Q&A: Places to take my girlfriend in Washington DC for Christmas Time?

January 1st, 2012

Question by andrew w: Places to take my girlfriend in Washington DC for Christmas Time?
I am looking for somethings to do with my girlfriend. I already know of Ford’s theater and Kennedy Center. We plan to go see the National Christmas tree. I was wondering if there were some other ideas people have. Or maybe some neighborhoods in the DC area that go all out on Christmas lights. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Patriot Girl
well the Washington monument
that wud be spectacular
u can ride to the top and look out over the whole city!
its fantastic
and the lincoln memorial
i went in june so idk if these places wud b open during christmas time
u cud go to the Smithsonian’s and the museum of crime and punishment
there are TONS of places to go there
OH and mt vernon
that’s where id want to go
if u don’t know wat mt vernon is: it was George Washington’s estate b4 and after the revolution (u know when he retired)
D.C. is and incredible city
limitless possibilities on wat to do and things to see
and its Absolutely GORGEOUSUS there

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  1. It's Me I Hope says:

    Native American Museum
    Air and Space Museum
    Museum of Natural History
    If you go at the right time you can find a good festival(book,Culture,music)
    National Archives(official documents like Declaration of Independence, and Bill of rights

    Good luck! google these.

  2. DC Bob says:

    All of the touristy things. I also like to go to the Brookland area and see the small town atmosphere.
    Just around the Metro Station, and it is in the Washington, DC but still feels like small town.

    This is my help from Washington, D.C. United States of America.
    Please pick an answer as the best answer, even if it is not mine.

  3. starcrystal3 says:

    The Gaylord creates an life-size ice palace display that sounds pretty cool and there is a park, i think in herndon that sets up a walk through christmas lights display.

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