Nice Washington Concert photos

August 26th, 2016

Some cool washington concert images:

M-Pire Of Evil at U Street Music Hall
washington concert
Image by Metal Chris
This is the UK metal band M-Pire Of Evil when they played at the U Street Music Hall in Washington DC on Easter Sunday 8 April 2012. They were opening for the band Onslaught and this was the final concert of their 2012 North American tour. M-Pire Of Evil has two former members of the legendary band Venom, and as such they played a lot of Venom songs in their set.

climbing the tree
washington concert
Image by Melody Kramer

Holiday Orchestra Concert with 5th and 6th Grade Orchestra (Saline, Michigan, December 19, 2013)
washington concert
Image by cseeman
The Holiday Orchestra Concert with 5th and 6th Grade Orchestras directed by Ben Culver. The concert (which was the first one for the 5th Grade Orchestra) featured Les Sharon, David Raft and Laura Washington as narrators. The concert was at the Saline Middle School.

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