November 15th, 2011

The show our marching band is performing this year (Washington Golden Pride)
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  1. ian7642 says:

    Yahhhh my band won 2nd place with this best show evvvverrrr:D

  2. energizer5794 says:

    loves how I play my parts with this as I listen to it XD

  3. iKorie says:

    Still can’t believe we found giant drum sticks for Incantation… like seriously though what business sells giant drum sticks?

  4. markee871 says:

    Yay Incantation!

  5. forsuns13 says:

    played this song for my field show two years ago at Noth Torrance High School and it was amazing…

  6. TheLizzybeth1 says:

    @tallman0214 yee man! haha

  7. undeadsoldier234 says:

    @Eleziek yeah more like “Kidam

  8. tallman0214 says:

    @TheLizzybeth1 Hey Liz i listen to this all the time XD

  9. TheLizzybeth1 says:

    Escondido high !!!! 😛 idk haha this b lizbeth, bass clarinet chick! imma bomb it at this show this year haha. its easy for me 😛

  10. TheLizzybeth1 says:

    playing this show this year. im so ready haha

  11. tenorbabe11 says:

    like if 6 people cant play this

  12. bochin09 says:

    @bennyraven i agree!

  13. bochin09 says:

    @yk0whenuftw NO! it is from Dralion and the song is called Ninko Latora. I have seen the show Dralion and I have the soundtrack!

  14. yk0whenuftw says:

    @bochin09 no it is quidam

  15. saphiralvrr8000 says:

    We’re playing it this year at Enrico Fermi High School!! It sounds so cool!!

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