Miley Cyrus visits Children in the Hospital in Washington DC

March 24th, 2012

In town for a soldout concert at the Verizon Center, Miley Cyrus visited the young patients at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, to show her support for Tracy’s Kids art therapy program.
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  1. KCMdance says:

    2:27? oh god

  2. ApexMountain2007 says:

    thas co sweet of miley to do that? its a good song

  3. purpleprincess1111 says:

    this is so sad my lil bro was at da dallas childrens hospital bexyz he has leukimia i cried so much on da vid were a 9 yr old get married i dnt wnt my bro to die? he is only 8

  4. WolfTamer1512 says:

    If i ever become? famous i will visit lots of childrens hospitals. Letting those kids meet someone famous makes their day. I wuld also support kids that are bullied.

  5. Lucykate89 says:

    Miley, stop trying? to act all Innocent.. :

  6. 15AlexMartinez says:

    I love the babies face when there both looking At each other the babys all like “who the fuck is this? crazy bitch”

  7. happyplanet3 says:

    Get a life? miley

  8. brinda991 says:

    @demly2645 yo, why u making fun of that baby, that baby has an eye problem. get a life? and stop insulting babies

  9. MsHellakitty says:

    when did she dye her hair black??

  10. anusheh1231 says:

    i miss? the old miley

  11. charlierox2228 says:

    0:43 SPONGE? BOB!

  12. mileystyle789 says:

    @TheBebel1999 the name of the? song is rock star

  13. LilSwtDreamer says:

    awh, miley is? so sweet!
    i love herr!

  14. MileyNr7 says:

    She´s wonderful I love? her

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