Nice Washington Concert photos

February 15th, 2012

Check out these washington concert images:

From the Balcony at the Pietasters’ Show
washington concert
Image by Kevin H.
Ska band and local faves The Pietasters playing a lively set at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

Stranger 4: Frank Aleman
washington concert
Image by amanky
Frank is of Spanish decent, hailing from Texas, but now in dwelling in the greater Vancouver area. He may work security, but has the heart & fir of an evangelist. He has travelled to many countries in his years, spreading the Gospel: Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, & even Cancun. He would really like to get down to Argentina, to Buenos Aires particularly. He’s obviously a family man, proudly talking of his daughter who is working on recording her first bilingual Gospel album!

Frank was one of a couple security guards at the Siezed of Darkness concert in White Salmon. After the concert, he asked me if I had gotten some pictures, and if I had gotten any of him. I told him I hadn’t and he asked my why not… so I took the opportunity to add another stranger to my collection, explaining a bit about my project.

[Note: this is #4 in my 100 strangers project. I would encourage you to check out the 100 strangers group & site to see more pictures & people working on similar projects!]

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