April 18th, 2012

PRESENTED BY DANIELLE TOPOROFF BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE SKYELAB MUSIC GROUP WWW.SKYELABMUSIC.COM Cinematographer: Chris O’Konski We are Moon Hooch – a Brooklyn-based collaboarative trio (Mike Wilbur – tenor saxophone, Wenzl McGowen – tenor saxophone, James Muschler – drums) that formed in the summer of 2010. Our music is a fusion of house, dance, drum and bass, jazz, world, and classical music. Our mission is to make people dance and be happy. Get to know us better in this interview: and check out our Halloween Subway Rave here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses

  1. BaBoL93AK says:

    +1 to Trane stuff. cheers from Poland guyz =]?

  2. LordBratwurst says:

    Probably the highest? view/like ratio I’ve ever seen. Seriously fresh.

  3. lopside0 says:

    drummer looks like he? needs medical attention.

  4. lpsh0rty says:

    These guys are amazing,? I met mike and james the other day, they’re really cool guys!

  5. poisongodmachine3 says:

    Moon Hooch? I know? you mean The Busketeers!

  6. Fuffels says:

    lol hamish and andy.? theyre playing a live concert in melbourne now. kinda cool

  7. QuasiFandango says:

    i’ve seen these guys tons of times? in union sq. keep it up

  8. jeffreyzikeik says:

    perfect? melody

  9. alienzzmann says:

    2:41 – 2:44 is gold do more of that

  10. LaserHouseVG says:

    hey, thanks for not hating on? me.

  11. SGKlD says:

    That is awesome?

  12. LaserHouseVG says:

    the drummer is my? cousin.

  13. LaserHouseVG says:

    my? grampa said it sounds stupid. sometimes I hate him…

  14. gaitagroove says:

    nice groove?

  15. SGKlD says:

    in all seriousness, how? could you dislike this?

  16. jamieperrins18 says:

    that one guys? looks like the dude from lonely island

  17. edsanca says:

    Check the new videoclip of MOON HOOCH? – LOW 4 in vimeo

  18. jbreiwick says:

    This is incredible?

  19. musicman9897 says:

    where’ve you seen them, i just saw? them for the first time randomly in central park, and it was fuckin awesome

  20. Carminalou says:

    I think I’m? in love.

  21. alofat99 says:

    these guys are sick!? i see them all the time all around the city! i have to stop every time and wanna break out dancing

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