Q&A: Does it rain a lot in Washington?

December 28th, 2011

Question by : Does it rain a lot in Washington?
My friend Eric and I are huge Nirvana fans and fans of mostly every grunge band. We live in Jersey and we always talk about what it be like if we lived in Washington since that’s where most grunge bands started. We were talking about how the weather can change people’s moods and since grunge usually so angry and depressing we were wondering if it rains a lot in Washington. And yes, I know it rains a lot in the book Twilight but I don’t want to be about Forks, more like Seattle or Aberdeen.

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Answer by selah-cyclones-are-#1
In seattle it rains a lot but i live in central Washington (kinda by Yakima) and it hardly ever rains like 15 days of the year. but it does snow a lot in the winter

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  1. Linna S says:

    Some years it does. Some years there are dry spells, too, like this year where it’s sunny every day and no rain.

    Aberdeen is depressing. It’s pretty much just a big, dirty fishing town. Driving through Aberdeen on the way to the ocean, you just know there’s nothing to do there but watch TV. It would drive anyone into a deep depression.

    Seattle’s a nice place to live. People are nicer. Everyone talks to you. People are just cooler is all. I don’t live there anymore and I really miss it.

  2. The Captian says:

    Well I do not live within 2000 miles of WA but every time I go there it is raining. Most of the time I am on I-5 but I have been on the eastern side a few times and still got rained on. It is however a beautiful state although a little hard to navigate around Seattle and surrounding areas. There are not many cross roads. At just about every intersection you have 8 roads instead of 4 and they are all named almost the same like if you have a north street and a west street you will also have a north-east, north- west, west-north and west- south. If you are traveling the other directions you will have to swap the words around. It gets even more fun if you are driving a big truck.

  3. S7 says:

    About 300 days a year.

    Thats why we RELISH SUMMER!

  4. icon says:

    yes…it does. about november-june.

  5. Chuck says:

    Forks and Aberdeen would rain almost the same amount—that is, almost the entire year. They are both on the Pacific Coast, and get a LOT of rain.

    Seattle rains less than those cities, but still will have a lot of light rain and drizzle from Sept/Oct through May/June. Nov through Feb can be pretty brutal with short days and lots of rain. The fall and spring will have periods of sun and periods rain throughout the day.

    And, as someone else had mentioned, it doesn’t really rain ever in Eastern Washington. Snow? Yes.

    But all the rain means: lower energy costs, better depressing music, and more coffee!

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