Macklemore “The Town” Live @ The Wild Buffalo | Bellingham, WA

March 6th, 2012

Macklemore “The Town” Live @ The Wild Buffalo | Bellingham, WA presented by Buildstrong. A truly inspiring performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis during the VS ep release party. The VS. EP is available for free download with a suggested donation at Itunes: Macklemore Blog: http http Now when I say 2-0, you say Nah, you know the rest This is our scene our music, our movement, the history lives through us I write to the beat and let life play the guitar strings Despite the drama, there’s respect and comaraderie Everytime one of my friends is mentioned in my philosophy Its a right of passage, I’m not trying to be corny I got a love for the sportin’ life, Alpha P, Massline, and Onry Everytime somebody steps out onto the road They bring a little northwest soul with em, amen Alright then, just so you know I try to carry that everytime I rock a show so turn my sound up richochet off our mountain Its good medicine that Cheif Sealth would be proud of sends our city, town pride, heart, blood, sweat, tears, I-5, North, South side, vibe, live, ride down those city blocks and everywhere we stop

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  1. jonaelgs says:

    i just hope? he doesn’t change like others rapper change when they go big .

  2. roachstacy says:

    i feel like? the one dislike was an accident

  3. KylesCards5 says:

    BHAM? FTW!!!!!!!

  4. MrDhazed says:

    hes so much? better live than most rappers. this is the shit

  5. hairesonyourchest says:

    @doobiefan Im cool with it just as long as his music doesn’t change so that he caters to the wants the mainstream majority, for example it would suck if he started rapping about bullshit subjects, giving his backup? tracks a club sound to them and collaborating with pop artists just so that he sells more.
    Of course this is Macklemore we’re talking about so i have faith in him not to do so however I’ve been let down by so many other artists that change once they get big so I cant trust anyone.

  6. UberSpaceman says:

    macklemore? ftw

  7. rabbidskaters says:

    I was? born and raised in Bellingham, and i feel exactly the same way about this region.

  8. Vorbis5 says:

    Id eat my mom? to be there

  9. sk8er25 says:

    Macklemore, you ARE my favorite? artist. You’re on your way to the top.

  10. SalishSavage says:


  11. pineapplepootytang says:

    hahaha ryan lewis? is so clownin…

  12. chAOStoob says:

    i was born in bellingham!!!!! wish i still? lived there for this.

  13. seatown206100 says:

    Great video, ! Love it. ? $206

  14. azaces100 says:

    bob marley no? women no cry background beat im not shure the other one

  15. SeattleHipH0p says:

    mad respect to macklmore

    show love to the knowmads, kung foo grip, a? knuckle impact, and language arts the upcoming Seattle hip hop check it out

  16. dariusdavie91 says:

    @doobiefan yo? man. totally agree wit u. Its guys like Macklemore and Shad (TSOL) that can/will slowly change the game

  17. lwhite1997 says:

    is there perhaps? a hater…hmmm one dislike. I think so, how could u hate this?

  18. BeRedIQ says:

    COLD. rocked that? show!

  19. haitianjack5 says:

    this is a live show man. dude is leaving? it out on the stage. this is the genuine thing. respect to the northwest from harlem.

  20. ibetmycaddywill2 says:

    I went? when he threw this done it was soooo tight

  21. TheSchoegglnator says:

    @BmxUndead dude i am so stoked its gonna be awesome?

  22. bambooo88 says:

    @doobiefan money isnt the virtue, its the love of the music and the communal outreach of hip hop peotry to the hip? hop community. Money is great but mack isnt doing it to get rich

  23. 206loc says:


  24. SeaTownRecords206 says:

    @206loc ur trippin, u dont have to be black to rap filthy, ur just? one of those people that think rap music has to be done by a black person

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