Mad Season – Live At The Moore 1995

March 26th, 2012

(C) 1995 SONY BMG MUSIC – During the production of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy, guitarist Mike McCready eventually went into rehab in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he met bassist John Baker Saunders.When the two returned to Seattle, Washington they formed a side band in 1994 with drummer Barrett Martin. All three have long been a part of the Seattle music community with McCready playing in such bands as Pearl Jam and Temple of the Dog, Martin with Skin Yard and the Screaming Trees and Saunders with The Walkabouts as well as blues talents such as Little Pat Rushing, Hubert Sumlin, Sammy Fender, and The Lamont Cranston Band. Immediately the trio set up rehearsal time together and wrote two songs, “Wake Up” and “River of Deceit” (RiverofDeceit.OGG sample (help·info)), both of which would later appear on the band’s album Above. McCready then brought in friend and Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley to round out the line-up. Despite not having a single song completely prepared (only beginnings of songs, according to Martin) and not even having a name for the band, McCready scheduled an unannounced show at the Crocodile Cafe in October 1994, which turned out to be a big success. The song “Artificial Red”, which was also to appear on the album, actually came together during the show itself. Two more gigs were scheduled at the same venue, with the band calling itself the Gacy Bunch, after both the notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy of Chicago and the 1970s sitcom The Brady Bunch
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  1. kasztan2008 says:

    I was just thinking… those people at this concert are the luckiest guys alive to see that band playing !!! OMG I would? love to remember this

  2. dimitrispearljam says:

    MIKE =? GOD…….

  3. TheGemini1173 says:

    been in love with? this video since I found it on VHS in the mid-90’s…very under rated. Thanks for sharing…

  4. handsomerube says:

    @123abc7589 eddie vedder showed? up ;p

  5. Minionspy007 says:

    Why don’t ppl know bout? this!?!?

  6. pt88gt says:

    Only two word….? HOLY FUCK!!!! Best video on YouTube… Period…..

  7. 123abc7589 says:

    12:40 holy? shit!

  8. lonelywolf04 says:

    I love the blend of all alone and November? hotel its like the come before the storm into a beautiful destructive stor
    m in music format

  9. zeonk says:

    wtf! why i was unaware of this awsomeness till now??!?!
    why nobody tell me this exist???
    i definitely hate u all?

  10. louducati900 says:

    love this so? much…

  11. rileyaw03 says:

    @Ilovebigcockz Wow. Are you serious? I’ve? never touched drugs and still think this is one of the most musically talented groups to ever be assembled.

  12. rileyaw03 says:

    @aatto69 Mark Lanegan? from the Screaming Trees

  13. nitram081966 says:

    @Ilovebigcockz Go? preach your hate, elsewhere

  14. aatto69 says:

    who sings in long? gone day besides layne

  15. MrMeisbored says:

    @tiffanyshipp1 obviously a troll. dont waste your breathe on him. look at his username?

  16. tiffanyshipp1 says:

    @Ilovebigcockz WoW!!! then why would you even be on this video? Your? are a disgrace to human kind.

  17. gerronema says:

    @Ilovebigcockz Save your words, your username pretty much says? it all….

  18. 90eyehategod says:

    MAD? SEASON always!!!

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