Q&A: What are the best neighborhoods in Washington DC?

December 1st, 2011

Question by Buff98216: What are the best neighborhoods in Washington DC?
I am thinking of relocating to Washington D.C. and was wondering about the neighborhoods there.
I like city life and I know that no area is crime free but I would like to live in a somewhat safe area, close to a metro station, and that has a lot to do (shopping, museums, resturants, theatres etc.)
I am mostly concerned about safety because I can get anywhere on the metro.
I would also consider northern VA and price is not too much of an issue, I can rent or buy.

Best answer:

Answer by Mike R
Basically, anywhere in Northwest DC is good. I would check out Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Cleveland Park, Friendship Heights, and closer to downtown is Metro Center (Basically, anywhere on the Red Line of the Metro that’s west of Metro Center). Georgetown is a good area but not as accessible by Metro.

I’m not as familiar with Northern VA (I grew up in the Maryland suburbs) but I would also check out either downtown Bethesda or Silver Spring as well if you would consider a close-in suburb. Both of these areas have Metro stops (at opposite ends of the Red Line) and have downtown areas with theaters, restaurants, stores, etc… And they’re both within a short distance of downtown DC. They’re especially convenient since they’re on the Metro that goes right downtown so you can get to even more shopping and restaurants and the Smithsonian.

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