Peter, Paul & Mary – Washington Peace March – 1971

March 8th, 2012

Peter, Paul and Mary performed on April 24, 1971 at a peace march in Washington DC. The anti-war march was to protest the Vietnam War. They sang “Blowing in the Wind” and “Give Peace A Chance”.

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  1. futurexways1 says:

    Z’en avez pas marre, chers amis américains , de f… la m… dans le monde entier..???
    Vous avez cru pouvoir remplacer avantageusement nos amis Français en Indochine , la défaite ( cuisante ) de Dien Bien Phu n’était qu’un hors d’oeuvre à côté de ce que vous avez connu plus tard au Vietnam……
    Et pour ce qui qui est de l’Afghanistan , n’en parlons même pas ….!
    Vive ? Bush , père et fils !

  2. CarCriticAssessor says:

    Wow — Mary Travers is the freak’in “mom” mtRNA|DNA to Gisel Bündchen, among the recent decade’s mega-top-dollar-paid fashions models ever…whereas, many contemporaneous critics et al narrow thinkers, discounted Mary’s “strong looks” as, at best, a cruder version of the “Julie Christie school of peroxide-locks”; whereas, in retrospect–at least for newer generations–review of the ubber-graphical stagings, w/high-key lighting, proves my salient point. Not my type, but lookers all? the same!

  3. fundie2008 says:

    the same people condemning America’s intervention in Vietnam war didnt condemned communism. To sad that a beautiful and moral protest for the peace was in fact a lie,? partialized

  4. jackdaniels19711 says:

    yes Obama the “great talker”? OH YEA!!!!! LOL

  5. freakinstein69 says:

    I was born? this day.

  6. MacPhisto001 says:

    the answer my friend is ignoring? idiots.. Unfortunately…

  7. lorglorgthesyborg says:

    i love tis song! My school consert was based on Peter,? Paul, and Mary.

  8. ganonisthebest says:

    The? fact that Mary got a line wrong halfway through just adds to the charm of the whole thing.

  9. ElusvOptmst says:

    Yes she was a very beautiful woman in body and spirit. A rare breed.?

  10. ElusvOptmst says:

    When? are we going to stop singing peace songs. Its just continues…wars. 🙁
    I always love Peter Paul and Mary and John Denver.

  11. HOFFAMVA says:

    Obama 2012? Really? He’s as big a warmonger as W ever was. More, because he’s the one who started the? policy of lethal Predator strikes against terrorist leaders instead of capturing them.

  12. screenwriter44 says:

    I wish the American people would have the guts to take to the streets again. Shut down the military industrial complex and the? endless wars forever.
    Obama 2012!

  13. americanbrit1 says:

    @trifulquita15 not with? the patriot act!

  14. fart1ish says:

    now these people knew wut they were talking about, i wish people like this still wrote music. and to give all you adults out there who think us 14 year olds only listen to bieber and JZ? some hope, my friends and i acually have taste in music.

  15. dougiedracula says:

    what? happened to our balls? we used to show the world we were pissed…. now we wisper and turn the other way

  16. KaisaLisa says:

    @trifulquita15 Are american people really so free? I e.g. feel much more free in? Europe!

  17. trifulquita15 says:

    @MrWelsluth The difference between America and those countries you mentioned, is… In America people are free to disagree with the govmnt EVEN if that govmnt is right.
    I? think Libian people should have the same freedom too.

  18. TsalagiElder says:

    August 28, 1963 I was? at that historic event when Martin Luther King Jr. gave that historic speech, I Have a Dream, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. There were over 250,000 people there and I was present at this rally also. I saw Peter, Paul, and Mary at both of these events.R.I.P. Mary Travis…

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