Local music in Washington DC?

February 10th, 2012

Question by Anonymous: Local music in Washington DC?
DC is not the best place for local music; most of the “popular” venues are bars with horrible acoustics, and it seems like any four jackasses that can play their instruments are playing emo music or faux-metal.

For you DCers, what do you like about local music? What would you like to see more of with local bands? Which is most important; musicianship, originality, or stage show?

Your answer could have a significant impact. Please answer seriously.

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Answer by mickey g
well, frankly i must agree with you. my bf is a lighting designer who has had to light these bands in these bars. and lets just say TT Reynolds and the Shark Club are a little seedy sometimes. but sometimes you really do get some good music. When Junk Food first came out we worked with them. and then we do a lot at the Clarendon Ball Room.

And really, its all about stage show (with some talent of course). one of the bands that seems to get a rise out of the crowd the most is Gonzo’s Nose. We worked with them for years. great bunch of people, loads of fun, and just fun to watch and sing along with (they are a cover band).

but yeah, in general, i agree with you, and we’ll just stick with the big shows and local festivals.

what we really need are some new venues. we were really hopeful when putting in the new Irish Village out in sterling (where the old Draft house Movie Theater was) because the guy who owns it owned Ned Devine’s, but then he turned it into a night club/ bar and its really bad for live music.

there is an idea my BF and some of the guys he’s working with are throwing around for down in Flordia, but it would be cool here if it would happen. they want a full stage, but they want it to have its own lighting rig and sound system, but it is also a full bar with 250 items on draft (its supposedly going to be by hard rock and try to get the bands they wouldnt want) but thats now over and year in the making, and no progress has been happening. if someone was willing to do that around here that would just be amazing. and since the design would be made my these theatre geeks, the acoustics would actually be taken into affect!!

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