October, Eric Whitacre

April 9th, 2012

The United States Navy Concert Band performs “October” by Eric Whitacre. Video is from two rehearsals in the Sail Loft, the Navy Band’s historic home at the Washington Navy Yard, and a performance at the Basilique-cathédrale Notre-Dame de Québec at the 2009 Québec City International Festival of Military Bands. The band is conducted by Chief Musician Russell Gross, who recently retired after 24 years of service.
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  1. ChaseDotters says:

    this put me in tears! I really love this piece and my birthday’s in october!!! I’m thankful for listening to this!? It’s such an honor!

  2. mightyducks50 says:

    that conducter is? my cousin

  3. blummy24x7 says:

    Of course they are Veterans…… non combat role, but? still great support for the Military.

  4. chris26935 says:

    Omgosh, so good! I? played this song back in hs last year and this is the best rendition I’ve heard yet.

  5. MankoLKR says:

    Do retired members of the Navy Band hold themselves out as? veterans in the same way that combat soliders do?

  6. mellosoundbbser3 says:

    Absolutely amazing! I loved this performance?

  7. carlosjtown says:


  8. DasBullWy says:


  9. usnavyband says:

    We didn’t have complete takes from the Quebec performance or the rehearsals, so we had? to edit them together. We’re still building up our video capabilities, so stay tuned!

  10. jmalc04 says:

    these are both beautiful. couldn’t you post them both in their? entirety?… or better yet record this?? 🙂

  11. shuriken05 says:

    Wow, lovely music. Nice job in? the transitions.

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