Mike Quatro Concert 1972 # 4

February 9th, 2012

Some cool washington concert images:

Mike Quatro Concert 1972 # 4
washington concert
Image by washington_area_spark
Image of students gathering on the football field at Montgomery College in Maryland for a Mike Quatro concert Sept. 1, 1972. See if you can spot the person in the crowd apparently rolling a joint.

See set description for more information.

This image was scanned from an original negative. The negative was in poor condition and some minimal restoration work has been done to make this image viewable. Non-commerical use of this image should be credited to Reading/Simpson. Commercial use of this item is prohibited without express permission.

Stilts in Crowd
washington concert
Image by clydeorama
Performance by Baile’s African Drum Works–Drum Call; a dynamic presentation of African Drum music, highlight the melodic capacity of the African Djembe Drum Orchestra at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC prior to the "Lighting to Unite" illumination program on Saturday May 10, 2008 celebrating the Cathedral’s centennial.

washington concert
Image by aaronjwebb
A view of the lawn at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington.

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