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January 14th, 2012

Some cool Washington music images:

2011 02 15 – 2198 – Washington DC – 930 Club – Yann Tiersen
Washington music
Image by thisisbossi
Yann Tiersen is a stellar musician: I love his violin, accordion, and piano. He has some great albums under his belt, with the soundtrack to Amélie being what really brought him to prominence among American audiences.

Alas, he chose to play music from his recent album… music that largely dropped the French folk influences in favor of a blend of rock-ish electronic music. Had I come to listen to that, specifically, I’d have very likely appreciated it… quite a fair share of it was catchy, except for a late show on a work night (he took the stage at 2345 on a Tuesday night) much of it was a bit too low-key to keep one’s mind engaged.

But more critically: the crowd wasn’t there to listen to his new album. I’d hazard a guess that most of the crowd didn’t even know he *had* a new album. The people came for Amélie and other French-sounding stuff. In the hour I stayed around for: he played one song which catered to the crowds’ thirst; and to his credit: it was performed quite well. Alas, the crowd had thinned out considerably by 0015… and further still by the time I ultimately departed around 0045 or so.

One other issue was the lighting setup… now a good musician and performer doesn’t *need* a good set and all those extra shennanigans… but they don’t necessarily hurt. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by too many shows at 9:30 with groups that are downright insane on stage, whereas this show had visuals which felt more like an opening act than a headliner.

Overall, had I come expecting the newer stuff: I’d have likely enjoyed it. But I was just like the salivating masses of Americana filling the rest of the room: I wanted traditional tunes and left disappointed.

washington 2007
Washington music
Image by mojaveband

Rosalie “Lady Tambourine” Washington at the Gospel Tent Jazzfest
Washington music
Image by Mark Gstohl
A New Orleans Original, Rosalie "Lady Tambourine" Washington is also a substitute teacher and Superdome parking attendant.

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