucking thumbs up comment ever.

  18. 1234devo1234 says:

    This? version stinks!

  19. naritchi says:


    You’re? quite cheery, aren’t you?

  20. fromaworldcorrupted says:

    @brettparry haha what is that? version?

  21. bhenry says:

    @mrcheeseyboy Thumbs up if you can spell “you’re” correctly.?

  22. musicvidbuff1 says:

    was awesome when i bought the album? 3 months ago…still is

  23. criznittles says:

    Lanu “Beautiful Trash” is featured on Indie/Rock Playlist:? May (2011)

  24. glassies says:

    my slag? loves this jam.

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