Marine Corps Barracks Washington Evening Parade 8/31/07

January 7th, 2012

Video taken on during the final evening parade of 2007. Marine Barracks Washington, also known as “8th & I,” is the oldest active post in the Marine Corps. Located on the corners of 8th & I streets in southeast Washington, DC the Barracks supports both ceremonial and security missions in the nation’s capital. The selection of the location of Marine Barracks Washington was of national and strategic interest. President Thomas Jefferson accompanied by the second commandant of the Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel William Ward Burrows, searched for a suitable location to station the Marines within proximity to the Washington Navy Yard and within “an easy marching distance of the Capitol.”

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  1. TravellerFellow says:

    WOW incredible ! My Beloved Corps. well done. ******?

  2. Gmancrap says:

    Fact: No one? cares what you think.

  3. Jamrodleon says:

    Fact: No real warm blooded Marine ever had to take the? AMY entrance exam. No One wants to play with ropes all their live long days. Unless you are one of Bill Clinton’s boys.

  4. vanbock says:

    FACT: Marines cannot pass the Army entrance exam which is why they are forced to draw a pay check from the Navy Dept. ? Rather sad when you think about it.

  5. mcmillanndu says:

    @sgtP77 Two parades a week between Memorial Day and Labor Day–Tuesday night at Iwo Jima memorial, Friday night at Marine? Barracks 8th and I Streets SE. No reservations needed for Tuesday, but reserve well in advance for Friday. Check the Marine Barracks website for details.

  6. ORYGUNLADY says:

    so pleased that? when I served at the Pentagon I attended this lovely tattoo

  7. sgtP77 says:

    How ofter do they have the evening parade? I would like to know so I can plan my vacation accordingly. Although I was in the Army, I believe the US? Marines has the best band of all the military services.

  8. rbf0621 says:

    cover and alignment aye? aye sir oorah marine corps, kill!!

  9. Theodorej1960 says:

    Makes me even prouder, if that’s possible, to be one of the? few, the proud, a Marine. Semper Fidelis!!!!

  10. gigiloboy says:

    Marszen (March) des yorkscher corp. written by beethoven for Field Marshall? Yorck of the Prussian Army

  11. RacingSundown207 says:

    Can anybody tell me what the name is of the first song they’re playing??

  12. TravellerFellow says:

    May God? Always BLess My Beloved Corps.

  13. AEAEntertainmentInc says:

    @Jusgrowinup On memorial services, the Ensign can be flown with a historical? numbering.

  14. MultiBaldEagle says:

    My son was stationed at? 8th & I for 2 years. I actually got to witness The Friday Evening Parade. If you’ve never seen it, you should. EVERY American should.

  15. ElvisGraceland1 says:

    omfg, im gonna add this vid? to my favourites, just to proof that the marines do play traditionell german marching songs like the first one “yorkscher marsch”…

    thats the one the german soldiers (representing duties) from the “Wachbattallion” do play as their entry and exit march…

    actually its a song from ludwig van beethoven…

  16. mimiisawsome69 says:

    @Jusgrowinup it is because they fly the flag that was flying when the barracks were built? it has 15 stripes and stars and stripes the 15th state at the time was Kentucky

  17. Jusgrowinup says:

    i noticed the? flag didnt have 50 stars. Why is that?

  18. Pointeman1 says:

    I? hope every American can get a chance to see the Evening Parade at The Marine Barracks here in Washington, DC. Thanks! For posting this video!

  19. yanni1309 says:

    When ever i hear the US Marine Corp Band play, the sprit of every marine who ever wore the uniform marches with them oohraa?

  20. traslavc says:

    1st march is one my favorites, “Marsch des Yorckschen Korps” by Luwig? van Beethoven”.

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