Nachdi Jawani Bhangra 2011 Elite 8

November 3rd, 2011

Nachdi Jawani performing at the Elite 8 Competition held at Warner Theatre Washington DC twitter-faryal2012
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  1. UltimateNinja007 says:

    @harmanationn SGPD totally got the first first jawani fell a little short although alot of the teams were creative like VCU and Bhangra Empire

  2. SuperBrownBoss says:

    Song choices werent great

  3. MrChroniicz says:

    Whats the song at 1:50

  4. TheDjHsD says:

    @MDGabru broo, which one are you?

  5. TheBallplaya97 says:

    Nachdi Jawani will win next year

  6. desijatt00100 says:

    @koshurzoon The song is called ajj nachna by aman hayer and anagrej ali and benny dhaliwal

  7. koshurzoon says:

    What is the song that starts at 2:30?

  8. Puttjattanda24 says:

    what’s the very first tune?
    I love that sound.

  9. Puttjattanda24 says:

    One thing I like about this video other than the performance is that the cameraman doesn’t say a word! not like these other videos, ppl going “SHIETT!!”.

  10. amrita121996 says:

    @leathalturbo thank you! 🙂

  11. jayloverr786 says:

    there was only a first place winner

  12. TheBaptistine says:

    Who won the 2nd and 3rd place in this competition?

  13. leathalturbo says:


    Folk Boliyan by Pappi Gill

  14. amrita121996 says:

    wht is the song at 4:54 anyone? thank you

  15. paddaboi says:

    @prabhbir26 Sardari by Aman Hayer ft Angrej Ali and Dev Dhillon

  16. prabhbir26 says:

    @paddaboi wah is the song called the last song ?

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