PAX 2011 – Mass Effect 3 Interview w/ Jennifer Hale (Voice Actor for Female Shepard)

January 24th, 2012 Click here to watch PAX 2011 – Fan Training feat. Dead Pixel, SeaNanners, Sark, Hutch, Hundar, Khail, Constant! PAX 2011 – Mass Effect 3 Interview w/ Jennifer Hale (Voice Actor for Female Shepard) The amazing Hundar is in search of female Shepard from Mass Effect 3. HOW TO paragon HOW TO renegade HOW TO be female Shepard – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Like Machinima on Facebook! Prove your gaming skills on the Respawn Army app FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: machinima realm hunder jennifer hale “mass effect 3” paragon renegade pax prime 2011 seattle washington khail anonymous inside gaming extended bioware RPG ME3 Shepard Female Penny Arcade Expo Hundar Beard tick arthur wonder woman demo ranking customization cerberus voice VO acting
Video Rating: 4 / 5 This full-length film has been over a year in the making following the journey of Danny Toumarkine after suffering from a traumatic brain injury on January 3rd of 2011. Danny and his brother Conor had shared a dream of creating a season long snowboarding video for nearly 15 years. After starting a production company called Shreddy Times in 2007, together they documented Danny’s path to stardom within the snowboard industry. While filming in Montana, with a group of close friends, Danny fell on a routine jump and hit his head. After nearly two weeks in a medically induced coma, four brain surgeries and thirty-three days later, Danny was discharged from the hospital. Watch, as Danny overcomes the most challenging and difficult time of his life. With epic documentation of Danny’s near death experience, this video takes you through the ups and downs of his recovery process. For more information on Danny’s story check out We would like to thank all the sponsors of this project: – Vitamin Water – High Fives Foundation – Burton Snowboards – Sandbox Helmets – Cliff Bar – Sticker Pack – Kicker Music (In Order of Appearance): I Love Monsters – “Rzescue” DEERPEOPLE — “Dr. Gay Washington” DJ Largechild — “Shook (Mash Up)” Alexander — “Truth” Matt Zajac — “Moving Forward” Maclane Georgeson – “Sobering Moment” Matt Guillroy

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42 Responses

  1. Doofe2012 says:

    Dis nigga…?

  2. Hokibukisa says:

    4:14? Mrs. Hale’s “WTF” face

  3. Rickraptor77 says:

    Jennifer Hale? rox

  4. dave874556 says:


  5. Bears0054 says:

    female shepard has such a? terrible voice..

  6. ARavingLooony says:

    holy? shit i didnt get an onlive ad its a fuckin miracle

  7. MrNeCr01 says:

    @auraLAZAH It was a renegade trigger on the? opposite side of the screen.

  8. Welshsico says:


  9. Rocketfist15 says:

    The dude at the end should of? voiced the counselors at the end, going like

    “Oh goddess shepard, you were right the reapers! What can we ever do to plead we’re truly sorry!?”

  10. nasur86 says:

    why, am i watching a gears of war 3 ad on here. It should have been? ME3

  11. Angerin757 says:

    4:12 Her face is priceless ?

  12. UniversalLimbo says:

    What is the? song at 58:00?

  13. sherlika says:

    tell? me about yourself.

  14. demonhoopa says:

    “I should go” LOL?

  15. 111111111111117662 says:

    what.the.hell, Shepard is wearing the cerberus outift in one of the? scenes!

  16. notgayguy222 says:

    did someone kick this guy in? the balls when he was younger?

  17. Psychowilly says:

    I wanna rip? out the dudes other eye.

  18. 03milwee says:

    Hell yea bham al shout? out!

  19. MegaFunnymonkey123 says:

    My god that? was cringing! Lol

  20. EvilmikeYT says:

    @taipan2021 You? can’t continue then.

  21. jackasskillthecow says:

    Jennifer Hale is a LEDGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope she will have? a part in mgs rising

  22. TheZ8Sniping says:

    happy? endings <3

  23. MitsunProductions says:

    This is? just awesome!!!!

  24. Lipoptiger says:

    this is so? awesome!! i luc u danny

  25. AwesomelnYourFace says:

    i love? dannys laugh

  26. willay23 says:

    Heart warming? stuff.

  27. conycone4 says:

    ipodmail sent? me

  28. CrotainProductions says:


  29. astra09sa says:

    con bro brought me here

  30. inwardscootz34 says:

    12:10 its alan holy? shit

  31. kwanttitatti says:

    I love my helmet. Yesterday I almost hit my head to kink style street rail but helmet saved me. And those few memore losses are good example why I wear helmet (even I got those? while wearing helmet).

  32. MMasterProductions says:

    Thumbs up if u wear? a helmet!
    I do !

  33. TOB1954 says:

    This is a truly amazing? video. Well done!

  34. MegaBluntproductions says:

    15:31 to the end is the best, wear a helmet! or you could end? up like he did.

  35. pilot7180 says:

    True? inspiration!!

  36. TheHlynurskuli says:

    @sublime02407 seriously? that’s? what you care about?

  37. chrissyculleton says:

    You should make an hour version and that will make? the tv. I love this Video 🙂 Thumbs up.

  38. astiresn says:

    danny toumarkine, since when I started to ride you were my inspiration. one of my first snowboard videos i saw was your sponsor me video and was watching it like 5 times? a day, glad to see you back!
    and to the all the people who dislikes this, I hope someday you realize how important helmets are, and let’s hope not on the same way as danny did.

  39. sublime02407 says:

    whats the name of those? pants dannys wearing in the end?

  40. romka686 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!?

  41. copperkipper1 says:

    Airport security: “Who is this friend of yours? – Danny?”
    You:”Oh Danny’s the bomb!”

    Get down and put your hands on your head!

  42. ivanlu51 says:

    Wow. Amazingly well put together video Conor. What’s even more amazing is that your brother recovered in such a short time with such a traumatic injury. I’m glad that your brother is fine? and able to ride now. Great video and a great message!

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