Loara High School Marching Band-Washington Grays-1980

April 7th, 2014

The Loara High School Marching Band plays “Washington Grays” by Claudio S. Grafulla in SCSBOA competition. The video is from a 16mm film converted to digital…
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summer band concert in WMS band room… pleaz fav, comment, sub… thx!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 1912fld says:

    I love the old days when bands wore white spats – and the shakos…

  2. Maggie Kelly says:

    Haha, TOTALLY Beyer and Marino walking along with the band (as Beyer tries
    to duck out of the way of this cameraman while walking by). That boy
    photographer looked kinda cute, but could his shorts be any shorter?! This
    was 3 years after I’d graduated from the band…. GO SAXONS!

  3. Justwinlover says:

    @yurlittlepianist Faye <------ forgot how to spell her name. she's in advance band pd 3

  4. yurlittlepianist says:

    Who’s that clarinetist in the black ????

  5. Justwinlover says:

    @DORKiExNiNJAS really?

  6. yurlittlepianist says:

    The one that’s sitting in the third seat

  7. Justwinlover says:

    @yurlittlepianist np 🙂

  8. Shayna Fujimoto says:

    I LOVE this song. :3 Even though Mr.Hamm used to yell at me to get softer
    when I wasn’t even playing. >.> Bleh, he always blamed first seat.

  9. 0AnimeLuver0 says:

    nice job guys

  10. Justwinlover says:

    @yurlittlepianist the guy? idk

  11. Josephine Pang says:

    nice job guys Peter~

  12. Tobi Tiamzon says:

    @Justwinlover Yeah, I was. But i was at cali for the nationals for judo

  13. DORKiExNiNJAS says:

    i was supposed to be there T_T -Tobi

  14. veeveeli says:

    i was suppose b der 2….but i left early

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