Nick Jonas and the Administration – Conspiracy Theory & Signed, Sealed, Delievered (Warner Theatre)

January 7th, 2012

I’dask that if you take my videos, you’d give me credit for filming it, but given the number of Jonas fans that took my world tour videos and are currently passing them off as their own (meaning actually telling people that they filmed it, usually from a completely different section than I was sitting in), it seems kind of pointless to even ask. Yes, I’m ranting.

Jerry Garcia Band March 18, 1978 Late Show Warner Theater Music Hall Washington DC 1. Harder They Come 2. Mission in the Rain @ 13:28 3. Simple Twist of Fate @ 23:05 4. Midnight Moonlight @ 33:14 5. Gomorrah @ 45:53 6. Cats Down under the Stars @ 53:43 7. I’ll be with Thee @ 1:01:32 8. Lonesome and Long Way from Home @ 1:07:42 Encore 9 .Palm Sunday (Only Time Played Live) @ 1:27:22

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  1. WilliamsRanchVA says:


  2. Caroline66222 says:

    i love nick jonas?

  3. qaqawate says:

    That’s awesome! What’s the name of the other song??

  4. ReDyaZZy1 says:

    this is? AWESOME!!!! i love his new sound 🙂

  5. 0xJBFanx0 says:

    ty, i watch this all the time,? i love these songs 😀

  6. goodlifejoh says:

    incredible…………I too was a Marine and have been listening since 85….I was a freshman in high school and buddy asked if I wanted to go? see a show atr the Henry J Kaiser. I was hooked.

  7. Sparklemahn says:

    @toomey706 Thank you for your service. Good to know the? Marines have guys who appreciate Jerry.

  8. Sparklemahn says:

    MyInnerEyeMike99 : Thank you, kindly, for posting this killer show. Those were THE? days! Happy holidays and new year to you and yours.

  9. Sparklemahn says:

    @lzappy11 : “everything you gather, is more that you can lose”, I? love rediscovering old, lost or broken bootleg tapes with digitized, online versions. This show was insane. THOSE were the days!

  10. Jerryjeffelvis says:

    @SquarePupilIndustr? Welcome on in!

  11. Jerryjeffelvis says:


  12. BuckMillion says:

    Big Thanks for this Mike.? WOW!

  13. MovieAmitKD says:

    simply amazing … even? after so long…

  14. blueridgedew says:

    It’s been soo long. How do Isay that? again, oh yeah………. HOLY SHIT I JUST GOT MIRACLED.. 😉

  15. suzyj87 says:

    Wore this tape out many years ago. Thanks for posting. I’ve missed it! (Linda – thanks for bringing it to? my attention…then AND now!)

  16. dosed1dosed1000 says:

    at an hour in to this jem there is a cover shot of time magazine the dead was listed as rocks? most poupler band ever …… true is that? i believe 100%

  17. dosed1dosed1000 says:

    the pic of jerry at 6:06 is,is,is well down right hart warming?

  18. dosed1dosed1000 says:

    amazing sound? …just grate..thanks for posting

  19. MsBlt23 says:

    My Favorite, ever. Many? thanks!

  20. TheMikedurkee says:

    this is great,love the sound quality …wheel is turnin and ya cant slow it? down..

  21. 1augustwest says:

    Tomorrow will be Sunday born a? rainy Saturday

  22. SquarePupilIndustr says:

    this is the first time ive listened to jerry on my own? acccord,

  23. slipyourhips says:

    NEVER gets old..just never. Thank? you Jerry

  24. weberagin says:


  25. rambleonros says:

    thank? you

  26. rambleonros says:

    this is the best.

  27. JustJake57 says:

    L&ALWFH is the? best version that I’ve heard

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